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Veta, Asia's largest premier academy for teaching spoken English, has 200 centres across india with its international office in Singapore. Training more than 2.2 million people speak English fluently is by no means an easy task. But since 1981, this has been successfully accomplished at Veta, owing to its simple and comprehensive course materials and specially trained faculty.

Veta, formerly known as Vivekananda Institute, has more than 200 centres across India. The training centres of the direct coaching classes are always abuzz with activity with more than 500 students at some centres.

Veta offers programs catering to various levels of learners. The learning experience starts with a need analysis. Veta offers Veta Best a Self tutor pack to learners who have no access to a Veta Direct Training Centre.

  • Accent from veta

    ACCENTuate your company's image

    This special programme on American / British English called Accent focuses on the differences between Indian and American / British English especially in areas such as pronunciation, stress, word order and intonation. The training incorporates special drills and exercises for accent neutralization, effective telephonic conversation and professional business communication.

    Accent American and Accent British

    Training Modules
    Accent from veta imparts training in American and British varieties of English. Either or both can be opted for.

    Accent American

    This training program is divided into two modules.

    1. American Culture
    2. American English

    American culture gives a quick overview of American history and lifestyle that is essential to understand the way American English has evolved. It deals with landmarks in American history, the story of immigration and diversity; geography, regional characteristics, a demographic profile, American government and law enforcement systems; the American generations, their customs, education, entertainment and family lives.

    American English deals with the peculiarities of pronunciation, accent, stress on syllables and intonation of English as spoken in America. It introduces essentials of phonetics and drills, necessary for accent neutralization. It also familiarizes the trainees with common American names and names of important places and things.

    Accent British

    This training programme is also divided into two modules.

    1. British Culture
    2. British English

    British Culture deals with milestones in British history and the geography and climatic conditions of the United Kingdom. It also gives an overview of the British society, culture, customs and the British government system. British postal system, the British family, education in Britain and other general information are also dealt with.

    British English deals with the way English is spoken by educated people in Britain. Received pronunciation, that which is heard on BBC forms the heart of the technical part of this module. Speech production, pronunciation with proper stress on syllables and intonation and rules regarding these are dealt with comprehensively. Special exercises and drills help learners acquire the British Accent.

    Two modules, one on essentials of English grammar and structures, and the other on the basics of customer service are common to both the training modules.

    Essentials of English grammar and structures help the trainees with problem areas in the English language. They serve as a remedial measure for overcoming real or imagined reservations in handling English.

    Customer Service module covers important aspects of caring for and handling customers, especially in the telemarketing segment. It also has chapters that deal with customer psychology, handling stressful situations and servicing difficult or demanding customers. The entire thrust of this module is towards providing best customer service.

  • Fluent English

    Training Inputs

        * Guidance by experienced faculty
        * Audio-Video inputs
        * Interactive sentence building drills
        * Do it yourself packages
        * Periodical appraisals
        * Need-based study material

    Course Curriculam

        First Step

        * Words as names
        * General and specific determiners
        * Describing words
        * Location Words
        * Time words
        * There is/ There are/ Its is
        * Be; now / then / later
        * Yes / no & Wh-questions
        * Action words
        * Instructions
        * Everyday activities
        * Action past
        * Future
        * Running action
        * Going to
        * A present with a past
        * A past inside a past
        * Attitude words
        * Infinitives/Gerunds
        * Let, Let’s
        * Connectives
        * Position Words
        * Action Done
        * Reporting
        * SMS Vocabulary

        Next Step

        * Getting to know - you and your interests
        * Talking about places
        * Jobs, business and everyday activities
        * Likes and dislikes
        * Giving instructions
        * Thanking people
        * Apologizing
        * Giving and seeking advice
        * Giving news
        * Talking about the past
        * Programmes and plans
        * Asking for and giving opinions
        * Giving messages
        * Telephonic conversations
        * Narration
        * News and views
        * General enquiry
        * Job interviews
        * Skills and talents
        * Shorts speeches

    Each Step Duration : 40 Hours

  • Foundation English


    To read and write words and sentences in English.

    Course Content

        * Alphabet - Vowels and consonants
        * Consonant - Vowel combinations
        * Vowel-Consonant combinations
        * Word building from two-letter combination onwards
        * Common words
        * Names of numbers, days, months, seasons and directions
        * Names of places, animals and birds
        * Names of flowers, vegetables, fruits and grocery items
        * Family relationships
        * Parts of the body and common ailments
        * Names of professions and occupations
        * Keywords
        * Action words
        * Instructions
        * Filling up money order forms, railway reservation forms, bank challans and common application forms
        * Simple questions and replies

    Training Inputs

        * Personalized guidance
        * Language lab sessions
        * Lesson-related audiotapes
        * Word drills and pronunciation practice
        * Need-based study material

    Duration : 40 Hours


  • Pro English

    While merely knowing English could get you a job, knowing the language well enough to articulate your thoughts and intent, is what lets you climb the top rungs in your career. Along with language, Pro English also enhances your personality. It is the primary reason why people with drive and ambition, enroll on the ProEnglish Course.


    The objective of the course is to aid learners to use the language more effectively. Enhancing the participants' vocabulary, fine-tuning their presentation skills and enabling them to project their ideas and opinion effectively form the core of the programme.

