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2011 Bitwise Placement Papers - I with Answers, Solutions:-

1. a man buys postage stamps of denomination of 30ps. and 50 ps. for rs.10.00. he buys 22 stamps in all. find the no of 30ps. stamps bought by him.

a.5(ans) b.6 c.17 d.8

2. the ages of a and b are in the ratio 9:4. after 7 years the ratio of their aghes will be 5:3.find b's present age.

a.18 b.8(ans) c.7 d.16

3. if 28 is divided into two parts such that one fourth of the greater part is equal to one third of the lesser part,then the greater part is

a.16(ans) b.18 c.20 d.24

4.a man and a woman, walking together start out by both taking a step with the left foot. in order to keep together, the man whose stride is longer, takes two steps while the woman takes three. how many steps will the woman have taken they are both about to step out on the right foot for the first time together?

5. for communicating with its satellite,NASA has only two codes is equal to 2 and<= is equal to 3.whenever the two symbols appear together the value is taken as sum of each symbol. for example <=<=*** is equal to 3+3+2+2+2=12.which of the following is equal to <=<=<=** minus <**?

a.<=* b.<=** c.<=**** d.<=<=(ans)

6. if i sell two articles, one at 20% profit for rs.100 and the other at 20% loss for rs.100, what is my net profit/loss?

a.4.16 profit b.4.16 loss c.8.33 profit d.8.33 loss(ans)

7. if 85% of the population of an ant colony is red, and of these 45% are females, then what % of the total ant population are male red ants?

a.46.75(ans) b.40 c.33.66 d.66.66

8. what is the cost price of an article sold at rs.199 after two successive discount of 10% and 15%?

a.260(ans) b.200 c.234 d.220

9. Jhaveri invested in Upendra&Upendra,Celco and Winger shares at Rs. 300,Rs.200 and Rs.5 per share respectively. He bought 100 shares for Rs.1000.The number of Upendra&Upendra and Celco shares he bought are respectively

a)23.17   b)17,23   c)17,60   d)15,25


10. a certain organization has three committees. only two persons are members of all committees, but every pair of committees have three members in common. what is the least possible no of member of members on any one committee?

a)4 b)5 c)6 d) none of these.


what is the data type of FILE?
a. integer
b. union
c. pointer
d. structure

12. if "a" is an array of 5*5 dimension, a[2][4] is same as
a. **(a+2+4)
b. *(a+2) + *(a+4)
c. **(a+2)+4
d. *(*a+2)+4)

13. what is the output of ..
void main()
char buffer[10]={"Genesis"};
a. 3
b. 4
c. 0
d. illegal pointer subtraction

14. what is the output for
static int a[]={5,10,15,20};
int * ptr=a;
int ** ptr_ptr=&ptr;
printf("\n %d",**ptr_ptr++);
a. 5
b. 10
c. 15
d. 6

15. what is the value of expr..
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 4.666666
e. 5

16. main()
int I;

a. condition in a for-loop is mudt
b. no error
c. 2 ; should be dropped

17.void goop ( int z[]);//prototype
int x[10];
which o is the correct way to call goop

a. goop(x);
b. goop(x[]);
c. goop(x[10]);
d. goop(&x);
e. goop(&x[]);
15. int a=3,b=17;
a. 2 8
b. 2 7
c. 3 7
d. 2 8
e. none

18. How many time shell o will be printed?
FILE *fp=fopen (“test.txt”, w)
Fprintf (fp,”hello”);
a. 1
b. 2
c. 0
d. none
17. int a;
int b=0;
{ a&=a-1;

a &b
a. 0 & 15
b. 1 & 16
c. 0 & 16
d. none

19. class A
static int a;
A() {a=10};
int main()
A b;
Return 0;
Will the program compile?
a yes
b. no

20. What would be the output of the following program?

int y=128;
const int x=y;
a) 128 b) Garbage value c) Error d) 0


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