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Changepond Placement Paper - I with Answers and Solutions:-

C1.A man's annual income is Rs.16,000. The income tax at the rate of 15% after allowing a deduction of Rs.7,500 as non taxable income is

(1) Rs.1500 (2) Rs.1200 (3) Rs.1275 (4) Rs.1450

Ans:- 3

2.A cube of white chalk is painted red and then cut parallel to the sides to form two rectangular solids of equal volume. What percent of the surface area of each of the new solids is not painted red?

(1) 20% (2) 16.67% (3) 15% (4) 25%

Ans:- 4

3.The measure of an angle which is five times its supplement is

(1) 36 degrees (2) 30 degrees
(3) 150 degrees (4) 180 degrees

Ans:- 3

4.If the diagonals of a quadrilateral bisect one another at right angles, then the quadrilateral is

(1) Parallelogram
(2) Rectangle
(3) Rhombus
(4) Trapezium

Ans:- 3

5.A man had Rs.2000. He lent a part of it at 5% interest and the rest at 4% interest. The total interest he received in one year was Rs. 92.The money he lent at 5% interest was

(1) Rs. 1200 (2) Rs.1250
(3) Rs. 1300 (4) Rs.1350

Ans:- 1

6.Out of 100 students, 50 fail in English and 30 in Maths. If 12 students fail in both English and Maths, then the number of students passed in both the subjects is

(1) 26 (2) 28
(3) 30 (4) 32

Ans:- 4

7. When a number is first increased by 10% and then is reduced by 10%, then the number

(1) Doesn't change
(2) Decreases by 1%
(3) Increases by 1%
(4) None of these

Ans:- 2

8. A man engaged a servant on the condition that he would pay him Rs.100 and a turban after one year. He served him only for nine months and received the turban and Rs.60. The price of the turban is

(1) Rs.75 (2) Rs.50 (3) Rs.40 (4) Rs.60

Ans:- 4

About Changepond:-

Changepond technology is consulting and software services organisation was established in 2000. headquartered in Chennai, India, Changepond Technologies has operations in the US, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific regions. The company has a customer base spanning across geographies including a state-of-the-art offshore software development centre in India. Changepond offer end-to-end solutions across diverse technology platforms and industry domains through a global delivery model, which delivers 24/7 services.

Working at Changepond - Why hould i join Changepond?:-

Changepond is currently engaged in several exciting projects in the areas of Financial Services, Telecom, Insurance,Transportation, Agriculture, Healthcare and Retail. We are currently looking for the finest software professionals, to work on some of our prestigious projects, being executed in the USA and Europe.

Changepond has a worldwide presence with offices in New Jersey in North America, London and Germany in Europe and KL in Malaysia. In India, Changepond has a modern technology and development centre in Siruseri, Chennai. Changepond provides a highly stimulating and satisfying work environment. Compensation package and employee-friendly schemes have been designed to attract the best talent in the industry.

Contact Details:

Address of Changepond:-

Old Mahabalipuram Road,
Siruseri, Chennai - 603 103.
Tel:  +91-44-47480000
Fax: +91-44-47480003
E-mail: salesindia@changepond.com

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