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Here are the details of 2011 Canarys Placement Papers - II job in Canarys. This job or placement paper has been sourced from either company website or newspaper or other media and from students who appeared for this job. User is requested to verify the data before applying for the job.

2011 Canarys Placement Papers - II with Answers and Solutions:-

1. (32/343)^(4

2. IF a person’s salary is rs. X. He spends 10% on rent, 15% of remaining on edu of his children, and 10% of the remaining on clothes. Then remains rs 4131. What is his salary? Ans=6000 rs.

3.       A       a         B


bcc                      c

C                  D              E

Triangle BDE is isosceles. find total area of the figure?

ANS: b(a+b/2).

4. A Girl has m mins of homework in each of her s subjects? Find the part of hw completed in 1 hour?

Ans= 60/ms.

5. A can is 4/5 th full. If 6 glasses of oil is removed and 4 glasses of oil added, it is 3/4th full. What is its capacity?

Ans= 40 litres

6. 3X-9<0. Which condition does x not satisfy from below?

A) -2  b) 1  c) 2  d)3   


7. (A/b)^(x-1)=(b/a)^(x-3)      x=?

8. A’s salary is 33 1/3 % more than B. By how much is B’s salary less than A?  Ans=25%

9. .Symbol of PNP transistor? Choose one from 4 given figures..

10. Voltage follower is used for:

A) Connecting low impedance load to low impedance sources.
B)            High                  low
C)            High                  high
D)            Low                   high

13. Sequential circuits:

A) Op depends on present ip and past op
B) Only present ip       C) Only past op  D) Does not depend on anything.

14.In combinational circuits: Options are same as above

15. Consider an half adder with delay d and a flip flop delay of d, calculate total delay..

16.                             L

        B                          s2                    


A, B, C, L are similar lamps. At what combination of switches (S1,S2,S3) open or close does l glow brightest..

17. an m bit hamming code, it can correct..

A) errors upto m bits   B) Errors uptp m/2 bits  C) 2m bits   D) Greater than m bits.

18. An energy efficient transformer core is made up of? ( Si alloy steel, iron, c, d)

19. Darlington pair is used to
A) Increase beta factor and dec I/p resistance
B) Increase beta factor and inc I/p resistance
C) Increase beta factor and dec o/p resistance
D) Increase beta factor and inc o/p resistance

20. Which instn does not affect z flag?
A) inc b    B  dcr b    C inx b      D dcx b

21. Which of these is pic( 8259, 8279, both, 8159)

Mode 2 in 8255 is used for opn of
A) Port 1 only   B) Port 2 only     C) Both ports 1 & 2    D) None

23. what is 1c 72? (voltage controller, current controller, sine wave generator, sq wave generator)

24. A 16 bit register can hold (2’s complement form)

A) 0 To 255    B) -32767 To +32767    C) -32768 To +32767    D) -32767 To +32768

About Canarys:-

Canarys was established in 1988, with headquarters in Bangalore, India, we have serviced more than 100 customers spanning across different industry segments and domains.

Canarys is a comprehensive solution provider specialized in Application development, maintenance and testing across a broad spectrum of domains. Canarys has its own suite of products: QT360, an end-to-end project management tool; Audit tool, a software-audit automation tool; and Scorpus, an asset-management tool. Canarys has its headquarters in Bangalore, India, and a 100% subsidiary in Florida, USA. Due to our deep focus in technology and commitment to add value, leading global product companies have chose Canarys as their preferred solution partner.

Working at Canarys - Why shoud i join Canarys?:-

All employees receive the same workspace, amount of employee leave time and benefits. Canarys believe in a business dress code and an eagerness to thrive forward. The criteria that determine incentives are uniformly applied.

Canarys believe in providing the best to its people to harness their inherent talent in utilizing their capabilities to full extent.

Canarys learning program provide opportunity for people to keep abreast with the latest technologies and trends in the industry.


Contact Details:

Address of Canarys:-

Canarys Automations Pvt Ltd

#135, 7th Main, 4th Block,
Bangalore - 560011,
Ph:- 91-80-26539915

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