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Here are the details of 2011 Epson Placment Paper - I job in Epson. This job or placement paper has been sourced from either company website or newspaper or other media and from students who appeared for this job. User is requested to verify the data before applying for the job.

2011 Epson Placment Paper - I with Answers and Solutions:-

1. 6 persons A,B,C,D,E,F are playing a game of cards . A's father and mother , uncle were in the gang. There were two women. B is the mother of A gets morepoints then her husband. D got more points then E but less then F. Niece of E got the lowest points. Father of A agot More points then F. But would not win the game.

1. who won the game?

a)A b) B c) F d) D ans: b

2. who got lowest points ?

a) A b) C c) E d) B ans: a

3.who is the husband of B ?

a) F b) E c) D d) c ans : c

4.B was one of the lady. who was other lady?

a) C b) D c) E d) A ans: a

5.who stood second in the game?

a) A b) B c) C d) D ans: c

2.A is the widow of B. B & C were the only children of E. C is unmarried and is a doctor. D is the grand daughter of E and studies science. How is A related to D.

a)Aunt   b) daughter   c) sister    d) sister_in_law ans: b

Follow the following for Q. 3-4.
Only conclusion I follows definitely.
b) ,, II ,,
c) Both I & II follow
d) Neither I nor II follows.
e) either I or II follows.


It is some times said that corruption is due to proverty and gross diparities.
It is an uncalled for slurr on the poor. Because the poor in India are among the most unsight persons.

I. upsight persons can't be corrupt persons.
II. Disparities of income make the people corrupt.

ans: c


The Indian economy has suffered considerble stresses and strains during the lostthree years. The general picture is one of stagnations.
I. stresses and strains in economy lead to stagnation .
ŠII. Indian economy is stagnant.

ans: e

5-12 follow this answers.

a) only inference I follows.
b) only inference II follows.
c) Both I & II follow.
d) neither I nor II follows.

5. no hawk is a sparrow.
All hawks are hens.
I. no hen is a sparrow.
II. no sparrow is a hen.

ans: c

6.all graduates are chairs.
all chairs are tables.
I. all graduates are tables.
II. all tables are graduates.

ans: a

7.some birds are elephnts.
some elephants are white.
I. some birds are white
II. some white are birds

ans: d

8.all fans are vans.
none van is pan.
I. No pan is fan.
II.no fan is pan.

ans: d

9.all boats are coats.
no coat is shirt.
I. all boats are shirts
II. all shitrs are boats.

ans: a

10.no pen is hen.
some hens are healthy.
I. no pen is healthy.
II. no healthy thing is pen.

ans: d

11.all hopes are doops.
all fears are hairs.

Below we are giving Q'es whatever remember to us. It is not clear and order.

12.poem, song, rommance, dirty,couplet

ans: Rommance

13.Historical, ancient, olden ,inheritant.

ans: inheritant.

14.widow ..........., ans: daughter.

For one coding problem ( ie he will give some numbering to alphbets )




i) placeble ii) emblish iii) incence iv) depricate v) palret


i) bench, chair, winch,thrown,pedastal ans: pedestal
ii) book, volume, saga......
iii) 3,4,20,38 ....... ans: 20
iv) 3,6,52.5,157.5 ....ans: 52.5

17.one age problem father and son 10 years ago........

ans: 14,38.

About Epson:-

Epson, which is part of Seiko Epson Corporation, Japan, is a Total Digital Imaging Solutions company. It manufactures the entire range of input and output imaging devices like inkjet printers, dot matrix printers, lasers, scanners, and LCD projectors. Epson's product portfolio also includes Systems & Crystal Devices, Integrated Circuits, Optical products, factory automation systems and watches.

Epson India Pvt Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of Epson Singapore Pte Ltd which is an affiliate of Seiko Epson Corporation, Japan.

Epson is constantly trying to improve on the natural methods of imaging and reproduction. 5760 optimized dpi resolution, exclusive 6 color photo printers for the professionals, Borderless Printing, 80 years light fastness, PRINT Image Matching Technology ideal for digital camera users who want faithful reproductions of images, high resolution, international award-winning scanners, world's highest selling LCD technology for projectors, highly reliable Dot Matrix Printers....the list is endless.

In India, Epson has the distinction of having an impressive client portfolio for its imaging products. These include leading ad agencies, graphic artists, architects, top photographers, film producers, directors, large studios and corporates.

Contact Details:

Address of Epson India:-

12th Floor, The Millenia,
Tower A, No. 1,
Murphy Road, Ulsoor,
Bangalore - 560008     
Tel: 080 3051 5000
Fax: 080 3051 5005

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