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Nature of Light: White light, colour temperature, mixed units, Aspect of light, surface brightness polarization, colored surface & colored lights, trichromatic color mixture.
The eye & the camera: Colour harmony. Colour associations.
Basic Principles of Lighting: Hard & soft light, light direction. Side or edge light, Functions of lighting, Shadow of size, Shadow control, the fundamental lighting process.
Tools of Lighting: Tungsten lamps, over lamps, Light sources- reflector design, Projection, Spot lights. Beam-shape control. Light restriction, Controlling light intensity.
Portraiture: Static- Anchor lighting and three quarter frontal face interview.
Group Portraiture: The two group, the three groups, the panel group, large groups. Methods o lighting for movement.
Lighting style: silhouette, Motion, Chiaroscuro.

TV Cameraman:-

Cameraman: Functions & qualities, Technical knowledge, practical camera work, creative responsibility.
Colour Principles: Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Additive colour mixing.
Descriptive shots: Follow shot, Low-shot, High-shot, reverse shot, Cut-in-shot, cut-away shot, reaction shot, W.A., Tele & zoom shot, Two-shot, Three-shot and Group shot.
Camera Height: Angle-plus-Angle, “Dutch” angle, viewpoint, objective, subjective and P.O.V. camera angles.
Continuity: Cinematic time & space, present, past & future time continuity, space continuity.
Screen Direction: Matching action, the triangle principle.
Composition: Tone, Line, Colour and frame, Unity, Vitality, Infinity, Repose.


How photography works
Framing and composition of still shot
Television and Movie Cameras
The television camera
Television camera controls and adjustments
The television camera mounts
Basic optics
The lens
The Zoom Lens
Lens Filters
Controlling exposure
Focusing the shot
Framing the shot
Composing the shot
Perspective and depth of field
Camera movements shooting for editing
Camera care routines
The digital television camera
The movie camera
Lighting of Film & Television
Nature of light
The human vision
Light sources
Type of luminaries and their mounts
Controlling intensity of light
Colour and colour temperature of light
Technical and artistic requirement of lighting
The three point lighting
The three point lighting
Practical and production exercises
Extensive practical exercises for operating the camera in the studio and outdoors and the lighting of sets.
Production exercises.


About the College

International Institute for Media & Films (IIMF) was established in 2007 at Jaipur and dedicated towards the promotion of career oriented education and production for the populace, brings the multifaceted education media & entertainment under one roof.

IIMF offers the platform and infrastructure supporting the media education, which are carefully engineered and implemented to provide the best quality of education at the highest levels of courseware and learning systems for the students fulfilling global standards.

Campus has state-of-the-art AC Classrooms. Conference Rooms equipped with the latest Audio-Visual facilities and learning aids to create a quasi-corporate ambience.

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