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Welcome to Genpact Placement Paper 2011. Here you will find Genpact Paper Pattern and Download questions of Genpact Placement Paper 2011 with Answers & Solutions.

2011 Genpact Placement Paper:-

1. In a row of children Nidhi is twelfth from left end and Radha is sixth from right end. When Radha is shifted to left by two places and Nidhi is shifted to right by two places there six children between Radha and Nidhi. How many children are there in the row?
1) 23
2) 27
3) 26
4) 28
5) None of these

2. If the order of the letter in the English alphabet is reversed which letter will be the seventh to right of the twelfth letter from the right?
1) E
2) V
3) F
4) U
5) None of these

3. Amita is taller than Rita but not as tall as Sapna, who is shorter than Farida. Sumedha is shorter than Farida but not as short as Rita. Who is the shorest among them?
1) Amita
2) Sumedha
3) Rita
4) Cannot be determined
5) None of these

4. If it is a possible to make a meaningful word from the first, the fourth, the seventh and the ninth letters of the word PESTICIDE, then last letter of the word is your answer. If more than one such word can be formed give 'M' as your answer and if no such word can be formed give 'X' as your answer.
1) E
2) T
3) P
4) M
5) X

5. Sudesh was standing in the garden early in the morning after sunrise. His sister Gauri, who was coming from the opposite directions, saw that Sudesh's shadow had fallen to his right. Which directions was Gauri facing?
1) North
2) South
3) South-West
4) North-East
5) None of these

6. How many pairs of letters are there in the word INSTITUTE which have as many letters between them in the word as in the English alphabet?
1) Six
2) Two
3) One
4) Three
5) None of these

7. Mitali, a student of VIIIth standard, ranks eighth when put in class VIII A, ranks fifth when put in class VIII B, and ranks sixth when put in class VIII C. What will be Mitali's rank if students of all the three sections are put together?
1) 17th
2) 16th
3) 15th
4) Cannot be determined
5) None of these

8. If “go out or in to the room” is coded to make a passcode as “or to to go in the out room”, how will “was she good at the card game” be coded following the same rule?
1) good the was at card she game
2) good was the at card she game
3) good the at was card she game
4) good the was at she card game
5) None of these

9. “Some stars are planets” and “No planet is a satellite”. If both these statements are true, then which of the following statements is definitely true?
1) No star is a satellite.
2) All planets are stars.
3) All stars are either planets or satellites.
4) Some planets are stars.
5) None of these

10. If '×' means '-'. '÷' means '×', '-' means '+' and '+' means '÷', then what is the value of 13 ÷ 18 + 3 - 23 ×17?
1) 28
2) 8
3) 72
4) 84
5) None of these

11. If each letter in the English alphabet is assigned an even number such as A = 2, B = 4 and so on, then what will be the total value of the letters in the word LEAD?
1) 42
2) 40
3) 46
4) 44
5) None of these

Directions (Q. 12-15): Study the following letter-number series carefully and answer the questions given below:
J 5 4 T P 2 3 K L Q 3 7 R D A 6 8 3 F H 7 8

12. How many odd numbers are there which are immediately followed by an even number and immediately preceded by a letter?
1) One
2) Two
3) Three
4) Four
5) None of these

How many letters are there in the given sequence which are immediately preceded by an odd number and immediately followed by a letter?
1) Four
2) Three
3) Two
4) One
5) None of these

14. If the positions of all the letters in the given sequence is reversed, like H and J are interchanged, F and T are interchanged and so on, but the position of numeral is kept undisturbed, which letter will be at the eighth position from the right end?
1) A
2) K
3) P
4) D
5) None of these

15. If the position of the first half of the sequence given above is interchanged with the second half of the sequence without changing the order within the halves, which letter/number will be fourth to the left of the fourteenth letter/number from the left?
1) Q
2) H
3) R
4) L
5) None of these

About Genpact :-

Genpact is a global leader in business process and technology management, offering a broad portfolio of enterprise G&A and industry-specific services. Putting process in the forefront—coupling deep process knowledge and insights with focused IT capabilities, targeted analytics and pragmatic reengineering—the Company delivers a comprehensive client solution. Services are seamlessly delivered from a global delivery network to meet a client’s business objectives, cultural and language needs, and cost reduction goals.

Why Genpact - Why should i join Genpact?:-

Genpact built a warm and receptive work environment that evokes deep feelings of pride and belonging and is based on the highest standards of excellence and integrity. Genpact committed to creating a rewarding career for each of our employees and investing in their personal and professional development.

Genpact is committed to enhancing the skills and competencies as well as personal growth and development of its employees. It provide our people with multiple opportunities to enroll for world-class leadership development programs and also encourage cross-functional movement to gain meaningful experience and exposure

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