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Here are the details of 2011 SBI Placement Paper - II job in SBI. This job or placement paper has been sourced from either company website or newspaper or other media and from students who appeared for this job. User is requested to verify the data before applying for the job.

Welcome to SBI Placement Paper 2011. Here you will find SBI Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of SBI Placement Paper 2011 with Answers & Solutions.

2011 SBI Placement Paper:-

1. Which Counry is trying its currency Yuan to maintain its market value:

Ans: China

2. PDS is:

Ans: Public distribution system:

4. Mike Russell related with:

Ans: billiards

5. Stainless steel contains:

Ans: chromium

6. Black berry services is from:

Ans: Canada

7. Which of the private telecom operator became the first to introduce 3G service in Q the country? .

   1. Airtel
   2. Docomo
   3. Aircei
   4. Vodafone
   5. None of the above

8. 17th ASEAN summit was concluded on october 30, 2010 in-

   1. Singapore
   2. Kuala Lumpur
   3. Hanoi
   4. Manila
   5. None of the above

9. Which of the following markets are independently regulated by forward market commissions?

   1. Mutual- Funds-
   2. Commodity Exchanges
   3. Stock Market
   4. Foreign Exchange Markets
   5. None

10. Youth Festival 2011 will be organised in january 2011 at

   1. Goa
   2. Udaipur
   3. Bhubaneswar
   4. Hyderabad
   5. None of the above

11. As per the new guidelines issued by SEBI companies are required to list shares with in how many days of the closure of the Initial Q public offers (IPOs)?

   1. 12 days
   2. 15 days _
   3. 21 days .
   4. 30 days
   5. None of the above

12. “Smart Money” is a term used for

   1. Internet Banking
   2. FDBs in Banks
   3. Credit Cards E
   4. Demand drafts of Banks
   5. None

13. A person bought some oranges @ Rs. 10 per dozen and bought the same amount of oranges @ Rs. 8 per dozen. He sold these oranges @ Rs. 11 per dozen and gained Rs. 120. The total number of oranges bought by him was

a. 30 dozen

b. 40 dozen

c. 50 dozen

d. 60 dozen


14. On selling a certain commodity for Rs. 425, there is as much gain as loss on selling it for Rs. 355. The C.P. of the commodity is

a. Rs. 370

b. Rs. 385

c. Rs. 390

d. Rs. 400


15. If n is –ve no. then which of the following is least.

a. 0

b. –n

c. 2n

d. n2

e. None of these

16. If -1<=x <=2 and 1<= y <= 3 then least value of 2y-3x is :

a. 0

b. -3

c. -4

d. -5

e. None of these

17. The digit in unit’s place of product 81*82……..*89 is:

a. 0

b. 2

c. 6

d. 8

e. None of these

18. The divisor is 10 times the quotient and 5 times the remainder if remainder is 46 then dividend is :

a. 4236

b. 4306

c. 4336

d. 5336

e. None of these

19. (2640 ÷ 48) × (2240 ÷ 35) = ?

(A) 3520
(B) 3515
(C) 3495
(D) 3490
(E) None of these

Ans : (A)

20. 7414 + 3698 + 1257 + 1869 = ?

(A) 14328
(B) 14438
(C) 13428
(D) 13248
(E) None of these

Ans : (E)

21. The number of employees in Companies A, B and C are in a rtio of 4 : 5 : 6 respectively. If the number of employees in the three Companies is increased by 25%, 30% and 50% respectively, what will be the new ratio of employees working in Companies A, B and C respectively ?

(A) 13 : 10 : 18
(B) 10 : 13 : 17
(C) 13 : 15 : 18
(D) Cannot be determined
(E) None of these

Ans : (E)

22. The average of five positive numbers is 213. The average of the first two numbers is 233·5 and the average of last two numbers is 271. What is the third number ?

(A) 64
(B) 56
(C) 106
(D) Cannot be determined
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

23. The role of a………generally is to determine a buyer’s needs and match it to the correct hardware and software.

(A) computer Scientist
(B) computer sales representative
(C) computer consultant
(D) corporate trainer
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

24. Which of the following groups consist of only output devices ?

(A) Scanner, Printer, Monitor
(B) Keyboard, Printer, Monitor
(C) Mouse, Printer, Monitor
(D) Plotter, Printer, Monitor
(E) None of these

Ans : (D)

25. In each of these questions, the given sentence has a blank space. Four alternative words (a), (b), (c) and (d) are given after the sentence. Select from the alternatives that word as your answer which you consider most appropriate for the blank space.
A bullet …….. his cheek.

a. Grazed
b. Glazed
c. Grasped
d. Screamed

Answer – a

26. In each of these questions, the given sentence has a blank space. Four alternative words (a), (b), (c) and (d) are given after the sentence. Select from the alternatives that word as your answer which you consider most appropriate for the blank space.
The injured man was still groggy and could only give a ….. account of the accident.

a. Garish
b. Gangling
c. Garbled
d. Garrulous

Answer – c

27.Let R = qs—4. When s=8, R=16. When s=10, R is equal to

a. 11
b. 14
c. 20
d. 21


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State Bank of India - SBI is actively involved since 1973 in non-profit activity called Community Services Banking. All our branches and administrative offices throughout the country sponsor and participate in large number of welfare activities and social causes. Our business is more than banking because we touch the lives of people anywhere in many ways.

State Bank of India has an extensive administrative structure to oversee the large network of branches in India and abroad. The Corporate Centre is in Mumbai and 14 Local Head Offices and 57 Zonal Offices are located at important cities spread throughout the country. The Corporate Centre has several other establishments in and outside Mumbai, designated to cater to various functions. Our Colleges/Institutes/Training Centres are the seats of learning and research and development to spread the wings of knowledge not only to our employees but also other banks/establishments in India and abroad.

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