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Delhi School of Photography logo Delhi School of PhotographyDelhi/NCR, Delhi

F-11, Kalkaji
New Delhi-110019
Contact Person :-  Deepak
Phone Nos :- +91-9871642054

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Delhi School of Photography Courses Offered
Given below is the list of Courses offered by Delhi School of Photography. You will also be able to find the course Duration, Fees, Syllabus, Eligibility and Admission Criteria.
Certificate Course in Photography Certificate Course in Photography

This course is ideally suited for the people who do not have longer time at their disposal and still want to take up Photography as a vocation or start as an entry level professional and learn more as and when they go along in the profession.

This course is mostly conducted in the evenings.


- The art of locating and seeing a subject
- The science and technology of photography
- Working of different types of cameras (both film and digital)
- The optics
- Character of light
- Physics of light as relevant to photography
- Artificial and studio lighting
- Studio and other photographic equipments
- Conceptual Still life photography
- Product photography (studio)
- People photography (studio)
- Outdoor photography
- Basics of photo finishing (optional)

Note: The list above is not necessarily sequential.

Course Duration

60 sessions of approximately 3 hours each spread over a period of six months

Course Fees

Rs.60,000 plus taxes as applicable

Diploma in Photography Diploma in Photography

This course is ideally suited for people who want to take up professional photography very seriously and want to start their work soon after completion of the course (given the time period of internship) and have more time available for learning the subject as much as possible.

Basic framework of the course:

- The art of seeing subjects for photography
- The art of locating or arranging subjects for Photography
- The science and technology in use in photography
- Professional cameras and their workings
- Advanced optics and optical systems
- Applications of different characters of light
- Professional lighting
- Studio and outdoor photographic equipments and their uses
- Advanced conceptual Still Life photography
- Advanced product photography
- People photography for advertising uses
- Workflow management
- * Industrial photography
- * Basics of architecture and interior photography
- * Nature and wildlife photography
- * Photo finishing and manipulating images

* Optional extra depending upon logistics and needs

Course Duration

1 year

Course Fees

Rs.1,00,000 plus taxes as applicable

Phorography - Lighting 1 Phorography - Lighting 1

This is a specialised course for students who wish to take up Studio Portrait or Portfolio photography professionally.

Students will develop skills to handle most studio equipments, understand different lights and accessories to be able to shoot professional quality portraits.


- Basics of artificial lights
- Short duration (flash) lights
- Continuous lights
- Characters of different sizes of light sources
- Lighting accessories and their applications
- Measuring differential lighting (metering)
- Lighting on people (portraits etc)

Course Duration

Five classes over ten days
Total of about 15 hours

Course Fees

Rs.8,000 + Taxes as applicable

Photography - Advanced Photography - Advanced

Meant for people who want to push photography to the level of exhibition like pictures regularly, or take up any other area of photography professionally. This course is versatile enough to give a feel into many areas of photography.


- Evolution of photography
- a journey through the works and minds of the masters and experts
- The art of light and its applications
- The physics of light and its application
- Understanding natural light (shoot)
- Different forms of artificial light (shoot)
- Control of artificial lights
- The studio – an overview and use of various equipment
- Advanced use of the camera and accessories (shoot)
- Advanced experiments
- Photo editing an sorting
- Digital workflow
- Introduction to Photoshop (optional)

Course Duration

8 classes over one  month.
Total about 18 hours

Course Fees

Rs.12,000 + Taxes as applicable

Photography - Foundation 1 Photography - Foundation 1

Foundation 1 is meant to bring out the photographer in enthusiasts and beginners. It will enhance confidence to take self-inspiring range of photographs in a variety of environments with increased familiarity of the camera.


- The Concept
- Seeing the Subject
- Seeing Light its Use
- The Light
- The Camera
- Optics
- Exposure Time Control
- Exposure Aperture Control
- Dept of Field
- The Picture

Course Duration

Eight classes over two weeks
Total of about 18 hours

Course Fees

Rs.10,000 + Taxes as applicable

Photography - Foundation 2 Photography - Foundation 2

Foundation II is geared towards avid photographers to help upgrade their aesthetic sense and skills to build a rich portfolio of exhibit-quality images.


- The Concept
- Seeing the Subject
- Seeing Light and its Use
- The Light & it's Nature (Colour - Temparatures, Contrasts/Compression etc)
- The Camera (Advanced Compact Cameras, DSLRs)
- Optics
- Advanced Exposure Time Control
- Advanced Exposure Aperture Control
- Depth of Field
- Effective Combination of Optics, - Time, Aperture and Depth of Field
- The Picture

Course Duration

Seven classes over two weeks
Total of about 18 hours

Course Fees

Rs.10,000 + Taxes as applicable

Photography - Lighting 2 Photography - Lighting 2

This ia a very specialised course for students who wish to take up photography of Products & Still Life and Studio Portraits professionally.

Students willd develop skills to handle most studio equipments, understand different lights and accessories to shoot professional quality portraits and become fully trained for commercial assignments.

The school will offer students a facility to assist on some of their professional assignments.


- Artificial lights and their colour factors
- Short duration (flash) lights
- Continuous lights
- Characters of differnt sizes of Light sources
- Lighting accessories and their applications
- Measuring differential lighting (metering)
- Lighting on people (portraits etc)
- Lighting of still life
- Lighting of shining products
- Lighting of glassware etc.
- Use of specific cameras & lenses for still life photography

Course Duration

Nine classes over twenty one days
Total of 27 hours

Course Fees

Rs.16,000 + Taxes as applicable

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