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Established In : 1949

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Address: Location : XLRI Circuit House Area (East) Jamshedpur 831 035 Jharkhand - India PH     : +91 - 657 - 398 3333 FAX    : +91 - 657 - 222 7814

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XLRI was founded in 1949 by Fr Quinn Enright, S.J. in the Steel City of Jamshedpur. Fr. Enright visualized XLRI to be a partner in the liberation and development journey of the independent India with a vision of "renewing the face of the earth". Fr. Bill Tome joined hands with him to bring that vision to fruition. Both, together with the other Jesuit companions, worked tirelessly towards translating the Vision "Renewing the face of the earth" into action.

Over many years XLRI has developed its own identity. The hall mark of this identity is, not to walk on the beaten path but to strike new routes; not to benchmark but to be benchmarked, to be second to none but to be the first to respond to the needs of the people and the nation, by taking up the tasks which are bold but necessary which nobody has hitherto taken up.This enterprising and pioneering spirit can be witnessed throughout the history of XLRI.

Xavier Labour Relations Institute, widely known as XLRI was born out of the vision of a Jesuit Priest, father Quinn Enright. It was founded in 1949 in the Steel city of Jamshedpur, Bihar. Since then the Jamshedpur Jesuit Society has nurtured the growth of XLRI in keeping with its commitment to "Magis" (excellence in everything).

Over the last few decades, XLRI Jamshedpur has contributed its best to the professional growth and management of innumerable institutions that's serve the public especially organized industry, labour, service agencies engaged in rural development, education, health and other public systems. Besides the focus on developing managerial competence among the pupils through acquisition of specialized knowledge and skills, the Institute emphasizes the importance of developing a sense of social justice with right attitudes and values of discipline, dedication and commitment among all its members.

Over the years, XLRI has developed its own unique culture. "XL is thy name"! The culture of XLRI is such that it accelerates the members passion for achieving excellence in everything they do. While informality, flexibility, humaneness, and espirit de corps are the hallmarks, growth and development of the whole person with integrity and ingenuity are the 'summum bonum' of the culture in XLRI.


NIRF Ranking 2017 -


Management - 09



  • Executive Fellow Programme in Management (Exec-FPM)

    The Executive Fellow Program is a part-time, non-residential, advanced program of study and research equivalent to a Ph.D. Program of a University. It has been designed to cater to the scholarly needs of working business executives and faculty members. The objectives of the Program are to:

    • Train prospective scholars to become highly skilled and innovative researchers and teachers in various aspects of management;

    • Promote research relevant to management and organization;

    • Develop theory and practice of management as relevant to the Indian context; and accordingly develop management education in India.

    The Program prepares the students for careers not only in management research and teaching but also in management practice, consulting, training, and development.

    Eligibility and Admission Process

    Applicants for the Executive-FPM

    • Should have a Master's degree or its equivalent in any discipline, or CA, ICWA, or CS with at least 55% marks (50% for SC/ST candidates) or BE/B.Tech degree or its equivalent with at least 60% marks (50% for SC/ST candidates);
    • Should be currently employed in a full-time job; and
    • Must have at least five years of managerial or academic experience as on 1 October of the year prior to the year of joining the program.

    Not Eligible are

    • Degree / Diploma / Certificate holders through part-time, weekend, evening, correspondence, private appearance, or satellite-based programmes.

  • Executive Management Program for Defence Officers

    The Executive Management Program for Defence Officers is designed by XLRI Jamshedpur in association with Directorate General of Resettlement, Ministry of Defence, for Officers from the Armed Forces, who are seeking a career in the Corporate world. It allows a smooth transition and re-orientation for the Officers towards their life and career as Business Managers and Entrepreneurs. The Program provides an insight of how their inherent capabilities, by virtue of having served as Officers of the Armed Forces, would apply to the organisation where they would serve , thereby facilitating them to sharpen their managerial skills and commensurate them with the challenges and demands of the Corporate arena. The course comprises of Officers from the three services i.e. The Army, The Navy & The Air force, who come from distinctive educational backgrounds comprising Engineering, Medicine, Management, Commerce, Architecture, basic sciences and arts coupled with the vast and rich experience, ranging from 6 to 34 years.

    This is a full time residential programme for six months and is broadly divided into three terms, of approximately two months each. In first two terms the participants undergo 12 core subjects in various functional areas such as Human Resource Development, Managerial Economics, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Organisational behaviour, Business Communication, Soft Skills Development, Corporate Strategy and Quantitative Techniques. In the third term the Officers are offered 12 courses as specialisation in the key areas of Marketing, Human Resource or Operations Management, with 4 subjects each, out of they have to choose any 6.

