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Welcome to Samsung Placement Papers 2010. Here you will find Samsung Placement Papers Pattern and Download questions of Samsung Placement Papers 2010 with Answers & Solutions.

2010 Samsung Placement Paper:-

1. If length of rectangle of increases by 20% and breadth decreases by 20%. Then the area

a) decreases by 4% b)---- c) same d) none

Ans) a

2. If it costs x dollors for making certain item if quantity is 1000 and if  quantity increase then the item is made using y dollars. If z number of  items are made which are greater than 1000 then what is the total cost.

Ans 1000(x-y) +yz

3. A girl is at 11th position from both th ends of a straight row. Then total no. girls in a row are Ans) 21

4. series is given such as 2,7,6,-,12,-,20,49,---- ? Ans) 71(sure) break into 2 series

5. If the distance between two trains is 110KMs and two trains travel opposite in direction . If one starts at 7AM and other at 8AM and their velocities are 20 and 25 KMPH then they meet at.

Ans 10AM

6. If m people take d days to complete, then m+r people take how many days

Ans) m*d/m+r

7 - 8) Three questions were on Analgies one was:

7. Square:___ :: Quadreplet:couplet
options were a)parallelogram b)triangle c)___ d) ______

Ans) do not Remember

8. Gazzle:swift :: Earth options : a) life b) zoology

9. If DISTANCE is written as IDTUBECN and DOCUMENT is written as ODDVNTNE  then THURSDAY will be written as ans) a ( HTVSTYAD)

10. A is 10 km from B and C is 17 km from B. then which option is true.....

a)A is in between B and C.
b)B is in between A and C
c)C is in between A and B
d)a and b Ans) d


printf(I=%d i=%d",++i,++i)

Ans) vary compiler to compiler

12. main()
{ unsigned char i=0x80;


~B ;

Ans) 0xFFFF

Func(int a, intb)
int a;
return a;
} will there be any error and some other options are there.

Ans) No error.

15. Determine network ID of classful IP address

a)192 b)192.42 c)192.42.14 d)

Ans) c ( class c )

16. what is the advantage of ADSL(assymetric digital subscriber line) over modem

Ans) it has normal uplink band width but higher down link  bandwidth (something like that)

17. Min sampling freq for 20-20kHz analog signal is

a) 20khz b)40khz c)44.1khz d) 20hz Ans) b

18. Adventages of digital over analog signal:

a)noise immunity b)data security and integrety c)efficient transmission  d)all of the above

Ans) d

19. Where Myprog is an exe file. What will the output of the following program ?

main(argc, argv)
some thing and the progname is myprog on command line.

a) m b) n c) none d) myprogram

20. In 1.5 fixed format how is -1 represented

a)0xFFFF b)0xF000 c)0x8000 d)0x0001 (options may not be correct but ques is correct)

Ans) a

About Samsung India:-

The work culture at Samsung is based on the fundamental belief that employees are its most important asset. Respect and genuine concern for each employee in the organisation is the basic principle on which the organisation functions

The HR system at Samsung India pays considerable attention to the Salary-Structure, Welfare Administration, Working Conditions etc. as these are some of the factors that are necessary for creating the right kind of work environment. However, it doesn't stop here. Factors such as Rewards, Recognition, Training & Development, Empowerment and Growth Opportunities, are essential for the true development of human resources.

Working at Samsung - Why Should i Join Samsung ?

Samsung India strives to enhance not only the efficiency of its operations, but also the overall quality of its work environment and its contribution to society as a whole.

Samsung’s state of the art refrigerator Manufacturing Factory at Sriperumbudur inaugurated. Samsung India honours the medal winners of Guangzhou Asian Games boxer Vijender Singh awarded the Samsung ‘Most Valued Performance Award’

Contact Details:

Address of Samsung India:-

Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
7th & 8th Floor, IFCI Tower
61, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019
Tel: (91-11) 41511234
Fax: (91-11) 41608818/19

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