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Here are the details of 2011 Sierra Atlantic Placement Paper - I job in Sierra Atlantic. This job or placement paper has been sourced from either company website or newspaper or other media and from students who appeared for this job. User is requested to verify the data before applying for the job.

Here you will find Sierra Atlantic 2011 Placement Papers - I with Answers and Solutions

2011 Sierra Atlantic  Placement Paper - I:-

1).A bird shooter was asked how many birds he had in the bag he replied that there Were all sparrows but six ,all pigeons but six,all ducks but six how many birds had he in all?

Sol.)- ?There were all sparrows but six ?means that 6 birds were not all sparrows but Only pigeons and ducks . similarly,no of sparrows plus no of ducks equal to six and  no of sparrows plus no of ducks equal to six  this is possible when there r 3 sparrows,3 pigeons,3 ducks.i.e. 9 birds in all.

2). The avg weight of 3 men A,B,and C is 84 kgs another man D joined the group and the avg now becomes 80 .if another man E whose weight is 3 kgs more than that of D replaces A then the avg weight of B,C,D,E becomes 79 kgs.The weight of A is?

a)70kgs             b)72kgs             c)75kgs             d)80kgs

Sol.)- 75kgs

3).A Student was asked to find the value of 3/8th of sum of money. The student madeA mistake by dividing the sum by 3/8and thus got an answer which exceeed the Correct answer by 55 the correct answer was?

a)9             b)18             c) 24             c)64

Sol.)- 8/3x-3/8x=55X=24

4).4 Childrens A,B,C,D is divided a bag of sweets .A takes 1/3 of them ,B 2/5th of the remaining and the rest is equally shared between c&d what fraction of the sweets that C&D get?

a)1/4             b)1/5             c) 1/6             d)1/17

Sol.)- A?s share =1/3, remainder=1-1/3=2/3 B?s share=2/5 of 2/3=4/15 rest =2/3-4/15=2/5 C?s share=D?s share=1/2 of 2/5=1/5.

5)12 men working 8hrs per day complete piece of work in 10 days . to complete the same work in 8days,working 15hrs a day,the no of men required is ?

Sol.)- Let req no of men=x8*15*x=10*12*8x=8


7)In profit and loss question like find gain% or loss% like If the cos price of 11 articles is equal to s.p of 10 articles ,what is profit/loss percent?

Sol.)- 10%profit

8)In percentages like rohit spends 40% of sal on food,20% on h.rent,10% on entertainment,10% on conveyance .saving end of month is 1500 find monthly sal?

Ans :7500


It is some what tough ,most of questions in GRE model In this :

2.Fill the blanks with the appropriate word-6
3.Some r like

Choose the most logical order of sentences ,from among the 4 givechoices,to construct para
A.This was where he went wrong
B.Mr.naville,on the other hand ,was slowiy And steadily gathering support among the dissenters
C.Mr.sarati thought tha t all the upheaval against him was only a storm in a tea cup
D.Mr.sarathi was totally taken by surprise

(1).CABD             (2)DABC             (3)ADBC             (4)BDAC



.Correction of the sentences

7.First and last sentence is given correct and in middle sentences r in wrong order we have to keep them in correct order.
After taking this they will give technical paper


In this it contains c,c++,and java questions .
From java 4or5 questions from JSP i.e programs on them
I didn?t attempted them remaining r v.easy like

1.diff betw malloc and calloc

Some options given below

2.Use of vitual function

3.Use of vitual destructor

4.Use of macro ans is to replace code with other

int I=10,j=11;
printf(?%d %d?,I++,I++);
o/p:12 11

const *p;

7. What is the use of constant keyword before pointer variable

8 .Some questions on local and global variables

10 1 question on scopresolution operator

11.Some questions on packages,most questions on threads

About Sierra Atlantic:-

Sierra Atlantic offer complete lifecycle application management solutions, with excellence in business application implementation, integration, upgrade, and support, providing superior value with our global delivery model. We specialize in providing our services to discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing and financial services industries.

Sierra Atlantic leverages its offshore Global Development Centers in India and China to deliver services with superior quality and economy along with the onshore close to customer expertise.

Sierra Atlantic Application Networks - business process integration solutions help simplify the enterprise application integration challenge to transform your organization into a more agile, customer-focused business.

Sierra Atlantic lists as one of the Top 25 Great Places To Work in the Great Places to Work Study conducted by the Grow Talent group; more flexible and faster avenues of growth being the determining factor for our listing within the top 25.

Why Sierra Atlantic  - Why should i join Sierra Atlantic?:-

Sierra Atlantic lists as one of the Top 25 Great Places To Work®in the Great Places to Work Study conducted by the Grow Talent group; more flexible and faster avenues of growth being the determining factor for our listing within the top 25.

Sierra Atlantic work culture thrives on creativity, innovation and the ability to take informed risks. We believe in promoting personal and professional growth of our employees and not just writing code. Sierra Atlantic has well-equipped gymnasium, table tennis facilities, and a library, all on premises.

Sierra Atlantic  never stop learning.value the progress of each of its employees and provide top-notch training programs with a focus on honing both technical and soft skills.

Contact Details:

Address of Sierra Atlantic:-

Sierra Atlantic Campus (Hyderabad)

Sierra Atlantic Software Services Ltd.
Plot # 9, Gachibowli,
Hyderabad - 500032, India
Tel: +91 40 3023 3000 / 4034 3000
Fax: +91 40 4034 3777
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Sierra Atlantic Software Services Ltd.
Salarpuria Business Centre
4th B Cross, 5th block,
No.93, Third Floor,
Koramangala industrial Layout,
Bangalore – 560095, India
Tel: +91 080 30268900-904


Sierra Atlantic Software Services Ltd.
Logitech Park, Velocity - Phase I, G Floor,
Stylus Commercial Services, Andheri Kurla Road,
Andheri (East) Mumbai – 400072, India
Tel: +91 22 4376 4567 x522
Fax: +91 22 4376 4568
National Capital Region

Sierra Atlantic Software Services Ltd.
Logix Park, A-4, Sector 16,
Noida - 201301, India
Tel: +91 120 4366081
Fax: +91 120 4366098

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