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Address: Location : Tech Mentro C-43, Sector-2, Near Nirula's Hotel, Noida, U. P. - 201301,  INDIA Ph. :   +91 0120 4549462 Mob  :  +91 9891830644, +91 9212468649

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Tech Mentro is one of the best computer training institute in Noida. It is the leading Java, J2ee, .Net, PHP, C, C++, Struts, Spring and Hibernate Training Institute of Noida, NCR, India. It is managed by a team of highly talented professionals who have more than 30 years of combined I.T. and Corporate Training experience. The sole aim of Tech Mentro is to fill the ever increasing gap between the skills required in Industry and possessed by the prospective employees (engineering and MCA students). 

Java, J2ee, .Net, PHP, C, C++, Struts, Spring and Hibernate are technologies that are applied by programmers to develop high end softwares. Any technology can be applied only if it is learned conceptually i.e. a learner knows what it is, how it should or should not be used, what advantages it provide, where it can be applied etc. Applied and Conceptual Training is the USP of Tech Mentro.

  • .Net

    Duration: 4 Months

    .Net is a model provided by Microsoft, which is a platform as well as Language Independent.The main components of .Net are: .Net Framework, .Net compatible languages such as VB.Net, C#.Net, VC++.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net and a runtime environment called CLR. With the help of  .Net, Windows Application, Web Application, Web Services, and Mobile Applications can be developed. .Net is the only platform that supports multiple languges all of which use the common  functionality provided by the framework.
    Course Content:-

    Moudle  1 :

    • .Net Frame work
    • Introduction to  .Net  Framework
    • CLR Architecture  and Services
    • MSIL and Disassembling
    • Framework Class Library

    Moudle 2: C#

    • Introduction To  C#
    • Data types and control statements
    • Arrays and structures
    • Implementation of OOPs concepts
    • Exception  Handling
    • Events and Delegates
    • Generics and  Collection
    • File Handling
    • Multithreading
    • Memory Management
    • Remoting
    • Reflection
    • Windows Forms and Controls

    Moudle 3: SQL Server

    • Introduction to data base
    • Getting started with SQL server
    • Mastering SQL queries
    • Mastering PL/SQL constructs ( Cursors, Procedures, Functions & Triggers )

    Moudle 4:

    • ADO.Net
    • Architechture
    • Dataset , Connection & command
    • Data  Reader & Data view
    • Schemas & Transactions.

    Moudle 5 : ASP.Net & Advance Topics

    • Introduction to ASP .Net & Web Forms
    • HTML and server controls
    • Form Validation
    • State Management
    • Master Page and Caching
    • Web Services
    • AJAX with ASP.Net
    • Security and Internationalization
    • XML , LINQ , WCF , WPF , WCS, WWF
    • Crystal report
    • Live Project

    Prerequisite:-Basic knowledge of any programming language and familiarity with OOPS concepts are prerequisite for this course.

  • C++

    Duration: 1 Month

    C++ is a general purpose Object Oriented programming language. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to OOPs Concepts and their implementation in C++ as well as to provide them real time usage of C++ with the help of assignments and project.
    Course Content:-

    • Introduction To C++
    • Getting started with c++
    • Functions
    • Classes and objects
    • Constructors and Destructors
    • Operator Overloading
    • Inheritance
    • Pointers Virtual Functions and Polymorphism
    • Managing console I/O Operations
    • File Management In c++
    • Exception Handling
    • Template

    - Knowledge of C is required for this course.

  • Core Java

    Duration: 2 Months

    Java is an Object Oriented, Platform Independent, Distributed and Robust programming language that provides the facility of developing console applications, windows applications, web applications, mobile applications and web services. The purpose of this course is to train the students in Core API of Java.
    Course Content:-

    • Introduction to Java
    • OOPs concepts and their implementation in Java
    • Packages and Interfaces
    • Exception Handling
    • String Handling
    • Windows programming using AWT & Swing
    • Internet Programming using Applets
    • Multithreading
    • Stream based I/O in Java
    • Networking
    • Reflection

    Basic knowledge of any programming language and familiarity with OOPS concepts are  prerequisite for this course.

  • J2EE

    Duration: 3 Months

    Java 2 enterprise Edition (J2EE) is a platform for building distributed, scalable, platform independent server-side Enterprise Applications. Today java is one of the most mature and commonly  used programming language for building enterprise softwares. Java is providing enterprise solutions to small, medium and large enterprise throughout the world and is a leading player in mobile applications. The need of java professionals is growing day by day, which is in itself, a testimony to its success.

    • Collection Framework
    • Generics
    • Internationalization
    • JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
    • Server Programming using Servlets
    • Java Server Pages (JSP)
    • Annotations
    • Struts 2.x
    • Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
    • Enterprise Java Beans 3.x (EJB)
    • Java Persistence API (JPA)
    • XML and Web Services
    • Java Mail API
    • Weblogic and Glassfish Application Server
    • Eclipse Integrated Development Environment

    Knowledge of Core Java is must for this course.

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  • i want to know more about dis institute ..i want to have 6 months training in java.. pls send me ur details .. thanx Posted by : TEJINDER KUMAR, on 15-12-2011 Report Abuse
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