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 Kredent Academy is the unique concept where industry professionals have taken the onus of creating a strong knowledge bank in their area of expertise by bridging the gap between theory and practice and by incorporating the practical mode of imparting training.

Currently there is a strong prevalent disconnect with respect to the value that vocational courses add to the career of an individual. This results in a wide gap between graduates and employable graduates. Kredent Academy through its clear philosophy of “education meeting experience” emphasizes the need and relevance of structured real life training modules in multiple business verticals.

  • Advanced Option Trader

    OPTIONS FOR MARKET PARTICIPANTS is the most relevant course for current market participants who would like to upgrade their existing skill-set and capitalize on the emerging opportunities in Indian financial services. Options is one of the forefront products which will gain strong prominence in the near future. With the evolution of equity, commodities and currency markets in India, exchange traded Options, owing to its characteristic of risk aversion, will witness high interest from the varied cross sections of the society. This course promises to create the most relevant and practical knowledge base on the subject for the participants.


    As the Indian market is escalating towards the new integrated complexities of the international financial system, a strong need of knowing the various tools and techniques of analyzing the markets has become an important consideration. Options, in the international arena, is a highly accepted and regarded derivatives product, just like an insurance policy. The most traded exchange-traded derivatives products is KOSPI 200 Index Options. As the world economics move in favor of exchange traded products from OTC contracts because of the continued crisis, there is a high probability of this derivatives class being given an increasing recognition.


        * Introducing Derivatives
        * Introducing Options
        * Indian market
        * International market
        * Moneyness of an option
        * Options Pricing – Intrinsic value and Time Value
        * Factors affecting the price of Option
        * Options pricing models
        * Volatility
        * Open Interest
        * Put-Call parity
        * Introduction to Greeks
        * Trading Strategies
              o Butterfly
              o Straddle
              o Strangle
              o Condors


        * Advance trading strategies
              o Gamma Scalping
              o Ratio trades
              o Calendar spread
        * Trading Greeks and their usage in risk management
        * OTHER Products (VIX ,Variance Swaps)
        * Cost benefit analysis of the portfolio ( Analysing Margin and Brokerage )
        * Lessons from the Past


        * Duration : 1 month - 3 days a week

  • Advanced Technical Analyst

    Advanced Technical Analyst course has been prepared after a very meticulous review of market behavior and volatility. Both play a very significant role in sensing the direction of an asset class. It will be an insightful experience to test various methods and tools to detect the pulse of the markets. The course also includes training sessions during market hours so as to put into practice the knowledge acquired. It covers various dimensions - from the detection of good, high quality trades to money management skills needed for capital protection and risk assessment.

    After having completed the course, a student should be well equipped to handle three kinds of trades (Both in the equity and derivative segments):-

        * Trend trades
        * Counter trend trades
        * Futures & Options trades


    Topics Covered

        * Definition of Technical Analysis
        * Types of Charts
        * Dow Theory
        * Trends
        * Indicators – Leading and Lagging
        * Analysis and explanation on using the recently awarded technique from Metastock - RMO 1 & 2
        * Trading with the RMO 1 & 2 (both as separate indicators and as a combined strategy)
        * Using the Metastock explorers/scanners to generate trade leads (including RMO 1 & 2 trades)
        * Measuring Market Strength
        * Retracement
        * Money management


        * Trend Confirmation - Volume
        * Open Interest and Price
        * Sentiment Analysis
        * Stochastics
        * Assessment of chartical language - Bar behaviour
        * Importance of working on Sectoral Indices
        * Introduction to Elliot Wave
        * Fibonacci Analysis
        * Inter-market Analysis
        * Plan of action for intra day, swing and positional traders
        * Discussions/queries relating to trading in "live" markets
        * Trading Discipline


        * Duration : 6 weeks – 2 days a week(Full Time Internship provided from 9am to 4pm)

  • Certified Accounting & Financial Management

    Accounting is an integral part of any company's financial system. However, there is more to a career in finance than only accountancy. This course aims at a holistic view of finance in a company with an emphasis on the areas of Accounting, Management Accountancy & Financial Markets. The knowledge received in this course, along with the placement provided, will serve as a vital stepping stone on the path to a productive and rewarding career. The objective of the course is to make an individual prepared for undertaking vital responsibilities in an organization by understanding the core area of accounts, finance and operations.


