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Here you will find 2011 Aditi Technologies Placement Papers - I with Answers and Solutions

2011 Aditi Technologies Placement Papers - I:-

What is the output of the program given below

char i=0;
for(;i>=0;i++) ;

2. What is the output of the following program

int i=0;

3. What is the memory allocated by the following definition ?
int (*x)[10];

4. What is the memory allocated by the following definition ?
int (*x)();

In the following program segment

int a=2;
int b=9;
int c=1;

How many times is c=c*a calculated?

6. In the program segment in question 5 what is the value of a at the end of the while loop?

7. What is the output for the program given below
typedef enum grade{GOOD,BAD,WORST,}BAD;
BAD g1;

8. Give the output for the following program.

#define STYLE1 char
typedef char STYLE2;
printf("%d %d\n",x,y);

9. Give the output for the following program segment.

#ifdef TRUE
int I=0;

int j=0;
printf("%d %d\n",i,j);

10. In the following program

char *pDestn,*pSource="I Love You Daddy";

(a)Free() fails
(b)Strcpy() fails
(c)prints I love You Daddy

11.  2 passengers have together 560 kgs of luggage and are charged for the excess above the weight allowed at 10$ and 26$. If all the luggage had belonged to one of them he would have to pay 46$. The amount of luggage each passenger is allowed without any charge is

(a)100 kg (b)150 kg (c)160 kg (d)Insufficient data

12. 6 pigs cost the same as 9 sheep. 27 sheep cost the same as 30 goats. 50 goats cost the same as 3 elephants. If two elephants cost $4800, then the cost of one pig in dollar is

(a)120 (b)240 (c)105 (d)250

13.  A wholesaler allows a discount of 20 % on the list price to the retailer. The retailer sells at 5% below the list price. If the customer pays Rs.19 for an article what profit is made by the retailer on it?

(a)Rs.2 (b)Rs.3 (c)Rs.4 (d)Rs.4.5

A circular metal plate of even thickness has 12 holes of radius 1 cm drilled into it. As a result the plate lost 1/6th its original weight. The radius of the circular plate is

(a)16sqrt2 (b)8sqrt2 (c)32sqrt2 (d)sqrt72

3 machines a,b,c can be used to produce a product. Machine a will take 60 hours to produce a million units. Machine b is twice as fast as machine a. Machine c takes the same amount of time as machine a and b taken together. How much time will be required to produce a million units if all the three machines are used simultaneously?

(a)12 hours (b)10 hours (c)8 hours

About Aditi Technologies:-

Aditi Technologies was established in 1994. Aditi pioneered the idea that great software products can be built out of India. Today, Aditi represents the best Microsoft software & applications development capability in the world. Strengthened by innovative IP solutions, leading global enterprises and software product companies rely on Aditi to predictably deliver quality products and applications.

Working at Aditi Technologies - Why Should i join Aditi Technologies?:-

Innovation Culture:- If innovating and creating next generation technology products make you tick, this is the place to be.

Focus on Emerging Technologies:- Relationships with product companies that are at the forefront of technology, provided to engineers with exposure to emerging technologies.

An Open and Fun Work Culture:- Aditi takes pride in being Intense, Creative, People-driven, Ethical, and Socially Conscious.

Contact Details:

Address of Aditi Technologies :-

Manyata SEZ Park
C4 Block, Wing A
Manyata SEZ Park, Rachenahalli,
Nagawara Villages, Outer Ring Road,
Bangalore - 560 045.

#218/10, Ramana Maharishi Road,
Bangalore - 560080

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