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Here are the details of 2011 Global Edge Placement Paper - I job in GlobalEdge. This job or placement paper has been sourced from either company website or newspaper or other media and from students who appeared for this job. User is requested to verify the data before applying for the job.

2011 Global Edge Placement Paper - I with Answers and Solutions:-

1. main()

{ int i;




a)2 b)3 c)Compiler error d)Syntax error.

ans : 3

2. main(){

char str[]="GESL";

printf("%d %d",sizeof(str),strlen(str));


a)5,5 b)4,4 c)5,4 d)4,5

ans: 5, 4

3. main(){ for(i=0;i++;i<100) printf("hello world\n"); }

a)100 times b)0 times c)Infinite loop d)None of the above.

ans: 0 times.

4. main(){ for(i=1;i++;i<100) printf("hello world\n"); }

a)100 times b)0 times c)Infinite loop d)None of the above.

ans: infinite loop

5. main(){ char c; scanf("%s",c); }

a)Compiler dependent b)unpredictable c)Compiler error d) scans the i/p.

ans: Compiler dependent.

6. main(){

int k=5;

for(++k<5 && k++/5 || ++k<8);



a)5 b)6 c)7 d)8

ans: 7

7. main(){

int *ptr1,*ptr2;

ptr1=(int *)malloc(sizeof(int));


printf("%d %d\n",*ptr1,*ptr2);


int *func(int a, int b, int *c)


int x=a+b;




a)Bug in the code. b)No Bugs prints correctly c)Error d) None of the above.

Ans: Bug in the code.

8). int main() {

int i = 10, j ;

if ( ( j = ~i ) < i )

printf ( "True" ) ;


printf ( "False" ) ;


a) True b) False c) Compiler Dependent d) None of the above.

ans : True

9. How many bytes are required to create a 3*3 matrix using double pointer

ans: 12

10. take int=4,float=8,char=1

main() {

FILE *fp;

printf("%d\n",sizeof(fp) );


a)2 b)4 c)Compiler dependent d)Error


11. main()


int a=10,20;


printf("%d\n %d\n",a,b);

a)a=20,b=10 b)a=10,b=20 c)Syntax error d)Unpredictable

Ans : a=20 b=10

12. main() {

int i=10;

switch(i) {

case 10: printf("Hello "); {

case 1 : printf("World ");


case 5: printf("Hello World ");



a) Hello b) Hello c) Hello World Hello World d) Syntax Error.

Ans : Hello World Hello World

13. main() {

char str1[]="Hello";

char str2[]="Hello";

if ( str1==str2 )





Ans: False.

a)True b)False c)Error d) Unpredictable.

14. main()


# include <stdio.h>

int i = 10 ;

printf("%d\n", i/2 );


a)10 b)5 c)error d) warning.

ans : 5

#include <stdio.h>

# pragma pack(2)

struct SIZE {

int i;

char ch ;

double db ;

} ;

main () {

printf ( "%d\n",sizeof(struct SIZE) );


a)12 b)14 c)16 d)8

16. what is big-endian.

a) MSB at lower address LSB at higher address
b) LSB at lower address MSB at higher address
c) memory mgmt technique
d) none of the above


17. what is Little-endian.

a) MSB at lower address LSB at higher address
b) LSB at lower address MSB at higher address
c) memory mgmt technique
d) none of the above


18. 8086 has

a)16 bit data bus ,16 bit address bus
b)16 bit data bus,32 bit address bus
c)8 bit data bus,16 bit address bus
d)8 bit data bus,8 bit address bus


19.  what is the scheduling algorithm used in general operating systems.

a) FCFS algorithm
b) Highest Priority First algorithm
c) Round-Robin algorithm
d) None of the above


20. Router is present at

a)Physical layer
b)Data Link Layer
c)Network Layer
d)None of above


Condition for deadlock occurrence

a) Mutual Exclusion
b) no premption
c) hold and wait
d) circular wait
e) all of the above


22. PCI stands for

a)Programmable computer Interface
b)Peripheral Computer Interface
c)programmable Control Interface
d)Peripheral Component Interface


23. Toggle state in J-K flip-flop is

a)0 1
b)1 0
c)1 1
d)0 0
ans :c

24. Interrupt is serviced

a)Immediatly when it occurs
b)After the completion of current instruction.
d)None of the above.


25.what is the o/p ?

void main()
char *mess[]={"Have","a","nice","day","Bye");
printf("%d \t %d",sizeof(mess),sizeof(mess[1]));
a. 16 4
b. 5 4
c. 20 4
d. Error

answer: c

About GlobalEdge:-

GlobalEdge is an embedded software solutions and services company focused on Wireless, Telecom and IP Networking Technologies. Since inception in 1992, GlobalEdge has been a leader in delivering solutions and services in set top boxes, residential gateways, wireless and multimedia devices to customers world-wide. GlobalEdge’s customers list includes leading Semiconductor vendors, CPE device makers, Consumer Electronics Companies, Communications OEMs.

GlobalEdge’s portfolio includes embedded services, multiple standalone IP components, various protocol implementations as well as production-ready solutions for OEMs. GlobalEdge is formed to complement customer’s capabilities and accelerate time to market, leveraging, field-validated standard software components and custom development services.

Working at GlobalEdge - Why should i join GlobalEdge?:-

GlobalEdge provides for a work place where technological innovation is celebrated, professionalism is the way of living and excellence and enthusiasm are cherished.  At GlobalEdge, one gets an opportunity to work, alongside some of the brightest minds, in an environment that nourishes talent.

GlobalEdge is a world-class organization and a dream destination for all professionals who aspire to excel and widen the skills in new horizons.

GlobalEdge offers challenging and Invaluable exposure to cutting edge technologies combined with the opportunity to work with global customers. Embedded is the DNA of GlobalEdge and our seven core values are: Technical Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Team Work, Quality Focus, Professionalism and Empowerment.

Contact Details:

Address of GlobalEdge:-

Global Edge Software Ltd.

#218, JP Royale,
Sampige Road, Malleswaram,
Bangalore 560 003, India
T +91 80 23467944
F +91 80 23467948

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