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About Networking Course

Here are the details of Networking Course including duration, Eligibility, Admission Criteria, Fees and Syllabus.

Why Networking?

In the world of computers, most people decide to network because they have more than one computer and want to share one broadband Internet connection, whether at home or at the office. There are other benefits as well, including the ability to share files, pictures, music and more with everyone on the network. Everyone can share a single printer and gamers can play against competitors on the network or connect game consoles to take advantage of online gaming. If the networking is wireless-enabled, desktop computers can be set up where they're convenient in the home or small office, not just where there happens to be a wire. Laptop computer users are free to roam almost anywhere in, or around, the network — without losing their connection. In short, a networking is convenient and it can save your money. Doesn't that sound good? Need for Networking Technology Professionals

Networking and Communication skills are must for all industry sectors and there is all time need for the qualified experts in this field.
Networking & Communication Technologies Industry is currently booming over $100 billion and is increasing day by day.
Networking & Communication industry is going through a drastic phase of transformation and networking professionals are getting highly paid these days.

Corse Covers:

1.Introduction to Networking 

    * Constructing Data Links
    * Deploying Physical Media
    * Capitalizing on Ethernet
    * Transport and Protocols: TCP and UDP
    * Applications and Management Protocols

2.IP Addressing      

    * Version of IP Address
    * Characteristics of IPV4
    * Public & Private IP Address
    * No. of Network & IP Address
    * Class A 
    * Class B 
    * Class C
    * Subnetting
    * Network Address 
    * Broadcast Address
    * Difference between Supernetting & CIDR
    * Difference between Supernetting & Summarization

3.IP Routing    

    * Routing Protocols
    * Rip
    * Igrp
    * Ospf In Single Area
    * Ospf In Multiple Area
    * Bgp
    * Advanced Internetworking

4.Switching & Bridging   

    * Collison Domain & Broadcast Domain
    * Bridge & its Function
    * VLAN & TRUNK
    * VLAN & its Advantages
    * How to create VLAN
    * Access port & Access link
    * Trunk port & Trunk link
    * Trunking Protocols ISL & dot1q 80/20& 20/80 rules
    * VTP & its Advantages
    * VTP operational mode of Switch
    * STP
    * Basic concepts of RSTP

Special Features About Networking

  • Syllabus Syllabus:

About the College

Appin Knowledge Solution is an affiliate of Appin group of companies based in Austin,Texas (US) known worldwide for education and training in Hi-Technology Certification Programmes. Partners with organization like Microsoft Corporation , MAHE (Manipal Academy of Higher Education), Gurukul Online Learning Solutions, IP University and Everon Systems etc. We have conducted training programs in all big corporate houses of India. At the same time Appin has a strong hold on colleges all over India, with over 500 colleges taking programs from Appin regularly and more then 1000+ campuses having subscribed some specific service from Appin.


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Address :

14/15, Navyug Mansion, Ground Floor, Naushir Bharucha Marg, Near Grant road station(West) Mumbai 400007, India Ph:- 02223824745, 9820050921, 02223824746


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Q : what is elgibility? is there need of bca or any it courses

Ans : more than 60% in 10+2

Q : hi sir i have passed 12th in 2007, but didn't do graduation. Now i want to do course / graduation in computer field. i want to study with working(job in same field). plz suggest me which course should i do.

Ans : If you are in Mumbai then you can call us how we can help you. We offer courses which you can do without leaving your job and at the end you will get University degree. Contact - Zaman on 9892138815

Q : i live in tilak nagar and got rank in 2000 in IP for BCA . which is the good college nearby for BCA under IP univ.?

Ans : nearby tilak nagar there are many colleges which offer BCA course. but in terms of education and placement IINTM , IITM are best colleges. they are centrally located also.

Q : i just now finised 12th i'm very much intersted in coumpter feild so please suggest me some courses regarding coumpter..........

Ans : Hi , Your solution is there please visit this link and get more info about the colleges , admissions, fees and more. All the best

Q : which colleges in india offer cloud computing courses?

Ans : university of technology and management in shillong offers a in cloud computing. The college is associated with IBM and provides placements too.


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  • daer sir iam working in yamaha spares i want to learn more n i need good future n iam midel class family most problem is financeal pleas help i wan to learn n job without job. Posted By : prasad, on 21-07-2011 11:09:07
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