  • Executive Post Graduate Programme (Exec-PGP)

    The Exec-PGP programme provides executives with an opportunity to earn a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management without interrupting their career. The curriculum is similar to that of the BM programme and it is recognized by AICTE and is equivalent to an MBA.

    The participants spend about 165 days in Campus in thirty months to complete the course requirements. They are expected to do additional work as carry-home projects and assignments. The mix of participants, which includes entrepreneurs and executives from various functional areas, provides an enabling environment for learning. The Institute awards the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management to participants who successfully complete all the requirements of this programme.

    Academic Programme

    The Exec-PGP is organized in 8 visits across thirty months. Participants are expected to stay on campus for about 20 days in a term. This period is announced to the participants in advance so that they can arrange for their leave of absence from their respective organizations. During this period of their stay on campus they are required to be available full time as there will be intensive classroom sessions and discussions.

  • Fellow Program in Management (FPM)

    Fellow Program in Management (FPM) is a residential doctoral program aimed at training faculty members of management institutes, researchers and consultants. This course offers a fellowship of Rs 25,000 per month in the first two years and Rs 30000 in the next two years.

  • Fellow Programme in Management (FPM)

    The Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) is a Doctoral level (Ph.D.) programme. The FPM is a full-time, residential, doctoral programme that trains prospective scholars to become highly skilled and innovative researchers and teachers in various aspects of management. It primarily aims at preparing students for careers as faculty members at premier academic institutions.

    Conferences and International Exposure

    The Institute provides support for attending National and International conferences. A fellow student will be reimbursed all related expenses up to    Rs. 1,00,000 during the entire duration of the program.

  • General Management Programme For Working Executives

    The Institute awards the Executive Postgraduate Diploma In General Management to the participants who successfully complete all the requirements of this programme.


    Candidates applying for One Year General Management programme must hold a minimum of three years Bachelor's Degree from a recognized University in India/abroad in any discipline


  • Personnel Management & Industrial Relations (PGDPRIM)

    The Institute offers a two-year full time Programme in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations on the completion of which, students are conferred with Postgraduate Diploma in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations. The PMIR course is the oldest and the most prestigious of the Institute's teaching programmes. Ranked as the best programme in India and the Asia-Pactific region, it aims to equip the students with the knowledge and skills required for managing HR in a way that contributes to the development of individuals and organizations.

  • PGDM (Business Management)

    PGDM in Business Management is one of the sort after of two year post graduate programs at the institute. This is a rigorous training program that aims at the churning out competent, responsible and highly skilled managers. Offering equal importance to values and approach this business management course focuses on functional disciplines such as economics,finance, information systems, marketing, production, operations management and strategic management. However the key feature of this course is that it is an evolving program, constantly updated to meet the emerging trends in business management.

    Eligibilty: Bachelors degree in any discipline from a recognized university. Those studying in their final year can apply subject to the fact that they complete all requirements before enrolling.

  • PGDM (General Management)

    PGDM (General Management) is an AICTE approved full time 15 month course with a compulsory three month on-field training in functional areas. This course aims at enhancing the skill sets and competencies of practicing managers. The distinctive feature of this course is that is an evolving program constantly updated with  recent tools, techniques and approaches in management.

    Eligibility: Graduation in any discipline from a recognized university in India or abroad with at least five years of managerial/supervisory experience. Candidates with an acceptable XAT or GMAT score are also eligible to apply.

  • PGDM (Global MBA)

    PGDM (Global MBA) program is jointly offered by XLRI in partnership with Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University (USA) and Tongji University (China). This course constitutes a global class of Indian, American and Chinese students. The joint objective of this program is to develop a new breed of global managers with a global mindset and flexible application skillset.

    Features of this program

    - Two year full time MBA program.
    - 20 students from each home country.
    - Four months of study at each of the three partner schools.
    - Three projects in leading companies (one in each country).
    - Each school will be responsible for teaching 1/3 of the program.
    -Faculty would consist of the best scholars from three schools.

    Eligibility: Graduation in any discipline from a recognized university with an acceptable XAT score.

  • PGDM (HRM)

    PGDM in Human Resource Management is a two year postgraduate program. This programme is specifically designed to offer students holistic formation not only in the HRM but also in other functionalities of finance, marketing, IT and operations management.Designed  according to the need of Human resources managers in the organizational setup, PGDM (HRM) focuses on various traits of HR manager that include employee relations, HRM practises and systems, legal framework and inter personal and leadership skills.

