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Welcome to Tata Elxsi Placement Paper 2010. Here you will find Tata Elxsi Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of Tata Elxsi Placement Paper 2010 with Answers & Solutions.

2010 Tata Elxsi Placement Paper:-

      int a=9;
      case 9 : printf("abc");
      default : printf("def");
      what would be the output ?

      int z[3]={1,2,3};
      int *p=&z[1];
      int x=*p++;

3. some ques. on memory allocation so clear ur funda of memory allocation properly

4. To declare a boolean variale in C what method we follow ans. using bit feilds

5. What does painter's algo. is for in graphics ans. don't know
6. Which is more efficient calling a function by its name or by using a pointer to the function

7. External functions and external variables are all global

8. A B C D E are 5 boys and find the ages of them given

     1) B-A = 5
      2) B>A
      3) D>F
      4) E-D<2
      5) D-F > 2
      6) All of the above are false
9. About the graphics similar to java function draearc drawrect, find the area, center by giving values to function   
      1. about process ( os )
      2. stacks (data struct..)
      3. graphs ( binary trees)
      4. time complexity of the c program they had given
      5. c program ( recurrsion find the no. of print stat exec. in the recu. func. ans. 4)

10. How many triangles are formed in a octagon. Ans: 56( check the answer)

11. A hexagon is fitted in to a circle of radius r. perimeter of the hexagon is ? ans: 6r

12. Max. difference between two birthdays of a man.

13. 365days, b. 366days c. 4 years d. 8years

14. which is greatest no. between 2300 and 3200? Ans: 3200

15. which is the greatest no divisible by 101100 -1?

16. in a school no of boys is twice that of the no of girls. Half of the girls are in hostel. If the no of girls in hostel are 5 then what is the total no of students in the school.


17. in how many ways 7 girls and 4 boys can be seated in a circle such that all boys sit together?

Ans: 4! 7!

18. a passenger train with speed 60kmph and a goods train with speed 20kmph are moving from a station X to Y. the passenger train reaches 50 mins before the goods train then what is the distance between X and Y?

ans: 25km

19. one travels at a speed of 40kmph for some distance and 60 kmph for some distance total distance of 240km is traveled in 5 hrs. for how much time he traveled with 40 kmph.( not sure abt the question it is in the same fashion)

20. the time taken to move around a circle of radius 21 is 44 min. then what is the time required to move around the hexagon of radius 42?

Ans: 84

Tata Elxsi is a design company that blends technology, creativity and engineering to help customers transform ideas into world-class products and solutions.

A part of the $100 billion Tata group, Tata Elxsi addresses the communications, consumer products, defence, healthcare, media & entertainment, semiconductor and transportation sectors. This is supported by a network of design studios, development centers and offices worldwide. Key services include embedded product design, industrial design, animation & visual effects and systems integration. Tata Elxsi is a listed company.

Contact Details:

Tata Elxsi Limited
ITPB Road, Whitefield
Bangalore 560048
+91 80 2297 9123
+91 80 2841 1474

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