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Welcome to Tata Elxsi Placement Paper 2011. Here you will find Tata Elxsi Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of Tata Elxsi Placement Paper 2011 with Answers & Solutions.

2011 Tata Elxsi Placement Paper:-

1. #define paste(a,b) a##b
      int a=3,b=6;
      return o;
      question. what code will be replaced at the call of the macro
      options : (a,b) a,b (a,b)
      (ab) a,b (ab)
      (a,b) ab (a,b)
      some structure declaration was given
       struct abc
      int a : 4
      char c : 2
      int abc;
      ques. what will be memory allocated to it when we define an object of this structure

      ans . the bits are added and rounded of 2 next higher byte
      eg. 5 bits - 1 byte
      1 bit - 1 byte
      9 bits - 2byte


      the fullforms) and job processing time was given constraints:
      Spt = DD
      STR = DD - SPT
      ANS: using this table u can solve the eqs Freshersworld.com
      spt E C A B D
      DD E A C B D
      STR E A/B D C
      order of excution

4.  c = prt/ropd prt = production/rate ropd = rotations Nt = T/c E = T/Na * c Na = whole number 
      according this formula there WERE 5 qs
5. A B C D E are 5 boys and find the ages of them given 1) B-A = 5

      2) B>A
      3) D>F
      4) E-D<2
      5) D-F > 2
      6) All of the above are false

6. in a match SA scored at a rate of 4.6 runs per over at the time they were all out. India chased it in less than 4 overs of total match. (ie. on46 overs). If the runrate was 15% greater than the original rate then match may be completed 6 overs before. Then what is the total runs scored in the match.

Ans: may be none of the above

7. the sum of the ages of father and sun is 45. 5 years b4 the product of their ages is 4 times the age of the father. Then what is the age of father? Ans: 36

8. a problem on tank leackage

9. in a match total runs scored by sachin, sourav and dravid are 342. the ratio of runs scored by sachin and sourav is 3:2 and sourav to dravid is 3:2. then what is the no of runs scored by sachin?

Ans: 162.

10. a man if goes to his office at a speed of ¾ th of his normal speed, then he reaches office 50 min late. Then what is his normal time to reach office?

11. the time in clock is 2 past 20 mins. Then what is the angle between min and hrs hand?

Ans: 50 degrees

12. in an A.P. series 5 times of the 5th term and 8 times of the 8th term are equal then what is the 13th term of that series?

Ans: 0

13. a passenger train with speed 60kmph and a goods train with speed 20kmph are moving from a station X to Y. the passenger train reaches 50 mins before the goods train then what is the distance between X and Y?

ans: 25km

14. one travels at a speed of 40kmph for some distance and 60 kmph for some distance total distance of 240km is traveled in 5 hrs. for how much time he traveled with 40 kmph.( not sure abt the question it is in the same fashion)

15. bit-slice processor mean …… ans used for shift ,masking of bits

16. ac motor used in servo applications is (a) single phase induction b.2 phase induction c. 3 phase induction

17. tv resolution depends on a. bandwidth 2. detector c. no. of frames /sec

18. equalizing pulses are sent in tv during a. horizontal blanking b. vertical blanking ……….

19. cdma is not suitable for satellite communication . why ? ans may be complexity of operation

20. given some waveforms and asked that which of the waveforms will have odd harmonics of sine terms

Tata Elxsi is a design company that blends technology, creativity and engineering to help customers transform ideas into world-class products and solutions.

A part of the $100 billion Tata group, Tata Elxsi addresses the communications, consumer products, defence, healthcare, media & entertainment, semiconductor and transportation sectors. This is supported by a network of design studios, development centers and offices worldwide. Key services include embedded product design, industrial design, animation & visual effects and systems integration. Tata Elxsi is a listed company.

Contact Details:

Tata Elxsi Limited
ITPB Road, Whitefield
Bangalore 560048
+91 80 2297 9123
+91 80 2841 1474

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