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Here are the details of 2011 ABB Placement Paper - II job in ABB. This job or placement paper has been sourced from either company website or newspaper or other media and from students who appeared for this job. User is requested to verify the data before applying for the job.

Welcome to ABB Placement Paper 2011. Here you will find ABB Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of ABB Placement Paper 2011 with Answers & Solutions.

2011 ABB Placement Paper:-

1. What would be the output of the following program.
int num,*p;
(a) 6 (b) 5 (c) junk value (d) compilation error

2. What would be the output of the following program.
int a[3]={2,3,4};
char *p;
p=(char *)((int *)p+1);
(a) 2 (b) 0 (c) junk value (d) 3

3. What would be the output of the following program.
int i=10;
fn(int i)
return ++i;
(a) 10 (b) 11 (c) 12 (d) Compilation error

4. What will be the value of i & j after the loop isexecuted?
(a) i=4,j= 24 (b) i=24,j= 24 (c) i=25,j= 25 (d) i=5,j=25

5. What would be the output of the following program.
int i,j;
(a) 11 (b) 10 (c) 4 (d) compilation error

6. What would be the output of the following program.
int i=7;
(a) 49 (b) 56 (c) 72 (d) compilation error

7. What will the printf print?
char *p,*f();
printf("f() returns:%s\n",p);
char *f()
char result[80];
strcpy(result,"anything will do");
return (result);
(a) f() returns: anything will do (b) f() returns:
(c) compilation error (d) The printf statement is not going to be executed

8. How many times the following program would print 'Jamboree'?
printf("\n Jamboree");
(a) infinite number of times (b) 32767 times
(c) 65535 times (d) till the stack does not overflow

9. Notice the error in the default statement in the code snippet below.Will it give a compilation error?
int a=10,j;
case 30: printf("the value is 30");
case 50: printf("the value is 50");
default:printf("the value is not 30 or 50");
fn(int a)
return (++a);
(a) Will display "the value is 30" (b) Will display "The value is not 30 or 50"
(c) Yes a compilation error would happen
(d) No compilation errors but there will be no output on the screen

10. What would be the output of the following program.
struct emp
char name[20];
int age;
float sal;
struct emp e = {"tiger"};
printf("\n %d %f",e.age,e.sal);
(a) 0 0.000000 (b) Garbage values (c) Error (d) none of the above

11. Formulae of Regulation (Vs- Vr)* 100/ Vr, then transmission line is

(a) short transmission line, (b) long, (c) medium
Ans: (a)

12.Improvement in power factor reduces
(a) power consumed by consumer, (b) power generation, (c) both a & b

Ans: (c)

13.  No-load test for Synchronous motor, the graph is drawn

(a) stator open ckt emf Vs field current (Ans: a)

14. An AC voltage of 50Hz is impressed in a resistive ckt, the oscillating power has a frequency (a) 50 Hz, (b) 100, (c) no oscillating power is there in resistive ckt

Ans: (a)

15. Insulation used in transformer ___________leakage flux.

(a) increases, (b) decreases Ans: (b)

16. After rain what happens to Insulator (a) break-down strength of Insulator decreases, (b)Arch length reduces,

Ans: (b)

17. Diversity factor helps to . . . .(what ?)

[Read diversity factor, load factor, Reserve capacity factor in depth, with calculation]

18. Why capacitance is shown as a Shunt element in analysis of transmission line

(a) it is between Conductor & earth, (b) because Admittance is used for calculation of capacitive reactance

Ans: (a)

19. B-R-Y sequence is followed in three phase system, if phase voltage in B-phase is Vm sin 100, then the phase voltage in R-phase would be (a) Vm sin (-20)


20. In a particular ckt I = Im Sin (wt -270) and V = Vm Sin wt, then type of ckt is (a) pure resistive ckt [Ans]

21. In a L-R ckt energy lost = 2000 W, energy conserved = 500W, then what is the time constant

Ans: time constant = L/R = 0.5

22.In electro-dynamometer A'meter & wattmeter the type of scale is Ans:Non-uniform

23. For the same current carrying capacity corona loss of ACSR will be ________than copper conductor. (a) more, (b) less, (c) equal


24. A R-C ckt , supplied with DC, a bulb is connected across the Capacitor, then what happens to the illumination, if we change the capacitance.

Ans: No change at all

About ABB:-

ABB is one of the worlds leading engineering companies. It helps customers to use electrical power effectively and to increase industrial productivity in a sustainable way. The ABB Group of companies operates in over 100 countries and employs about 124,000 people.

ABB operations in India include 14 manufacturing facilities with over 8000 employees. Customers are served through an extensive countrywide presence with more than 23 marketing offices, 8 service centers, 3 logistics warehouses and a network of over 550 channel partners. The ABB Group is increasingly leveraging the Indian operations for projects, products, services, engineering and R&D.

Why ABB - Why should i join ABB?:-

ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 117,000 people.

This is a multicultural and global business that believes as strongly in the latest thinking as it does the latest technology. As part of our team, you could enjoy the best of both worlds while leaving your legacy.

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49 Race Course Road
Ph:- +91 80 2294 8383


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Ph:- +91 144 2819 1551 / 1661


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+91 40 2790 6736, +91 40 2790 6729


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