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Welcome to Robert Bosch Placement Paper 2011. Here you will find Robert Bosch Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of Robert Bosch Placement Paper 2011 with Answers & Solutions.

1. A 16 bit monosample is used for digitization of voice. If 8 kHz is the sampling rate then the rate at which bit is transferred is

a) 128  b) 48   c)      d)

1. There was a figure of JK flip flop in which ~q is connected to J input and K=1. If clock signal is successively applied 6 times what is output sequence (q=?)

d) 010101
2. The relationship b/w Gain & Bandwidth?
a) Independent of each other
b) Gain decreases as bandwidth decreases
c) Gain increases as bandwidth increases till some extent after which stability decreases
3. In “ON CHIP” decoding memory can be decoded to

a) 2^n   b)2^n +1   c)2^n -1   d) some other choice     Ans: a

4. Half of address 0Xffffffff   is

a) 77777777   b) 80000000   c) 7FFFFFFF  d) some other choice

5. For a 4 bit succe D/A with 16v o/p the resolution is

a)10v  b)1v  c)1.6v  d)16v      Ans : b
6.  A 20kva transformer at full load conditions have the coreless & cu loss are 250w&300w,To get   max efficiency what will be the total loss in tr in w

a) 550  b) 500  c) 600   d) Data insufficient  Ans : b
7.  There was a circuit consisting of AC voltage source and one inductance. Inductance value=0.2mH AC voltage =150 sin (1000t).what is the current flowing in the circuit?

a)    b)     c )    d)

8. Power gain of an amplifier having i/p gain of 20W and output gain of 20mW is

a) 60    b) 25   c) 10    d) 0
9. There was a RC circuit given with AC voltage source. Expression for capacitance was asked for charging condition. Choices were somewhat like this: a) some value multiplied by exp (-t/T)

ans --c    i= (Vs/R)exp(-t/ T)
10.SCR s are connected in series to get

a) high current rating b) voltage regulation c) high v rating d)some other

Ans: c 
11. Which one of the following is used for high speed power application?

a) BJT   b) MOSFET  c) IGBT    d) TRIAC
12. One question related with SCR timing dia 

13. SCR is used for

a) To achieve optimum (or maximum  ...not sure) dv/dt
b) For high current ratings
c) To achieve high voltage
d) Some other choice
14. State in which o/p collector current of transistor remains constant in spite of increase in base current is

a) Q point  b) Saturation   c) Cut off

15. what is the resonant frequency of parrel RLC circuit of R= 4.7 komh L= 2 micro Henry and c=30pf.

a). 20.5 MHz
b). 2.65 KHz
c). 20.5 KHz
d). none

16.for the parallel circuit (one figure is given) Is= 10mA.  R1= 2R, R2=3R, R3= 4R. R is artritary

a). 3.076mA
b). 3.76mA
17 . Two ques on control sys like the sys will be  stable when    the roots are

a) real & +ve  b) real & -ve  c)  d)

20 The ques on Niquest plot

21 0ne ques on root locus

22. One more question related with ADC like voltage is 8 volts. freqency 2 Mega hz. what is the converssion rate

23. Question related with serial in parallel out shift register…What is output sequence?

Ans.....    1010

24. Given one RLC circuit in which values of R, L and C were given. What is the value of frequency f?

25. #define A 10+10
main ()
int a;
printf (“%d”, a);
a) 100  b) 200  c) 120  d) 400

ans : c

26. main(){
int n=0;

ans ; indefinite loop here ihe loop will continue again & again ie after 32767 the go to -32768

27. if (fun ())
X gets incremented if and only if
a)  fun () returns 0
b) fun () return 1
c) fun () return  -1
d) return a value other than 0   ans ; d

28. In dynamic memory

a) Power dissipation is less than that of static memory
b) Clock is needed
c) Refreshing is required
d) All the above
29. Short, int and long integers have how many bytes?

