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Sutherland Placement Paper - I with Answers. Solutions:-

Technical Screening Assessment (version 1.0)

1. How many devices can work on a single IDE channel?

2. ISDN uses --- technology

      a. only digital
      b. digital and analog
      c. only analog
      d. neither digital nor analog
3. If a computer’s BIOS allow, you can boot from a CD-ROM

      a. true
      b. false
4. CD-ROMs typically hold --- of data


5. Firmware refers to what component?

      a. hard drives
      b. floppy drives
      c. BIOS
      d. RAM
6. Your CD-ROM audio cable connects to the:

      a. speaker
      b. sound card
      c. hard drive
      d. BIOS
7. Conventional memory is the first ---k?

      a. 1024
      b. 1048
      c. 640
      d. 512
8. What is the easiest way to make a bootable floppy disk?

      a. buy one
      b. using the sys c:a:/bootup command
      c. start/settings/control panel/system/make start up disk
9. scan disk checks and fixes ---

      a. tape drives
      b. hard drives
      c. CD ROM drives
      d. DVD ROM drives
10. A user complains that when opening email attachments, the attachments disappear or cause an application error. What could cause this problem?

      a. a possible virus
      b. an incorrect setting in config.sys
      c. autoexec.bat loading improperly
      d. an incorrectly installed e-mail program

11. What is the purpose of a driver?

      a. tells the OS how to interact with the device
      b. improves the performance of installed devices by optimizing access patterns
      c. provides more useful memory by moving device control data to extended memory
      d. modifies application programs to work correctly with devices attached to a system

12. your modern will not detect a dial tone. What is the most two likely cause?

      a. phone line may be defective
      b. modem is set for tone dial
      c. the ISP is down
      d. the modem is set to disable call waiting

13. which of the following is the newest type of connector for a printer interface?

      a. USB
      b. Serial
      c. SCSI
      d. Parallel
14. On a system with one hard drive and one CD-ROM what is the typical placement of the CD-ROM drive?

      a. Slave drive on the primary IDE channel
      b. Master drive on the primary IDE channel
      c. Slave drive on the secondary IDE channel
      d. Master drive on the secondary IDE channel
15. which device connects to a parallel port?

      a. Mouse
      b. Joystick
      c. Keyboard
      d. Printer

About Sutherland:-

Sutherland India operations was established in 2001 and is currently a 12000+ strong workforce operating out of nine facilities across four locations situated in Chennai, Mumbai, Kochi and Vizag.

Sutherland provides a work culture that, besides offering a career that is professionally rewarding and enriching, also focuses on employee development and well being. We are just not about providing jobs but more interested in building careers for our employees, we achieve this through various learning and developmental programs like SLVC, SOUL and LEAD. These programs have all been designed to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of employees at different levels of their careers enabling them to succeed and grow.

Working at Sutherland - Why should i join Sutherland?:-

Sutherland India is an extremely cool place to work; we have an abundance of various regular activities and events conducted like sports, fun games and quizzes, festival specials etc. to blow off steam.

Sutherland strongly believe that People are our greatest assets and it make sure that our employees are well taken care of by ensuring that they have access to health, safety, hygiene and recreational initiatives.

Contact Details:

Address of Sutherland India:-

Sutherland Global Services
# 383, Velachery Tambaram Main Road
Chennai - 600 042
T: +91-44-42007884
F: +91-44-42048329

Sutherland Global Services
101,Interface Building
Off Link Road, Malad (W)
Mumbai - 400 064
T: +91-22-40427888
F: +91-22-40427810

Sutherland Global Services
Technopolis, Plot #1
C-SEZ, Kakkanad
Kochi - 682 037
T: +91-484-4087884

Sutherland Global Services

Kenexa Building,
2nd floor, Block No1, Hill No 3,
Visakhapatnam - 530045
Andra Pradesh

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