        * Industry Relevant Knowledge
        * Personality Development & Communication Skills
        * Learn from active industry participants
        * Guaranteed job placement


        * Principles of Accountancy
        * Accounting Packages
        * Corporate Taxation
        * Cost & Management Accountancy
        * Statutory provisions & Corporate Laws
        * Banking and Insurance
        * Financial Management
        * Computer Management & Personality Development


        * In House developed study material
        * TALLY learning
        * Online e-filing
        * Books as reference materials


        * Duration : 8 months – 3 days a week
        * Timing : 2pm to 4pm

  • Certified Currency Trader

    The foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. Traders include large banks, central banks, currency speculators, jobbers, arbitragers, hedgers, corporations, governments, and other financial institutions. Foreign exchange trading is regarded as one of the most established trading occupation internationally. With the advent of currency futures, Indian market intermediaries like brokers and traders are poised to become part of the next big emerging opportunity in India. A right knowledge bank of the same will help to realize the true value from the growth of this market.


    Indian markets has been largely dominated by banks and financial institutions through active spot market regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). In 2008, RBI allowed exchanges to launch currency futures to introduce the currency markets at retail level. The total turnover of the market on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and MCX Stock Exchange is nearly double that of Nifty futures turnover and around four-fifths of Nifty options turnover.


        * It has relatively low transaction costs with no Securities transaction tax (STT),resulting in substantial savings for traders and trading firms
        * Exchanges have continued to waive trading fees for members
        * Currencies are far less volatile than equities, the margins involved are far lower, resulting in lower capital requirements
        * Currency futures contracts are priced to the fourth decimal place and given the relatively low level of volatility in prices, traders need to bet a relatively large sum to make a decent profit
        * More and more Indian companies are joining the currency derivatives segment to hedge their FOREX exposure would lead to an increase volume across all the different expiries and will result in a lower transaction cost and increased opportunity of SPREAD TRADING across different expiries
        * Currency options, which are expected to be introduced soon, should accelerate growth of the currency derivatives market


        * One of the first few trading firms to capture the opportunities
        * One of the largest contributors in exchange's liquidity and depth
        * Well qualified professionals with strong conceptual framework on the subject
        * An established presence on training for various market oriented courses in India


        * NISM Examination Preparation
              o Introduction to Derivatives
              o Introduction to Foreign Exchange Market & Currency Futures
              o USD-INR Futures & Application
              o Currency Futures Pricing
              o Trading & Clearing System in Currency Derivatives Segment
              o Regulatory Framework

        * Practical Trading Strategies
              o Factors effecting currency movement
              o Indian & US macro economic data releases & currency movement
              o Jobbing Strategies
              o Spread Strategies


              o In-house developed exhaustive question bank for the NISM examination
              o In-house developed material to understand the trading strategies in USD-INR currency futures segment


        * Duration: One Month (Thrice a Week)
        * Timing : 5.30pm to 7.30pm

  • Certified Market Professional (Capital Market)

    Certified Market Professional is course designed for students to understand conceptual clarity of the functionality of the capital market. The course undertakes to provide a blend of fundamentals as well as operational issues on equity, commodities and currency markets in India. This course is suitable for candidates who aspire to operate in the capital market as a dealer by servicing clients and increasing sales.


        * Learning in live market set up with real time modules and technology
        * Learning from market professionals and industry experts
        * Integrated learning of various concepts
        * Assistance on job placement is guaranteed


        * Under graduates
        * Graduates
        * Professionals looking for a career change


        * Duration : 8 weeks (5 days a Week)
        * Timing : 9am to 1 pm for first 4 weeks, 2.30pm to 6pm for last 4 weeks


  • Certified Professional Arbitrager & Jobber

    Arbitrage and Spread Trading is one of the fastest growing business segments in the Indian market. This course is perfectly designed to create a strong pool of professionally qualified spread traders in equity, commodities and currency markets.


    From a simple arbitrage between two exchanges, to complex derivatives arbitrage strategies, there has been a remarkable evolution in arbitrage as a profession. With the markets gaining maturity, a scientific mode of training becomes imperative to develop quality professionals who can capitalize on this ongoing opportunity.

    Literally, Arbitrage means, “Attempting to profit by exploiting price differences of identical or similar financial instruments, in different markets or in different forms”. This means that arbitrage trading is the least risk trading profession. Internationally. Arbitrageurs & Spread Traders are significant contributors towards the exchange’s volume. Internationally, arbitrage trading is considered to be a well accepted and well rewarded profession.

    Spread Trading is another form of professional trading technique. Here, trading strategies with respect to spread between two instruments is framed. The most common form of spread trading is the calendar spread trading between futures contracts of different durations. This is again a full time respected profession internationally.

        * Covering trading in equity, commodities and currency
        * Training in live trading set up with real time market tracking and research.
        * Learning from active market participants.
        * Scientifically designed courses by an experienced knowledge team.
        * Course covering both theoretical and practical aspects of trading in details with balanced exposure.
        * Active placement cell for guaranteed placements as Trader/Arbitrageurs.