    Eligibilty: Bachelors degree in discipline from a recognized university. Those studying in their final year can also apply for the exam provided they complete all the requirements before enrolling for the course.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA)

    XLRI offers a two-year full time programme on Business Management, on the completion which, candidates are conferred with Postgraduate diploma in Business Management (PGDBM). This programme is extremely prestigious and is rated as one of the finest of its kind in the country. The alumni of this programme currently occupy very significant positions in various industries, both in India and abroad

    The curriculum lays the foundation for a conceptual and analytical understanding of Indian and international business. XLRI's BM programme is designed to closely integrate current management theory and practice. The course imparts knowledge and fosters attitudes essential for the growth of students into competent, responsible managers. The course has an evolving programme content and is constantly updated to be in tune with the emerging trends.

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management - PGCBM

    In order to satisfy the thirst for knowledge of executives, XLRI has evolved a 12 months consolidated program in 'Business Management'. The program aims to provide an opportunity to study and earn a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management (PGCBM) while working. The program is being offered by XLRI in collaboration with it's technical partners of virtual classroom.


    • Graduation from a recognized university.
    • Minimum of 2 years of work experience after completing graduation.
    • Performance in personal interviews.
    • Basic knowledge of computer.

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management - PGCHRM

    In order to satisfy the thirst for knowledge of executives, XLRI has evolved a 12 months consolidated program in 'Human Resource Management'. The program aims to provide an opportunity to study and earn a Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management (PGCHRM) while working without interrupting their career.  The program is being offered by XLRI in collaboration with it's technical partners of virtual classroom.


        * Graduation from a recognized university.
        * Minimum of 2 years of work experience after completing graduation.
        * Performance in personal interviews.
        * Basic knowledge of computer.


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Logistics & Supply Chain Management - PGCLSCM

    The need for management education in today's world for effective performance is a forgone conclusion. While experience might have been the backbone of effective performance in the corporate world of yesterday, knowledge and continuous learning is the mainstay amongst the best organizations of today. Today, Supply Chain Management (SCM) is emerging as a full-fledged discipline in its own right. Careers can be started and made in SCM, departments are being reorganized into ' Supply Chain', 'Logistics' headings and a great deal of strategic vision has come into being. XLRI has evolved a 12 months consolidated program in Logistic and Supply Chain Management. After successful completion of the programme students will be awarded with "Postgraduate Certificate in Logistic and Supply Chain Management".


    • Graduation from a recognized university
    • Minimum of 2 years of work experience after completing graduation
    • Performance in personal interviews.

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Retail Management - PGCRM

    The program has been specially designed for those who seek to create or accelerate managerial careers in the Retail industry. Working professionals with at least one year’s experience in the organized retail sector, or at least two years’ work experience in any corporate function, would find the program challenging and stimulating. Senior professionals in the retail or allied sectors would also find the program useful because of its coverage of the theoretical principles (as well as best-practice case studies) of the emerging discipline of Retail Management.


    • Graduation from a recognized university.
    • Minimum of 2 years of work experience after completing graduation.
    • Performance in personal interviews.
    • Basic knowledge of computer.

    Certification, assessment and evaluation.

    The examination and evaluation required for certification shall be carried out XLRI Jamshedpur. The faculty members teaching their respective courses will choose the method of evaluation most appropriate to the material. The certificate will be awarded directly by XLRI Jamshedpur

    Application processes and Course fee

    Once the admission processes is on candidates need to apply online with all relevant details as mentioned in the application form along with the application money, at the same time hardcopy of application should reach to Satellite Office before application closer date. Total course fee is 1,65,000/- which can be paid in three equal installment.

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Sales & Marketing Management - PGCSMM

    The fast changing marketing environment demands that professionals learn new skills, improve their efficiency, learn to compete and think out of the box. Since sales and marketing works directly with customers and there is need for good managerial talent to interpret and satisfy the needs and desires of customers. All this requires an education that is intensive, comprehensive and closely linked to the marketing world. The need is to have a program which has all the inherent features of a business management program and includes experiential learning throughout the program. The program takes the participants through general business management and then specializing them in Sales and Marketing Management. XLRI has specially designed this program of 12 months duration. After successful completion of the programme students will be awarded with “Postgraduate Certificate in Sales and Marketing Management”.


    • Graduation from a recognized university.
    • Minimum of 2 years of work experience after completing graduation.
    • Performance in personal interviews.
    • Basic knowledge of computer.


