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2011 GrapeCity Placement Paper - I with Answers and Solutions:-

1. when shud apointer p be a reference parameter?

A. when fn. Changes p, & u want the change to affect actual pointer argument
B. when fn. Changes p, & u do not want the change to affect actual pointer argument
C. when fn. Changes *p, & u want the change to affect actual pointer argument
D.when fn. Changes *p, & u do not want the change to affect actual pointer argument
E.when pointer points to large object

2. output?

Int y=1;
Int k=2;
Int *p1;
Int *p2;

3.when should u use a const reference parameter ?

A. whenever the data type might be many bytes
B. whenever the data type might be many bytes, the fn. Changes the papramter within its body, & u do not want these changes to alter the actual argument
C. whenever the data type might be many bytes, the fn. Changes the papramter within its body, & u DO want these changes to alter the actual argument

4. A salesman marks an item 60% above the cost price & offers 2 successive discounts of 25% & 15% on the marked price. His profit is:

a. 15%   b 2%   c 7.5%    d. 10   e. none

5. Had it been sold at 55% loss, SP would have been Rs. 10.80. The C.P is;

a. Rs 26   b. 28   c. 36   d.24   e. none

6. If 18 men can build a wall 140 mtrs. In 42 days . In how many days can 15 men be able to construct a similar wall 100 mtrs . long??

a. 36    b. 60    c. 60     d. 33     e. none

7. Successive discounts of 15% & 20% on any goods amount to a total discount of :

a. 50 %   b. 35%   c. 34%   d.32 %   e. none

8. In a km race A beats B by 40 m or 7 secs. A’s time (in secs) over the Source is:





E. none

9. Which of the following is possible combinations plant in 2 successive years?

a. beans, corn, kale,; corn, peas, squash

b. beans,corn,peas; beans,corn,squash

c. beans, peas,squash; beans,corn.kale

d. corn,peas, squash; beans,kale,peas

e. kale, peas, squash; beans, corn,kale

10. if he plants beans, corn & kale in 1st year , which must be planted in 3rd year?

a. beans, corn, kale

b. peas, corn & kale

c. beans, kale , peas

d. beans, peas, squash

e. kale, peas , squash

a. 15
b. 6
c. 12
d. compiler error
answer: b ( note : strlen(p1) == i when i=6)

11. what does main return on successful execution?

a. 1
b. 0
c. -1


12. main(int argc,char *argv[])
printf((argc > 1 ? "%c" : "%c",*++argv);
If the i/p string is "GESL Bangalore".
a. G
b. E
c. B


13. How do u declare a pointer to an array of pointers to int?

a. int *a[5];
b. int **a[5];
c. int *(*a)[5];
d. u con not declare

answer: c

14.UDP is a
a. Reliable protocol
b. Unreliable protocol
c. Connectionless protocol
d. Both b & c

Answer: d

15. Real Time OS uses
a. RISC processor
b. CISC processor
c. SISC processor
d. Any of the above

Answer: a

16. Race condition could be overcome using

a. A global variable
b. A local variable
c. Mutex
d. All of the above

17. Repeaters are in

a. Data link layer
b. Physical layer
c. Network layer
d. Transport layer

Answer: b

18. Telecom Networking uses

a. Packet switching
b. Circuit switching
c. Message switching
d. Non of the above

Ans : b ( normally )

19. if 0<1 , then which of the following can be true?

a. s<-1 & t>0

b. s<-1 & t<-1

c. s>-1& t<-1

d. s>1 & t<-1

e. s>1 & t>1

20. To reproduce an old photograph , a photographer charges x dollars to make negative , 3x/5 dollars for each of the first 10 prints, & x/5 dollars for each print in excess of 10 prints . If $45 is the total charge to make a negative & 20 prints from an old photograph, what is the value sof x?

a. 3

b. 3,5

c. 4

d. 4.5

e. 5

About GrapeCity:-

GrapeCity has been in the software business for over 25 years. Our corporate headquarters are located in Sendai, Japan, with operations spanning throughout the United States and Asia. As a privately held corporation, we are consistently profitable, employing more than 800 employees worldwide.

GrapeCity has been part of the Microsoft Early Adopter Partnership since the early 1980s and we are both a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a Preferred Solution Provider. Our close relationship with Microsoft gives us the experience and insight to fully leverage Microsoft's .NET and Office frameworks in order to create optimal solutions for our clients-solutions that are cutting edge, highly reliable, and maintainable.

GrapeCity has a global customer base with multinational brand names, which means you have local reference customers wherever you are located. Our global clients list includes industry leaders such as Microsoft, Accenture, Sony, Procter & Gamble, Intel, Mitsubishi, AT&T and Johnson & Johnson.

Working at GrapeCity - Why should i join GrapeCity?:-

GrapeCity employees are energetic, passionate, and highly skilled people all over the world, who are devoted to maximizing the benefits of technology for our customers. The GrapeCity work environment is one that fosters honesty, integrity, commitment, and teamwork. If this sounds like your kind of place, we want to hear from you

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