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2011 GrapeCity Placement Paper - II with Answers and Solutions:-

In a game exactly 6 inverted cups stand side by side in a straight line & each exactly has 1 ball hidden under it. The cups are numbered consecutively 1 thro’ 6. Each of the balls is painted a single solid color. The colors of the balls are green, magenta, orange ,purple, red & yellow. The balls have been hidden under following conditions:

The purple ball must be hidden under a lower-numbered cup than the original ball.

The red ball must be hidden under a cup immediately adjacent 2 the cup under which the magenta ball is hidden

The green ball must be hidden under cup 5.

1. which of the following could be colors of balls from 1 to 6?

green, yellow, magenta, red, purple, orange

magenta, green , purple, red, orange, yellow

magenta, red , purple, yellow, green , orange

orange, yellow. Red, magenta, green, purple

red, purple, magenta, yellow, green, orange

2. if red ball is under cup4 ? how many sequences are possible

a. 0

b. 1

c. 2

d. 3

e. 4

3. which is true?

a. green ball is under lower-numbered than the yellow ball.

b. orange ball is under lower-numbered than the green ball.

c. purple ball is under lower-numbered than the green ball.

d. purple ball is under lower-numbered than the RED ball.

e. Red ball is under a lower- numbered cup than the yellow ball

4. If red & orange ball are kept 0ofadjacnet to each other, how many valid sequences are possible?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. 5

5. If the magenta is bill is under cup, 1 balls of which of them following colors must be under cops immediately adjacent to each other??

a. gree & orange.

b. Green & yellow

c. Purple & tred

d. Purple & yellow

e. Red & yellow

6. X & Y are +ve integers. The sum of X&Y is less then their product

a. at least one of X & Y is not 1

b. both X & Y are greater than 2

c. neither takes value 1

d. at least one of X & Y is greater than 2

Logical Reasoning

7. He greatest chance for the existence of extraterrestrial life is on a planet beyond our solar system. This is bcoz the Milky Way galaxy alone contains 100 billion other suns, many of which could be accompanied by planets similar enough to make them suitable abodes of life.

The argument above assumes which of following?

a. living creatures on another planet would probably have the same appearance as those on earth

b. life cannot exist on other planets in solar system

c. if the appropriate physical conditions exist, life is an inevitable consequence

d. more than one of the suns in the galaxy is accompanied by an earth like planet

e. it is likely that life on another plane would require conditions similar to those on earth


I. Ram is 10 yrs. Older than shym , while laxman is half the age of shyam

II. Bharat is 5 yrs. Younger than laxman , & shyam is 3 times older than bharat

8.  what is the age of ram

9.. age of laxman?

10. when ram married sita , she was half his age . now sita’s age & shyam’s age add upto 50 yrs. Wwhat is sita’s age?

11. ratio between. Shayam's age & bharat’s age

12. ratio betn laxman & bhara ‘s age

13. bharat’s wife radha married him 10 yrs before the present year. What is radha’s age?

14.Is it possible for a member function of a class to activate another member function of the same class?

A. no
B. yes, but only public member functions.
C. Yes, only private member functions
D. Yes, both public & private member functions can be activated

15. Can 2 classes contain member functions with the same name?

a. no
b. yes, but only if the 2 classes have the same name
c. yes, but only if the main program does not declare both kinds
d. yes, this is always allowed

16.what is the purpose of template functions?

a. to allow a single function to be used with varying types of arguments
b. to hide the same name of the function from the linker
c. to implement container classes
d. to permit the use of the debugger without the –gstabs flag

17.what kind of functions can access private member variables of a class

a. friend function of a class
b. private member functions of the class
c. public member functions of the class
e. all of the above
f. none

18. what technique is used to step thro’ items of a container class?

a. copy constructor
b. default constructor
c. iterator (ans)

19. what is the term used to describe the situation when a derived class provides a function already provided in the base class ?

a. inheriting
b. overriding
c. abstraction
d. none

20. what r the characteristics of object, in general

a. it has name, properties
b. name, properties, behavior
c. it can act on receiving a message
d. a &c
e. b&c

21. bundling data members together with the functions is called

a. data hiding
b. encapsulation (ans)
c. data morphism
d. data binding

22.why is object oriented programming useful?

a. It supports good s/w engg. Practices
b. It promotes thinking about s/w in a way that models the way we think & interact naturally
c. Supports code reuse

A &b
A,b & c

23. suppose u want 2 develop 2 diff, + operators that calculate & return an object of the same class. Which stmt is correct?

a. 1 operator must be a friend & the other must not
b. 1 operator must be public & the other private
c. operators must have different parameter lists
d. it is not possible 2 have 2 different + operators

24.what is inheritance?

a. a relationship in which the structure & functionality of a class (“child ) is defined in terms of the structure & functionality of another(parent)
b. a relationship in which the structure & functionality of a class (“parent” ) is defined in terms of the structure & functionality of another(“child”)
c. a relationship in which the structure & functionality of a class make calls 2 functionalty of another
d. a relationship in which the structure of a class includes 1 or more instances of another
e. all of above

25. what is relationship between . a class & its public parent class

a. “.is a….”
b. “has a”
c. “is implemented as a ……”
d. uses a
e. becomes a

26. how does inheritance relate 2 abstraction?

A . a base class is an abstraction of all its derived classes
b. a derived class is an abstraction of all its base classes
d. Base & derived classes are abstractions for each other
e. Inheritance prevents abstraction
f. No relationship between them

27. why can’t compiler “hard-code” direct calls to virtual functions?

a. b’coz hard –coding the fn. Call wud slow compilation of the program too much
b. b’coz hard –coding the fn. Call wud slow execution of the program too much
c. b’coz the correct fn. To call generally isn’t know at compile –time
d. b’coz virtual fns are always at compile-time so no run-time code is needed at all.
e. Compiler does hard-code direct calls 2 virtual functions.


28. Indexing must be applied on fields that are

a. seldom referenced in query
b. containing few unique columns
c. on frequently searched columns
d. changed frequently

29. The relational data model includes several types of data integrity .which type of data integrity is ensured by the use of a primary key?

a. entity integrity
b. domain integrity
c. referential integrity
d. relational integrity

30. A student has 3 diff. Teachers . Each of these teachers has several students. Which type of relationship in relation model would effective represent this?

a. 3 one-to-many relationships
b. two many-to-one relationships
c. a single many-to –many relationships
d. at least 2 many-to-many relationships

31. which of the following properties are required of a column or column sets for the column to function as a primary key?

a. no nulls
b. a clustered index
c. a non-clustered index
d. ther must be atleast 1 foreign key on tha same table.

32. select a.pk, fn, b.zip, c.city from a, b, c where a.pk=b.pk
tables a,b,&c each contain 100 rows & the primary key for tables a & b is pk. What is the maximum. No. of rows that could be returned by query


33. which of the following is only used with a foreign key constraint ?

a . primary key constraint
b. the references clause
c. a check constraint
9. which is used to return the no. of rows in a table?

a. sel;ect all count from tablename
b. select count(*) from tablename
c. select numrows from table name

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