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Welcome to HAL Placement Paper 2011. Here you will find Cognizant Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of HAL Placement Paper 2011 with Answers & Solutions.

2011 HAL Placement Papers:-

1. When the temperature of the room increased then the energy of semiconductor…

2. Power diode is generally made from: - Silicon/Germanium/Both/None of these

3. Thermionic Emission of electron is due to………….

4. When the both junction of NPN diode is reverse biased, then the diode is in which mode: -

a) Active     b) Cutoff     c) Saturation     d) inverted

5. Which transistor mode gives the inverted output: -

a) Common Emitter     b) Common Base     c) Common Collector     d) None of these

6. Which coupling gives the higher gain in case of amplifier: -

a) Capacitor coupling     b) Impedance coupling     c) Transformer coupling

7. Which distortion is least objectionable in audio amplification: -

a) Phase     b) Frequency     c) Harmonic     d) Intermediation

8. A narrowband amplifier has a band pass nearly…………of central frequency:-

a) 33.3%     b) 10%     c) 50%

9. Frequency of wein bridge oscillator

10. Phase shift oscillator consists: -

a) RL     b) RC     c) RLC

11. Crystal oscillator frequency is very stable due to:-

. Multivibrater Produces: -

a) Sine wave     b) Square wave     c) Smooth wave     d) sawtooth

13. Convert the 101101 Binary number into octal no: -

a) 65     b) 55     c) 51     d) 45

14. 10 in BCD: -

a) 10100     b) 1100     c) 010111     d) None of these

15. Which PNP device has a terminal for synchronizing purpose:-

a) SCS     b) Triac     c) Diac     d) SUS

16. In 3-Phase full converter, the output during overlap is equal to……………..

17. Addition of indium in semiconductor crystal makes: -

a) PNP     b) NPN

18. Free electron exists in which band: -

a) 1     b) 2     c) 3     d) Conduction band

19. Ripple factor of half wave rectifier: -

a) 1.21     b) 0.48     c) 0.5

20. The input and output impedance of an ideal opamp

21. Efficiency of half wave rectifier: -

22. Finding the power angel in power system

23. The motor used in fruit juicer

24. LVDT is used in finding th displacement

25. Cross magnetization will come with wat pf

26. The type of converter used in HVDC

27. The relationship b/w the airgap and current in light

28. Corrona loss is less in which type of shaped conductor?( the question is asked 2 times)

Ans: circular

29.The motor used in low speed applications?

30. If the accuracy of an instrument is 5% for 100A current ,accuracy for 50A current?

32. A question on time constant of a coil(R-L) circuit!

33. Effect of line commutated inductance in inverter

a) increase current ripple
b) reduces current ripple
c) increases output voltage
d) reduces output voltage

34. The type of bridge is used for Low Q applications

ans: maxwells bridge

35. A question on PSM and TSM in power system

36. The advantage of PI controller over P controller

37. The power gain is highest in wat amplifier

Ans : common emitter

38. Power of a converter with ac input supply and dc output current


. The element which has unchanged properties when current direction is reversed

Ans: b

40. The output voltage is high in wat rectifier

a) HWR
b) FWR

About HAL:-

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) came into existence on 1st October 1964.  The Company was formed by the merger of Hindustan Aircraft Limited with Aeronautics India Limited and Aircraft Manufacturing Depot, Kanpur.

The Company traces its roots to the pioneering efforts of an industrialist with extraordinary vision, the late Seth Walchand Hirachand, who set up Hindustan Aircraft Limited at Bangalore in association with the erstwhile princely State of Mysore in December 1940. The Government of India became a shareholder in March 1941 and took over the Management in 1942.

Today, HAL has 19 Production Units and 10 Research and Design Centres in 8 locations in India. The Company has an impressive product track record - 15 types of aircrafts/Helicopters manufactured with in-house R & D and 14 types produced under license. HAL has manufactured  over 3646 Aircrafts/Helicopters , 4096 engines and overhauled over 9447 aircraft and 29886 engines.

Contact Details:

Address of HAL:-

HAL Corporate Office
15/1 Cubbon Road
Bangalore 560 001, India
 Tel:- 91 - 80 - 22320701, 22320903, 22320376

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