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Welcome to Ashok Leyland Placement Papers 2010. Here you will find Ashok Leyland Placement Papers Pattern and Download questions of Ashok Leyland Placement Papers 2010 with Answers & Solutions.

2010 Ashok Leyland Placement Paper:-

1. Unit of kinematic viscosity.

2. Unit of surface tension.

3. Meaning of overdrive

4. Meaning general drill bit angle.

5. Reason of using regenerator & condenser.

6. Cycle used in gas cycles, dual cycle& diesel cycle diagram.

7. Normal value of voltage in spark plug & distributor function.

8. In which case turning will be easy (front wheel driven back wheel steered/__/___/___).

9. Viscous fluid passing through duct of varying cross section & pressure remains unchanged-reason?

10. Differential function

11. Pitch circle diameter &Pressure angle

12. Gear system in which axial thrust is absent.

13. Force applied on pin joint of truss (connecting 3 bars, middle straight side slant at equal angle)-tension/compression in middle bar?

14. Element added to steel for corrosion resistance.(Ans: Cr)

15. Which has lowest specific heat- water, steam, copper?

16. Which has lowest thermal conductivity-stainless steel, steel, and bronze?

17. A contestant won an election by 15% more votes than the combined votes by his two rivals. If he had got 4500 votes more then he would have attracted 4/5th of total votes. Find no of votes

18. Men and women went for a party; which ratio is impossible if 252 people are present:1:7

19. Find the odd one out

a. truck b. auto c. car. d .jeep

a. cloud b. lake c. snow d. stream e. sky

a. Flavor b. Fragrance c. Perfume

20. Which no is wrong from the following sequence

1, 5, 5, 25,625,900,975625

316, 156, 76, 32, 16, 6

21. Max value of sin2x+cos2x

22. ∫∫xy dx dy ans: 400

23. A statement has been given, which is followed by 2 conclusions, marked I&II, mark the answers as follows.

if only the I conclusion is true
if only the II conclusion is true
if both r required
none of them is true

24. Complete the series

. 15 15 _ 16 24 24 3 3

24. _n_mn_mm_nmnm_mm_

3. 316 156 76 31 16 6 1

25. Given numbers in squares and asked to find the missing numbers

26. x*2-2x=6 has change of sign between?

27. A plot has its breadth thrice that of its length. If a square field has an area of 675 m*2. If the plot has 1/4th area of the field, what is its length?

28. What is the partial differentiation of 2sinex+y*3?

29. 42: 110:?

30. Which of the follwing no. can’t be divided in the ratio of 1:7? Ans: 258

31. Is ß positive?

    Statements given: 7ß=56, -ß=negative

32.  If z and zbar are two complex nos. like 3+2i and 2-3i, what is the value of z*zbar?

33. Difference between forming and casting?

. Difference between counter boring and counter sinking?

35. Difference between drilling and reaming?

36. Difference between turret lathe and capstan lathe?

37. How will you manufacture a cricket ball (cork)?

38. How will you manufacture thermocol glass (used to drink water)?

About Ashok Leyland:-   

The origin of Ashok Leyland can be traced to the urge for self-reliance, felt by independent India. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister persuaded Mr. Raghunandan Saran, an industrialist, to enter automotive manufacture. In 1948, Ashok Motors was set up in what was then Madras, for the assembly of Austin Cars. The Company's destiny and name changed soon with equity participation by British Leyland and Ashok Leyland commenced manufacture of commercial vehicles in 1955.

Since then Ashok Leyland has been a major presence in India's commercial vehicle industry with a tradition of technological leadership, achieved through tie-ups with international technology leaders and through vigorous in-house R&D.

Ashok Leyland vehicles have built a reputation for reliability and ruggedness. Ashok Leyland put more than 5,00,000 vehicles on the roads have considerably eased the additional pressure placed on road transportation in independent India.
Why Ashok Leyland - Why Should i join Ashok Leyland?

Ashok Leyland's envision is engineering your tomorrows. It pioneer trends in the Indian transportation industry,as has been our lineage. When you join us you will be joining a team of extremely talented and dedicated individuals committed to furthering this vision.

If you see yourself fit in with this vision and work culture that nurtures your strengths, maybe you are ready for an advancement in your career.

Contact Details:

Address of Ashok Leyland:-

No. 1, Sardar Patel Road,
Chennai – 600 032
Tel : 0091 44-2220 6000
Fax : 0091 44-2220 6001


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