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Welcome to Robert Bosch Placement Paper 2010. Here you will find Robert Bosch Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of Robert Bosch Placement Paper 2011 with Answers & Solutions.

int const *p = 10;
printf(“%d”, ++(*p));
Ans: Compilation Error
sol: Constant cant be modified.
2) .main()
int I;
char *a = “man”;
ans: mmmm

extern int i = 10;
Ans: Compiler error   

float f= 1.1;
double d = 1.1;
if ( f == d)
printf(“I LOVE U”);
printf(“I HATE U”);
Sol: Due to precision Considerations ...
5) A tree was given and postorder traversal is to be found out...(Easy)

6) What is the name of the Command used to partition the disk
ANS: fdisk
Sol: When you run the fdisk and format commands, the Master Boot Record (MBR) and file allocation tables are created. The MBR and file allocation tables store the necessary disk geometry that allows hard disk to accept, store, and retrieve data

7)A question from MS-DOS

8) A quesion is on paging(Memory management)
Formulae: Effective access time=((1-p)*m+(p*s))
where (1-p) is called hit ratio, p is called page fault ratio, 'm' is called main memory access time, 's' is called pagefault service time.

9) The header file that is included to use manipulators is

10) Which data structure is easier to implement the trees...???
sol: Linked Lists..

11)Function used to display the character on the console is ..??
sol: PUT

12) No of nodes in a perfect Binary tree is..??
sol: (2*n-1)

13) No of queues needed to implement the priority queue..??
sol: Priority queue uses two queues
1) for storing the data
2) other for storing the priorities.

14)Heterogeneous Linked List is implemented using...???
sol: void pointers

15) a variable used to store the address of another variable is termed as..??
sol: Pointer..

16) #include
void main()
int i = 15;
int const  &j  = i;
cout << i << j << endl;
i = 9;
cout << i << j << endl
15 15
9 9

17) Virtual Memory consist of main memory and ...???
sol: Swap files

18) Which class addressing system has less no of hosts...???
sol: class D(not sure)

19) Which of the following is a network layer protocol
a) TELNET  b) FTP. c)smtp d)none
sol: telnet

20) many questions on computer networks....( around 10 questions....i left all of them)

Prepare 'top down approach' - ross and kurose for computer networks...it would be helpful..

b) Quantitative:
36) a man sells an article with a 20% discount and gain a profit of 20%...what would be the profit percentage if he sells it with 10% discount...??
sol; 35(not sure)

37)sum of the infinite terms in a gp is 230 and sum of squares is 23 ...find the common ratio.
sol: 10/13

38) fourth term of an ap is 200 and first term is 5 find the tenth term...??

39) if S+2R=220 and S=80 then R=.???
sol: 70

40) if 25% of x=y then 67.5% of x in terms of y is...
sol: 100/y2 (not sure)

41)A student was performing an arithmetic operation and he multiplied a number by 3/2 instead of dividing it by 2/3 ...what was its error percentage..??
sol: 0%

42) Probability:
       a radioactive element disintegrates by 20 th part every hour and find the probability that no matter is left out in a duration of 45 min...??
sol: since it deals with radioactive element 'n' is usually large..so poissons distribution is to be applied...
   Hence lamba=15

      P(x=0)= (e-15)*(150)/(0!)

43) If side of the square is x+2 and side of equilateral triangle is 2x and the perimeters of both square and equilateral triangle are equal ...then find the value of x..??
sol: 4*(x+2)=(3*2x)
     i.e; x=4

44) if side of the square of increased by 5 and change in area was 165 then find the value of side of the square...??
sol: (x+5)2-x2=165

About Robert Bosch:-

Robert Bosch is a leading supplier of technology and services, and has a strong presence in the country at numerous locations in diverse industry segments. Bosch set up its manufacturing operations in 1953, and has grown over the years to 14 manufacturing sites and 3 development centers. Bosch employs about 18,030 associates in India, and in business year 2008 achieved total consolidated revenue of over Rs. 6400 crores.

Bosch innovations have shaped cars from the start and will keep doing so in future. As the world’s biggest independent automotive supplier, Bosch focuses on innovations to make driving safer, cleaner and economical. Automotive Technology is the largest business segment of Bosch in India, supplying to the local automotive industry, and exporting components overseas.

Why Robert Bosch  - Why should i join Robert Bosch?:-

Bosch not just onlookers of developments in India, but have been in the heart of those developments for many years. Bosch India, for example, India’s largest automotive supplier is the largest Indo-German company — one which repeatedly receives awards for its vocational and further training.

Innovation and quality drive work at Bosch in both automotive and non-automotive areas. Bosch invite you to be a part of our committed professional pool who contributes to the corporation's worldwide success with their dedication, energy and ideas.

Contact Details:

Address of Robert Bosch:-

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited
123, Industrial Layout Hosur Road,
Bangalore 560 095
Tel : +91 80 6657 5757
Fax : +91 80 2571 1841

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited

KG Campus, No.365
Thudiyalur Road,
Saravanam patti
Coimbatore 641 035
Tel: +91 422 663 4000
Fax: +91 422 663 4104

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