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Welcome to Honeywell Placement Paper 2010. Here you will find Honeywell Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of Honeywell Placement Paper 2010 with Answers & Solutions.

2010 Honeywell Placement Paper:-

1. How many cubes have only one face painted?
(1) 8
(2) 16
(3) 24
(4) 32

2. How many cubes have only two faces painted?
(1) 0
(2) 16
(3) 24
(4) 32

3. How many cubes have only four faces painted?
(1) 0
(2) 8
(3) 12
(4) 16

4. How many cubes have no faces painted?
(1) 0
(2) 8
(3) 16
(4) 24

5. 'Win' is related to 'Competition' in the same way as 'Invention' is related to?
(1) Discovery
(2) Experiment
(3) Trial
(4) Laboratory

6. Which of the following is illegal
(a)void v;
(b)void *v;
(c)void **v;
(d)all are legal

7.  #define int INTEGER/*line1*/
#define INTEGER int/*line 2*/
INTEGER p=10;/*line 5*/
(a) compiler error at line 1
(b) compiler error at line 2
(c) compiler error at line 5
(d) No error,prints 10

8. main()
int counter=1;

in the above program
(a)error b coz for should have parameters
(b)error bcoz 2 semicolons in a for loop are invalid
(c)no error,loop is executed once
(d) no error ,loop is executed 10 times

9.  main()
char str={ H , E , L , L , O , \0 }
(a)prints ELLO
(b)prints HELLO
(c)prints ILLO (i.e. H is incremented by 1)

Binary search tree is used in

a) sorting  b) searching   c) indexing  d) all the above

11. Given a tree..write the preorder traversal

12. Given an infix expression. write its postfix

13. First general purpose microprocessor

a) 2002 b)4004 c)8080 d)8085

14.  ____flag is not used in 8085 jump instructions

15.  SNMP is used in which layer

16. Banker's algorithm is used for

17. Belady's anomaly is related to___

18. How can u increase ports of a microprocessor?

a)8255 b)8259 c)8253 d)8251

19 Which of the following maintains a constant time(best,worst,average)?

a)searching b)sorting c)indexing d)none

20. In a database a table is stored not fully..it is an example of

About Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab - HTSL

Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab (HTSL) is an integral research, development and engineering arm of Honeywell. It provides value to Honeywell's businesses and customers through technology, product and business solutions meeting global standards of quality, innovation and lifetime performance. Employing diverse engineering skills, along with program management, quality assurance, systems engineering, technology and market analytics, HTSL provides business oriented total solutions to Honeywell businesses in the areas of Aerospace, Automation and Control Solutions, Specialty Materials and Transportation Systems. Headquartered out of Bangalore, HTSL has centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Brno, Hyderabad and Madurai.

Why HTSL - Why should i join HTSL?:-

HTSL constantly challenges the frontiers of technology by thinking out-of-the-box. Understanding a customer’s needs, interacting with them very closely and offering complete total solutions aligned to Honeywell’s products and businesses is a way of life at HTSL.

HTSL also understands how essential it is to create a healthy work life balance. Learning, training, enhancing competencies, are part and parcel of daily work life at HTSL which is rigorous and mandatory. To have fun while at work, HTSL’s ‘beyond work’ initiative, ‘Wings’ caters to a wide spectrum of interests ranging from Adventure, Sports, Fitness & Personality, Fine Arts and Mind Sport to Performing Arts and Entertainment. T

Contact Details:

Address of Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab (HTSL):-

Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab (HTSL)
151/1, Doraisanipalya, Bannerghatta Road
Bangalore – 560 076, India.
Tel: +91-80-26588360 /91-80-51197222
Fax: +91-80-26584750

Honeywell Technology Solutions
Plot No. 11, Survey No. 115, Road No. 2
IT Park, Nanakramguda, Gachibowli
Serilingampally Mandal
Hyderabad - 500 019.
Ph.No. 040-39830200

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