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2011 CGI Placement Paper - II with Answers and Solutions:-

1. Factorize y**2 + 8y - 48 =0

Ans. (y+12) (y-4)

2. 1,40,00,000 pencils are put up straight. all the pencils are of length range 3 to 6 inches. 80% of the pencils have average of five inches. so the find out the total length spanned by the pencils.

Ans. 1000 to 1500 miles.

3. boys are not girl . Jill is not a girl

Ans Jill is not a girl.

4. Price of cotton today is 50 corore what will it be after 100 years

Ans c) unknown

5. if ELECTRICITY - GAS =100
then JACK - JILL = ?

6. 8 man work for 6 days to complete a work. How many men are required to complete same work in 1/2 day.

Ans. 96 men.

7. a man is running around a rectangle it takes time 2 time in travelling lenth than travelling width total perimeter = 300 find area

Ans 5000

8. A man drives at a speed of 40 miles/hr. His wife left 30 mins. late with 50 miles/hr speed. when will they meet ?

Ans. 2 hours

9. A farmer walks at constant speed on the perimeter of his rectangular field. it takes him twice the time to cover longer side than shorter side. if he walks total 300 m . then find out the area of field?

Ans. 5000 sq.m

10. There were some questions on series :

21, 463, 687, 238, 1134, ---- Ans. 297
0, 6, 24, 120, 210, ---, ----

11. REPUBLICAN = 108 so DEMOCRATE = ? (it is diffcult. i made guess on 84 )

12. if ELECTRICITY - GAS =100 then JACK - JILL = ?

13. A person is 80 years old in 490 and only 70 years old in 500 in which year is he born?

Ans: 470

14.raju having some coins want to distribute to his 5 son , 5 daughter and driver in a manner that , he gave fist coin to driver and 1/5 of remaining to first son he again gave one to driver and 1/5 to 2nd son and so on.... at last he equally distributed all the coins to 5 daughters. how many coins raju initially have???


15.if ravi binded his book and the binder cut the pages of the book , ravi decided to mark the pages by himself own , what he found that number of three appears 61 times find of number of pages answer

Ans - 300

About CGI:-

CGI was established in 1976. It is eading IT and business process services provider. CGI delivers business solutions through information technology.

CGI has 31,000 professionals in 125 offices worldwide provide end-to-end IT and business process services that facilitate the ongoing evolution of our clients’ businesses.

Working at CGI - Why shoud i join CGI?:-

Total compensation:-

    * Base salary
      When you first join CGI, your compensation is determined on the basis of your education, training and experience, as well as labour market conditions and internal equity. From then on, your compensation is reviewed annually.

    * Share purchase plan
      CGI's share purchase plan puts into practice the company's philosophy of intrapreneurship through ownership. The share purchase plan provides members with the opportunity to buy CGI shares under very advantageous conditions, to invest in the company and to profit from its success. Through payroll deductions, members may contribute a percentage of their annual base salary, to a maximum based on their job category. CGI matches the contribution dollar for dollar.

    * Profit sharing
      CGI is committed to having members share in the success of the company, while recognizing individual performance. Most  regular members are eligible for this plan upon hiring.

Contact Details:

Address of CGI:-

Electronic City Post
Tower 2, Survey No: 95/1 and 95/2
Electronic City Phase 1 (West)
Bangalore, India 560 100
Tel: +91 80 6642 2222
Fax: +91 80 6642 1200

Plot 22, Seepz
Andheri (East)
Mumbai, India 400 096
Tel: +91 22 2829 1421
Fax: +91 22 2829 1818

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