    The course deals with:

        * Phonetics
        * Effective Expressions
        * Epigrammatic Speech
        * Humour, Sarcasm and Wit
        * Group Discussions
        * Language for marketing and sales
        * Seminars and presentations
        * Compering
        * Emceeing
        * Various shades of speech that include brevity, coherence and clarity
        * Personality development

        * Training Inputs
              o Group discussions
              o Individual topic presentations
              o Special video modules
              o Excellent study material

    Course duration : 30 Hours

  • Veta English Holiday

    A special training programme for school children

    Come summer and it's vacation for children with a lot of time to while away. Definitely fun, but not so useful, don't you think? Now, there's a fun way of spending time usefully. Exactly what the 'English Holiday' is meant to do.

    The Programme

    An extremely creative programme designed for school students, English Holiday is conducted every April/May, at veta. Educative and entertaining, it addresses the need for communication skills in English for youngsters.

    The Syllabus

    A multifaceted syllabus, the programme covers many aspects of English like grammar, structures, usage etc. It also has various creative inputs such as games and quiz aimed at enhancing their language power.

    Memory and Vocabulary

    One of the main features of the syllabus is to develop a strong word bank. Employing different kinds of games and puzzles, special vocabulary along with spelling is taught to the students. No course in English is complete without the learning of structures and usage. Patterns of sentences and right usage of words are given special focus with the aid of creative games.

    Speech Practice

    Special elocution classes train students to speak well, without fear or hesitation. Attention is paid to pronunciation and diction.


    An excellent study material, exclusively prepared for the programme by a panel of experts, is given free.

    Programme Levels

    The training programme is divided into three levels.

        * Juniors - Students entering classes 5, 6 and 7
        * Seniors - Students entering classes 8, 9 and 10
        * Duration - Each level 40 hours.

    On successful completion of the programme the students will gain: - a command of the sentence structures - a good knowledge of grammar - a strong vocabulary. *Effective skills in speaking and writing.


    Established in 1981, veta is the number one spoken English training institution in India. Responding to the overwhelming need for training for IELTS, Veta has launched a preparatory course.

    The courses are designed to give you practice in the techniques required for taking the tests. Many students take the IELTS but their results do not always reflect the real level of their language ability, this is often because students are not sufficiently familiar with the test pattern.

    Veta's training gives you sufficient practice to enable you to succeed with greater confidence.

    About IELTS Preparation Course

    IELTS Preparation Course assists students in developing the skills required to succeed in the tests. Veta’s new course effectively meets the needs of students who face increasing pressure to achieve high test scores. The course aims to improve participants' test taking strategies in order to maximize their chances of success at the tests. The curriculum consists of tests in listening, structures, written expressions and reading comprehension skills.

    Candidates will benefit from the following

        * Practice of each of the four sections of the test: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, including hints and techniques.
        * Familiarisation with the IELTS pattern.
        * A 'mock' test under examination conditions including an individual discussion of grades.
        * Teacher feedback on individual performance and suggestions for further practice and improvement.

    Course Participants

    The course is aimed at students who are planning to take the IELTS for academic purposes.

    Course Content

    The course covers the four skill areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, which directly correspond to the four modules making up the test. Preparation courses for both General Training and Academic modules are offered.

    The Course Integrates

        * Computer based training
        * Training in specific test taking skills
        * Training in linguistic structures specific to IELTS tasks
        * Opportunities to practise IELTS tasks
        * Practice test under exam conditions
        * Training in reviewing and self-evaluating test performance.


    The coaching programme can be conducted based on students’ capability and time availability.

       1. Limited time – 5 to 8 weeks i.e. 40 hours. The program shall concentrate on tests and quizzes.
       2. Moderate time – 10 to 12 weeks i.e. 60 hours. The students shall work through as much of the text as possible.
       3. Extended time – 12 to 16 weeks i.e. 80 hours.

  • Veta Sureshot

    Veta Sureshot will not only help you get the job you want, but also help you get in touch with your true potential by tweaking your body language and speech. After Sureshot, getting the right job won’t be a problem. However, choosing which job to take, might be.

    This training programme, aimed at helping you succeed at job interviews, will be handled by experts who will help you solve problems you might face at job interviews. Tricky HR questions, tough tight corner situations, probing personality-analysis questions – Sureshot will ensure you have all the right answers and also send out appropriate body language signals during the interview sessions.

    This programme is for you

    if you are nervous about facing a job interview

    if you are confused about what you have to say about yourself

    if you are curious about what kind of questions that would be thrown at you

    if you are worried about suitable replies to such questions and

    if you wish you had a rehearsal before facing the interview

    if you wish someone gave you suggestions and sure-fix methods to help you get the coveted job …then Veta Sureshot is for you.

    Course duration

    This intensive course lasts 6 days for 2 hours a day.

    Course components

    All students will be provided with special study material developed by Veta. They will be trained to handle multi-media components and technology during presentations. Mock interviews, analysis and opinion on performance by panel of HR personnel will also happen to enable the student to get a complete understanding of interview dynamics.

    Enroll yourself today and ensure that your next job interview is the last one you attend.

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