        * Basics of Capital Market
        * Fundamentals of
              o Equity
              o Commodity
              o Currency
        * Futures & Options
        * Derivatives Analytics
        * Technical Analysis
        * Macro Economics
        * Spread Trading (Arbitrage) Strategies in
              o Equity Markets
              o Currency Markets
              o Commodity Market


        * Speed Management
        * Stress Management
        * Development of Proprietary Models
        * NCFM Modules
              o Beginner's Module
              o Derivatives Module
              o Cash Market Modules
        * System-Based Arbitrage (ATS)


        * Dealers
        * Sub-brokers
        * Under graduates
        * Professionals


        * Duration : 2 months- 5 days a Week
        * Timings : 9am to 1 pm for first 4 weeks, 2.30pm to 6pm for last 4 weeks


  • Certified Professional Trader

    Certified Professional Trader - CPT is the flagship program designed to create a strong pool of professional derivatives traders in the Indian market. Recognized as one of the most rewarding career internationally, this is a unique course in India. The distinctive feature of CPT is its full time classroom training program for 4 months in live market set-up thought by market professionals with the most relevant software. This course also offers a 100% job guarantee. However, this is subject to an admission test and a personal interview for job eligibility.


        * Training in live trading setup with real time market tracking and research
        * Learning from market participants
        * Scientifically designed course by the market experienced knowledge team
        * Relevant for people who want to pursue a serious career option in trading financial products like equity futures, equity options, commodities futures, commodity options, currency futures, swaps and other executive products


        * Fundamentals
              o Equity
              o Commodity
              o Currency
              o Interest Rates
        * Technicals
              o Equity
              o Commodity
              o Currency
              o Interest Rates
        * Trading psychology
        * Quantitative Analysis
        * Derivatives Analytics
        * Options
        * Futures
        * Speed Management


        * Stress Management
        * Money Management
        * Information Management
        * Financial Theories and their real time application
        * Technical theories and their real time application
        * International trading techniques
        * Development of proprietary Models
        * Training on real time software
        * Understanding integration of Indian & global economics & global markets
        * Understanding various financial products
        * Creating the customized trading environment
        * Ethics and religion in trading
        * IT management
        * Understanding group dynamics in trading


        * Professionals
        * Financial Planners
        * MBA Aspirants
        * CA/CS/CFA Aspirants
        * Retail Investors
        * High Net-worth Individuals ( HNIs )
        * Housewives
        * Undergraduates
        * Graduates
        * Dealers
        * Sub-Brokers
        * Franchisee
        * Portfolio Managers
        * Fund Managers


        * Currency Trading
        * Commodity Trading & Research
        * Equity Trading & Research
        * Quantitative Trading
        * Fundamental & Technical Analysis
        * Derivatives Trading


        * Full Time - Training
              o Duration : 4 months - 5 days a Week
              o Timing : 9:00am - 6.00pm


  • Chartered Market Technician (CMT)

    Chartered Market Technician (CMT) is an upcoming globally recognized qualification in India. It is a certification process in which candidates are required to demonstrate their proficiency in a broad range of technical analysis subjects. Administered by the Accreditation Committee of the Market Technicians Association (MTA), Inc., U.S., the program consists of three levels:

    Level 1 - multiple choice exam; Level 2 - also a multiple choice exam; Level 3 - the essay portion of the exam.

    A CMT gets membership with MTA which allows the individual to use the CMT Charter after some years of experience.

    The Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation is the culmination of a certification process in which candidates are required to demonstrate proficiency in a broad range of technical analysis of the financial markets. It is made up of an educational component, an experience requirement, an ethics requirement and a membership requirement.

    Kredent’s CMT preparatory class will guide and prepare students for the Level 1 Chartered Market Technicians (CMT) exam.


        * Definition of technical analysis
        * Types of Charts
        * Dow Theory
        * Trend
        * Indicators - Lending and Lagging
        * Chart Pattern Analysis
        * Short term
        * Patterns Japanese Candlestick
        * Measuring Market Strength
        * Retracement
        * Money Management
        * Trend Confirmation
        * Open Interest and Price
        * Sentiment Analysis
        * Temporal Patterns and Cycles
        * Point and Figure
        * Introduction to Elliot Wave
        * Fibonacci Numbers
        * Inter-market Analysis
        * Efficient Market Hypothesis
        * Behavioral Finance Considerations
        * Establishing price targets


        * Portfolio managers
        * Traders
        * Asset allocators
        * Behavioral economists
        * Strategists
        * Finance professionals
        * Hedge funds
        * Those wishing to take the CMT Exam.