a)2,2,4        b) Machine dependant        c)2,4,8  d) Some other choice   ans : b

30. A (n) is -----------filter combination of

a) Passive        b) Active       c) AMPLIFIER            d) BOOSTER
31. according to ohms law the current density is proportional to

a) current  b) di/ds  c) applied emf    d) 

32 Two more ques on gravity ie  body is projected then find the time of fall  and some physics ques

33. Structure comparison is done

a). yes
b) no
c) compiler dependent
34. The system in which communication occurs in both ways but not simultaneously in both ways is

a) Half simplex   b) Simplex      c) Half duplex   d) duplex
35. main ()
int a=5, b=6;
int i=0;
i=a>b? a:b;
printf (“%d”, i);
a) 0      b) 1       c)  6           d)5

36. int fun (char c)
int i;
static int y ;}
a) c, i are stored in stack and y stored in data segment
b)c stored in stack and i,y are stored in data segment
c) c is stored in text segment, y in data and i in stack
37. how would you insert pre-written code into a current program?

a) #read
b) #get
c) #include
d) #pre ans: c

38.structure may contain

a) any other structure
b) any other structure expect themselves
c) any other structure except themselves and pointed to themselves
d) none of the above

39  One ques from pointer declaration

Section II

40 If a>4,b<-1 then which of the following is true

a)2a+b<0 b) 4a<3b  c) a>4b d) some oth

41 In a class out of 150 studs  participated in various games foot ball ,basket ball, cricket are 120, 130,135 respecly and 5 stud are not playing any one of then then find the least no of studs which are are playing all  the games

a)110   b)100    c) 96  Ans a

42. 20 men can do a work in c/2 days & 30 women can do the same work in c/3 days then how many days will take to complete the work when 20 men &30wmen work together

a)5c/6    b)c/6    c) 6c/5

43. find the lateral surface of a cone with diameter of base 12feet . and the latent height is 24feet

a) 1320square f.
b) 260 square f.
c) 96 square f.
d) none

ans : c

44. Ann is shorter than Jill and Jill is taller than Tom. Which of the following inferences are true

a) Ann is taller than Tom  b)    c)         d) Data insufficient   ans : d
45. Sum of squares of two numbers is 404 and sum of two numbers is 22.Then product of two Numbers?

a) 20   b) 40   c) d) (Answer is 40. Two numbers are 20 and 2)
46). (10 | 7) would produce

a). 17
b). 3
c). 11
d). 15

About Robert Bosch:-

Robert Bosch is a leading supplier of technology and services, and has a strong presence in the country at numerous locations in diverse industry segments. Bosch set up its manufacturing operations in 1953, and has grown over the years to 14 manufacturing sites and 3 development centers. Bosch employs about 18,030 associates in India, and in business year 2008 achieved total consolidated revenue of over Rs. 6400 crores.

Bosch innovations have shaped cars from the start and will keep doing so in future. As the world’s biggest independent automotive supplier, Bosch focuses on innovations to make driving safer, cleaner and economical. Automotive Technology is the largest business segment of Bosch in India, supplying to the local automotive industry, and exporting components overseas.

Why Robert Bosch  - Why should i join Robert Bosch?:-

Bosch not just onlookers of developments in India, but have been in the heart of those developments for many years. Bosch India, for example, India’s largest automotive supplier is the largest Indo-German company — one which repeatedly receives awards for its vocational and further training.

Innovation and quality drive work at Bosch in both automotive and non-automotive areas. Bosch invite you to be a part of our committed professional pool who contributes to the corporation's worldwide success with their dedication, energy and ideas.

Contact Details:

Address of Robert Bosch:-

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited
123, Industrial Layout Hosur Road,
Bangalore 560 095
Tel : +91 80 6657 5757
Fax : +91 80 2571 1841

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited

KG Campus, No.365
Thudiyalur Road,
Saravanam patti
Coimbatore 641 035
Tel: +91 422 663 4000
Fax: +91 422 663 4104

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