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Welcome to Tata Power Placement Paper 2011. Here you will find Tata Power Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of Tata Power Placement Paper 2011 with Answers & Solutions.

2011 Tata Power Placement Paper:-

1.Basic memory ccell of dynamic RAM

a. Capacitance

b. Flip flop

c. Transistor

d. Transistor with Capacitor

2.Ideal Power Supply has

a. Zero internal resistance

b. High O/P resistance

c. High I/P resistance

d. Low O/P resistance

3.Which type of transmission line will have max. value of characteristic impedence

a. Open Wire line

b. Coaxial Cable

c. Twin lead line

d. None

4. For same peak value of current, which waveform will have least RMS value

a. Sine

b. Square

c. Triangular

d. Full wave rectified wave

5. F-V analogy displacement is analogous to

a. Voltage

b. Condutance

c. Magnetic Flux Linkage

d. Capacitance

Similarly..............In F-I analogy displacement is analogous to

a. Charge

b. Resistance

c. Inductance

d. Current

6. In the following circuit Vo/Vin = (there were 4 options)

7.The output at X acts as….

a. OR gate

b. AND gate

c. XOR gate

d. XNOR gate

8.The CRO in X-Y mode gives the following figure. If the signal applied to the Y-plate is 2sin(wt) then the signal applied to the X-plate is

a. 2 sin (wt) b. 2 sin (wt + p/4) c. 2 sin (wt – p/4) d.2v 2 sin (wt + p/4)

9.An oscilloscope with 1 M ohm i/p imp. & shunted with 20 pf is connected with a probe 10 M ohm. Then the probe must be

a. not shunted at all
b. shunted with 2 pf
c. shunted with 20 pf
d. shunted with 200 pf

10.If the lissajous patterns of the foll. fig. corresponds to 2 sin wt in the horizontal direction what is the same in the vertical direction ?(angle 45 deg)

a fig. with an x-y axis and a line drawn at 45 deg.

11.What elements does the network contain?

An RLC network with 2 poles on the negative side and 2 zeroes on the +ve side (formin' a square) was given
a. LC
b. RC
c. RL

12.When transistor is in saturation

a.EB jn. is forward biased, CB reverse biased
b. EB ,CB reverse
c. EB, CB forward
d. EB reverse ,CB forward biased

About Tata Power:-

Tata Power is an India’s largest private sector power utility, with a reputation for trustworthiness, built up over nearly nine decades, Tata Power surges ahead into yet another year with plans of sustained growth, greater value to consumer and reliable power supply.

Tata Power has an installed power generation capacity of about 3000 Mega Watts, with the Mumbai power business, which has a unique mix of Thermal and Hydro Power, generated at the Thermal Power Station, Trombay, and the Hydro Electric Power Stations at Bhira, Bhivpuri and Khopoli, accounting for 1797 MW. Its diverse generation capability facilitates the company in producing low cost energy, thereby giving its consumers a greater value for money. Tata Power has a first of its kind joint venture with Power Grid Corporation of India for the 1200 km Tala Transmission Project.

Why Tata Power - Why should i join Tata Power:-

Tata Power ranks among India’s top listed private companies on all major financial parameters, including assets, sales, profits and market capitalisation. Tata Power is committed to creating sustainable value for all its stakeholders and be amongst the most admired integrated Power and Energy company in the world by setting new benchmarks in standards of corporate governance, operational and financial excellence, responsible corporate citizenship and profitable growth.    

Tata Power is able to deliver uninterrupted reliable power consistently by bringing together highly talented people in a creative, collaborative environment. It’s what makes daily challenges enjoyable and rewarding and is one of the reasons why Tata Power is a great place to work.

At Tata Power, the indomitable spirit of power creates an intense united force. The zealous involvement of our teamwork has led to helping us deliver unbeatable power generation and efficiency throughout. At Tata Power, freedom inspires ideas and working environment nurtures excellence.

Contact Details:

Address of Tata Power:-

Registered Office

Bombay House, 24, Homi Mody Street, Fort,
Mumbai - 400 001, INDIA.
Tel: (91 22) 6665 8282
Fax: (91 22) 6665 8801

The Tata Power Company Limited
Strategy and Business Development Department
Corporate Center Block A,
34 Sant Tukaram Road, Carnac Bunder,
Mumbai - 400 009
Tel : (91 22) 6665 8733
Fax : (91 22) 6665 8626
E mail: bd@tatapower.com

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