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Welcome to SAP Labs Placement Papers 2011. Here you will find SAP Labs Placement Papers Pattern and Download questions of SAP Labs Placement Papers 2011 with Answers & Solutions.

2011 SAP Labs Placement Paper:-

1. If a 4inch cube is painted on all the sides. If it is cut into 1 inch cubes, how many cubes are not painted at all.

2. What is the value of (0.75*0.75*.075-0.001) / (0.75*.75-0.075+0.01)

a)0.845 b)2.45 c)0.75 d)1

ans a

3. Abode means

a)  b)dwelling

ans b

4. Ovation

a)applause b)guesture c) d)

ans a

If body: helmet:: finger:?

a)nail b)glove c)cannot be determined d)

7. Find if any error in the code
int i=1;
if (i>10)
a)two semicolon
b)for should be replaced by a while loop
c)complilation error
d)no error

8. when is index of a table used

a)when table is less range of values
b)when table is used frequently
c) when the table is small
d)when we use join statement with select and where clause

9. What is the output of the following
int i=-3, j=2, m, k=0;
m=++i && ++j || ++k
printf("%d %d %d %d", i, j, m, k);
a)-2 3 1 1 b) -2 3 0 1 c) -3 2 1 1 d)2 -3 0 1

10. What is the output of the program
void main()
char s[]="oracle is the best";
char t[40];
char *ss,*tt;
// A. oracle is the best
// B. Core dump
// c. Error Message
// D. Goes into infinite loop
Ans: B. core dump (Garbage value)

11. What is the output of the program
void main()
int j[10]={9,7,5,3,1,2,4,6,9};
int i=1;
printf("%d ",--j[i++]);
// A. 6,2,1,5
// B. 6,2,1,5,7
// c. Error Message
// D. core dump
Ans: A. 6,2,1,5

12. Identify the pseudocolumns

a. rowid
b. sysdate
c. rowval
d. dual

13. select deptno, count(empno) from emp

where count(empno)>=5
group by deptno;
identify the line no which contains the error

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 1,3

14. choose the group function that can be used with any data type

a. sum()
b. min()
c. avg()
d. all

15. How many mashes are there in 1 square meter of wire gauge if each mesh is 8mm long and 5mm wide ?
(A) 2500
(B) 25000
(C) 250
(D) 250000

16. x% of y is y% of ?

(A) x/y
(B) 2y
(C) x
(D) can't be determined

17. Which of the following is not correct about an Exception ?

a] Raised automatically / Explicitly in response to an ORACLE_ERROR
b] An exception will be raised when an error occurs in that block
c] Process terminates after completion of error sequence.
d] A Procedure or Sequence of statements may be processed.

Ans : C

18. Which of the following is not correct about User_Defined Exceptions ?

a] Must be declared
b] Must be raised explicitly
c] Raised automatically in response to an Oracle error
d] None of the above

Ans : C



Ans : C

20. REPLACE('JACK AND JUE','J','BL') will return

d] None of the above

Ans : C

About SAP India:-

SAP Labs India is SAP's second largest Research & Development and Global Services & Support center in the world. Founded in November 1998, SAP Labs India is one of the four global development hubs (Germany, US and Israel being others) of SAP that contribute to all areas of the SAP product value chain- Research & Breakthrough Innovation, Product Development, Global Services & Support and Customer Solutions & Operations.

SAP's eight Labs in different countries are industry role models for globally distributed development organizations and contribute heavily to the goals of SAP's business units. Bridging the gap between local market demands and SAP's development organization, SAP Labs set standards for excellence in innovation, efficiency, and reliability.

Why SAP - Why Should i join SAP?:-

Flexible Workplace:- Finding the right balance between your personal and professional lives can be tricky. That’s why SAP offers a range of flexible options, including adjustable work hours, sabbaticals, and even the opportunity to telecommute.

Career Development:- SAP continue to foster your ambition with an extensive career development program that allows you to achieve your own personal and professional aspirations.

Benefits:- SAP employee benefits comprise some of the most comprehensive of any organization in its class.

Recognition for SAP:- SAP has received a number of global, national, and regional awards declaring us one of the world’s best companies to work for. It’s an honor to be recognized. But this acknowledgement wouldn’t have been possible without the over 47,000 hardworking individuals at SAP.

Contact Details:

Address of SAP India:-

SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.,
#138, EPIP Zone
Bangalore - 560066
Phone: +91 80 4329 4329, +91 80 6779 6779

SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.,
Vatika Towers, 4th Floor,
Sector 54, Golf Course Road,
Gurgaon, Haryana - 122002
Phone: : +91 124 435 7777

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