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About .NET Training Course

Here are the details of .NET Training Course including duration, Eligibility, Admission Criteria, Fees and Syllabus.

Microsoft .Net V2.0/3.5 Fundamentals

• Two-Tier and Three-Tier Architecture
• Concept of .Net Framework 2.0/3.5
• Platform Requirements
• Components of .Net Framework (CLR, CTS, CLS)
• JIT (Just-In-Time) Compilers
• MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language)
• Managed and Unmanaged Code
• Introduction to ASP.NET

Visual C# Fundamentals and OOPS Concept

• Introduction to C#
• Data Types (Value Types and Reference Types)
• Data Types Conversation
• Type Safety (Boxing and Unboxing)
• Constants and Variables
• Operator
• Access Modifiers
• Namespaces and Types of .NET Class Library
• Inheritance and Types of .NET Class Library
• Inheritance and Object Instantiation
• Classes and Structures
• Constructor and Destructor
• Methods (Declaring, Invoking and a passing Parameters)
• Method Overloading and Operator Overloading
• Polymorphism, Encapsulation
• Properties and Indexer
• Virtual, Overriding and Shadowing
• Abstract classes, Sealed classes and Interfaces
• Delegate and EventHandler
• Enumeration
• Error Handling and Exception classes
• Generics and Type Parameters, Benefits of Generics
Programming the .Net Framework
• Arrays, List and Collections
•The Array Class
•The System Collection Name space
•Custom Collection and Directory Class
• Reading and Writeing Files, Directories and Streams
•The Directory and File Classes
•The Directory info and File info Classes
•The Path Class
•The Stream Class
• MultiThreading
•Creating Threads
•Thread Life Cycle
•Thread Synchronization
Memory Management in .Net Framework

• Disadvanteg of Privious Memory Management System Techniqes
• Mamaged and Unmanaged Code
• Destructors and Finalizers
• Heap and Stack
• Garbage Collection and Concept of Generations
Web Applications and Web Forms

• Execution Process of ASP.NET
• Process and Application Domain, Virtual Directory
• Starting with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008
• User Interface and Code-Behind File
• Directives, ASP.NET (Intrinsic) Objects
• Application Life Cycle
• Page Life Cycle and Round Trip
ASP.NET Server Controls

• HTML Server Controls
• Web Server Controls
• Validation Controls
• Navigation Controls
• Login Controls
• Data Bound Controls
• User Controls and Custom Controls
ADO.NET and Working with XML/SQL Server 2005

• ADO.NET Overview and Architecture
• Connection, DataAdapter Object
• DataSet, DataTable and DataView Objects
• Command, DataReader Objects
• Repeater, DataList, GridView Objects
• Populating Dataset, DataTable and Data Binding with Server Controls
• Working with XML Files and XML Schema
• Working with SQL Server 2005
Web Application Security

• Concept of Authentication and Authorization
• Types of Authentication in .NET
• Configuring web.config file
• Login Controls
• Cookie-based authentication Process
• CAS (Code Access Security)
• Roll based Security
Application and State Management
• Overview of state management with HTTP
• Client-Side State Management
• Server-Side State Management
• Working with Application, Session Intrinsic objects
• Connection pooling and object pooling
• Customized Cookie

• Overview of Caching Concept
• Page Caching
• Fragmentation Caching
• Data Caching
Debugging and Tracing

• Debugging Processes
• Concept and Implementation of Tracing
• Types of Tracing
Working with Master Pages

• The Advantages of Using Master Pages
• Writing Master and Content Pages
• Writing Nested Master Pages
• Programming Master Pages
Personalization, User Profiles and Themes

• Understanding Personalization
• Creating and Managing User Profiles
• Using Themes
Accessing E-Mail

• Sending E-Mails
• Recieving E-mails
• Use of MailMessage Class
.Net Assembly

• DLL Hell Problem
• Concept of Assembly
• Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
• Types of Assembly
• Converting a private Assembly into Shared Assembly
• Manifest and Metadata
• Creating Assemblies
Remoting and XML Web Services

• Differences between Remoting and XML Web Services
• Overview of Remoting with Architecture
• Overview of XML Web Services with Architecture
• Component of Web Services (WSDL, SOAP, UDDI, SOA)

About the College

Sky Info Technologies is a pioneer name in software development and IT services industry. Sky InfoTech burgeoning with services like: Outsourcing, Consultancy, Training and Placement besides that Sky InfoTech have expertise in corporate training in MNC’s as well as in various universities level. Our company is dedicated to delivering good quality, inexpensive services that will improve the quality of work at all levels in an organization. We believe in developing professionals who believe in themselves and are equipped with the latest state of the art in their respective fields, professionals who are confident and can compete in the challenging world.

Sky Info Technologies strategically caters to the need of three predominant sectors in IT viz. Software, Networking and IT Security. Technologies like  Oracle and ERP Tools like ERP, Oracle Apps, .NET, Java, J2EE, and PeopleSoft. We provides corporate training such as Corporate Team Building Program, Outdoor Management Development Programs, In-House Training, Experiential Learning, Corporate Adventure Training Corporate Outdoor Training, HR Training,Teambuilding Ideas Training, Leadership Development Training Program, Corporate Teambuilding Programs India.

Sky Info Technologies is a cutting-edge learning facility equipped to provide you with the skills and technology needed to keep ahead of the pack in this high-tech world. Sky Info Technologies offers large, comfortable classrooms, library ,computer labs with latest computers and a resource center.

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Ans : more than 60% in 10+2

Q : I m studying in 10+2 with PCM. I m interested in computer software& application . I want became a Computer engineer.which course is suitable for me ? please give me right suggestion.

Ans : we offer distance learning course complete your graduation in one year from Eiilm University Ksou mdu cmj Distance LearningB.A B.Com M.A Mcom MBA, MCA, Law, B.tech, Mtech Engineering, , PhD, M.Sc Mphil Courses, Institutes, Colleges and Universities in Indiawhich is UGC and AICTE approved. For more information on this, you can contact me on +91-8827394544,9630000021 (praveen soni) or you can also email me on apple.praveensoni@gmail.com

Q : I am intrested in the IT jobs but i am eligibal for that because i am a commerce student now i am in sy bcom

Q : I am intrested in the IT jobs but i am eligibal for that because i am a commerce student now i am in sy. bcom

Q : I am a working professional having 5 yrs of IT experience. I am looking for Mtech options (part time) in pune. Could you pls help me out in short-listing the Univ which offer such prog in Pune. I am unable to find relevant info online.

Ans :

Dear Azhar,

Please see the following link:


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