XLRI Jamshedpur is located in largest urban conglomeration and most populous city Jamshedpur. It has different blocks viz; Academic block, Hostel, Administration block, etc. It has a spacious hostel surrounded by gardens for the peace of mind. The XLRI campus is itself a hangout spot for the students of the institute. It also has a clean and affordable cafeteria for the students in which they sit hours to spend their free time. The campus has two fully air conditioned auditorium with a capacity of 150 people at a time. The institute has a very lively campus hence the students enjoys it a lot.

XLRI Jamshedpur School of Business & Human Resources Admissions

Xavier Aptitute Test
•    To get admission to XLRI, candidates have to appear for XAT 2013.
•    To register for XAT, candidates have to fill the XAT form that is available online at www.xatonline.net.in. The candidate can get all the required information regarding XAT from this site.
Application to XLRI
•    The application form to apply for XLRI is available only online at www.xatonline.net.in from 20 August 2012. The candidate has to first register for XAT. 
Selection Criteria
we consider XAT performance, relevant work experience, academic ability, extracurricular activities etc. while preparing the final list. For candidates who cannot be present physically for the XLRI interviews due to their being out of the country, interviews would be carried out in on-line mode via Internet.

XAT 2013 had three sections `English Language Ability and Logical Reasoning' (EL), 'Quantitative Ability' (QA) and 'Decision Making' (DM).
XAT 2012 cut-off
For Human Resource Management Programme total 1372 applicants have been shortlisted for Group Discussion and Personal Interview. The XAT cut-offs for HRM is - 80 percentile in EL, 80 percentile in DM, 70 percentile in QA and overall 88 percentile.
Important Dates
Last Date for XAT registration    :       November 30, 2012
Receipt of XAT forms                   :       December 05, 2012
Last Date for XLRI registration  :        December 22, 2012
Receipt of XLRI forms                 :        December 29, 2012
XAT will be held on Sunday, January 06, 2013 in 44 cities across the country and 3 cities outside India for all the programmes (BM, HRM, FPM and GMP).
The XAT Score Card containing the performance of the candidate in XAT 2013 will be mailed individually to all the candidates.

XLRI Jamshedpur School of Business & Human Resources Faculty

A Kanagaraj

Qualification: Ph.D (Pondicherry University)
Subject: Finance

Anita Sarkar

Qualification: Fellow (IIM Ahmedabad), MBA, B.Sc. (Econ)
Subject: PM & IR

Arpita Srivastava

Qualification: BSc; M.A. [English Literature]; MBA (Marketing), H.N.B. Garhwal University; PGDJMC, IGNOU; FPM (pursuing), MDI Gurgaon
Subject: Marketing

Basant Purohit

Qualification: FPM IIM-A [Pursuing]
Subject: Marketing

XLRI Jamshedpur School of Business & Human Resources Placements

The Placement Process at XLRI- Jamshedpur aims to match the requirements of the Corporate World with the aspirations of the students thereby facilitating the achievement of synergy between the two. The institute completed placements for both its Business Management (BM) and Personnel Management and Industrial Relations (PMIR) batches of 2009-11 with 317 offers from 109 companies in under four days.

Summer Placements:-

Summer Internship is one of an important and integral part of the Post-Graduate Programme, where students intern with their chosen organization for 8-9 weeks after their first year. The internship programme helps students gain first-hand experience in a particular industry and provides them with ample opportunities to innovate, and challenge ideas and techniques imbibed in the first year. The institute concluded its Summer Internship placements for the batch of 2011-13 with 77 recruiters making a total of 365 offers to a batch of 240 students.

Lateral Placements:-

Lateral placements happen over an extended period in the final term for students having substantial work experience with firms offering higher than entry-level positions. The companies participating were Mckinsey & Co, Accenture Business Consulting, Tata Strategic Management Group, Ernst & Young, Manipal Group, RPG Group. The average package was about 16.5 lakh p.a.

Final Placements:-

Final placements happen during the last term. A formidable array of the best companies in India and the world visit the campus year after year searching for the best talent. The campus recruitment process of 2011 witnessed for the first time 240 students getting placed in less than four day. Nearly 25% of the students were offered in the finance sector, 25% in marketing sector, 25% in Consulting sector, 13% in general management and middle management roles and the rest were offered in HR sector.

Placement Package 2011:-

Highest Package - 23 Lacs per annum.
Average Package - 15.8 Lacs per annum.
Lowest Package - 14.7 Lacs per annum.

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