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Tremors 13.0 IGIT Delhi
Start Date : 14 March 2013
End Date : 15 March 2013
Tremors is the annual technical festival of Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Delhi organized by CSI-IGIT Student Branch. While technical events force you to put in the best of your knowledge and capabilities, the informal events are a whole bunch of fun and madness.  Get ready…..TO FEEL THE TREMORS !!

Major Events

Formal Events:

• Revolutionize – thematic event  participants have to submit a write-up about some flaw or some aspect of an existing technology which they think can be improved. Teams will be short listed for the next round on the basis of the abstracts they submit.
• Roborace -Robots racing against each other on an off-road dirt track with many obstacles
• Intellection(TPP)
• Search Spiders- the participants have to act like the spiders and search the solution to the given problems as fast as possible using their searching skills and the best tools available on internet to do it.
• Lan Gaming
• Biz Mantra - Business Plan competition
• Dwarf Code - Coding based competition in which the participants are required to code using minimum no of semicolons ";".
• League of Legends - Coding event includes everything from the code Bugging & Debugging to trivial tricks of coders. It requires strong basics in C/C++.
• Mind your language- Here participants need to show their linguistic skills. They do not need to be an expert in anything whether it is c,c++,java, or algorithm designing. Participants need fast reading and comprehension skills.
• CrackJack- An event for cryptographers to present their cryptic streak and fight for the title of the “BEST CRYPTOGRAPHER” by facing a series of mind boggling puzzles and questions.
• Mind Your Business- Participants will be provided with a product that is popular in the market. They are supposed to give this product brand a makeover.
• inQUIZitive - This event tests the knowledge of participants in field of computers and technology.
• Circuit Wizardz - This event tests the knowledge  of  the participants in the field of electrical science and digital circuits.
• Smash the Bug -Based on code debugging


• Stuck Together
• Sketch-a-ratti
• Blackout
• Mute disguise/ dumb charades
• Couch potato
• Bomb Squad
• Minute to win it
• Potterism Quiz
• Kidzz Again
• Equation
• Adam vs. madam
• Tambola
• Tattoo Painting
• Luck by chance + fun games

Online Events:

• Contention-Online debate event
• Artistic Mind -e-poster making event
• SitePro -Online website making event
• Mix Adda
• Guess Who
• Spin the yarn -Participants have to twist a famous story chosen by them and give it a new end.
• Photo Montage -Theme photography event
• Dus Ka Dum - Based on TV reality show
• Dr. Riddler- Online puzzle/riddle solving event


14-15 March 2013

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