        * Duration : 3 months - weekends

  • Comprehensive Algorithmic Trader

    Quant Insti's “Comprehensive Algorithmic Trader” is the first of its kind to focus specifically on financial technology trends, challenges, and their solutions. The course could not have come to the market at a more opportune moment. The financial trading industry, with broker-dealers, buy-side funds, exchanges, and venues of trade execution as its primary players, is experiencing a historical transformation.

    This enormous change is being driven by deep underlying factors shaping global markets today, including:

        * The consolidation of execution venues and the birth of global exchanges
        * Competitive pressures on broker-dealers to offer electronic services and best order execution to their clients, and
        * Increased regulatory requirements from financial authorities to improve transparency for all market participants.

    The Course introduces key concepts, the trade life cycle, and factors driving the growth of electronic trading with an Overview of Electronic and Algorithmic Trading, which defines important ideas and gives a historical perspective on the emergence of program and algorithmic trading.

    It introduces Financial Statistics and Modeling Concepts and Tools with detail on Instrument Pricing, Portfolio Management and Risk Management. It is followed by insights into trading and arbitrage strategies with each participant developing and implementing their own strategies on simulators. It is followed by introduction to High Frequency Econometrics, market microstructure and Transaction Cost Analysis. The final module deals with Algorithmic Trading system architecture and Optimizing Strategies.

    Quant Insti's “Comprehensive Algorithmic Trader” is a unique course both in terms of the level of detail as well as the breadth of its scope. It is aimed at sell-side or a buy-side executives, brokers, regulator, or fund manager in charge of implementing technology systems for your business; or professional traders. It provides insights on the fundamentals of electronic trading and the technological solutions for implementing them.


    Topics Covered

        * Advance Statistics and Econometrics
              o Special topics in Statistics
              o Quantitative approach to FX & Commodity Markets
              o Inter Market Relationships
              o High Frequency Data and Algorithmic Strategies
        * Quantitative Trading
              o Introduction to Quantitative Trading
              o Basic Trading Strategies
              o Pairs Trading & Statistical Arbitrage
              o Options, Futures and Financial Derivatives
              o Market Microstructure


        * Software and Programming
              o Mathematical & Statistical Analysis Tools
              o Programming with C
              o Analysis in Excel and Macros


    Our In-House faculty contains best in the class working professionals with a rich experience in the relevant course aspect. The faculty primarily comprises of professionals from IITs & IIMs who will always be at your reach for any kind of queries.


        * Duration : 100 classroom hours


    501-502, Corporate Avenue,
    Sonawala Crosslane
    Goregaon (E),
    Mumbai - 400063

  • Stock Market Expert (SME) - Capital Market

    SME is also a useful for freshers who would like to get introduced to the basic market terminologies and concepts. It provides knowledge fortification & exposure to practical application for graduating students, serving as an effective resume builder.

    Stock Market Expert is a perfectly designed course to create a powerful knowledge bank on various tools and techniques required to understand the functioning of capital markets in depth. The course undertakes to provide the most relevant and updated knowledge on equity, commodities and currency market in India.


        * Training in live trading setup
        * Faculty composed of market participants
        * Balanced exposure of theoretical and practical aspects in detail
        * Access to Kredent Finance's Research reports/knowledge bank


        * Candidates who want to gain a thorough knowledge on capital market
        * Students of professional courses
        * Existing market participants who want to hone their skills to grow in their career
        * Professionals like CAs who would like to complete their understanding of finance
        * A fantastic resume builder
        * An excellent interview preparatory, as knowledge of markets is an integral part of any business


        * Duration : 3 months
        * Timing : Saturdays - 2 (hrs) And Sundays – 2 (hrs)

  • Stock Market for Beginners

    Stock Market for Beginners - SMB is useful for freshers who would like to get introduced to the basic capital market terminologies and concepts. It provides knowledge fortification & exposure to practical application for graduating students, serving as an effective resume builder.

    Stock Market for Beginners is a perfectly designed course to teach basics required to understand the functioning of capital markets. The course undertakes to provide the most relevant and updated knowledge. This would act as a stepping stone to a strong career/knowledge in finance.


        * Newspaper reading & analysis
        * Training in live trading setup
        * Faculty composed of market participants
        * Balanced exposure of theoretical and practical aspects in detail
        * Access to Kredent Finance's Research reports/knowledge bank


        * Introduction to capital market
        * Stock Market Basics
        * Primary markets and their relevance (IPO)
        * Secondary Markets
        * Corporate Actions (Dividends, Stock Split etc.)


        * Mutual Funds
        * Time value of money
        * Derivatives
        * Macro economics
        * Bubbles & Cycle


        * Undergraduates
        * Graduates
        * Beginners in the Stock Market


        * Duration : 14 hrs

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