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Here are the details of 2011 Verizon Placement Paper 2011 - I job in Verizon. This job or placement paper has been sourced from either company website or newspaper or other media and from students who appeared for this job. User is requested to verify the data before applying for the job.

Welcome to Verizon Placement Paper 2011. Here you will find Verizon Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of Verizon Placement Paper 2010 with Answers & Solutions.

2011 Verizon Placement Paper:-

1-10 questions of the type

Rose is _______ beautiful flower.
Options: a, an, the, none

11-16 Reading comprehension... on computer protection and security

17-20 Reading comprehension on Databases (Actually you don't need to read the passage you will be able to answer without reading it--- its so trivial)

Analytical: ( 30 questions 30 minutes)

21. Sheela is 16th from first. 29th from last in a test. 6 boys did not come. 3 failed what is the strength of the class 22-26 problems on sets.. eg 15 speak Tamil 25 speak Tamil and Hindi out of 53 people how many speak Tamil alone. etc( Do not remember exact figures)

27-32 Problems on sets eg 54 boys play cricket.61play football,66 play tennis. 24 play all three, 32 play football and cricket, 15 play foot ball and tennis. How many players played only cricket, football, tennis same kind of problem on white ,green and yellow kites

33-37 Typical annals question( u find in RS Agarwals)
6 movies need to be screened in a movie festival. The slots are 9.30,10.30,1 3.30 5.30, 7

A can screen in afternoon or morning B cannot screen before C nobody else can screen when D is screening..( similar conditions.. Watch out we all ran out of time trying to attempt this question)

38-40 Question on cube. A cube is painted with three colours namely Red, yellow ,green its [anted in such a way that colors are on the adjacent sides are not same. The cube is cut into 27 small cubes. How many cubes with one color, two color, three color etc

41-45 One question and Two statements would be given Mark A if statement 1 alone is enough to get the answer. B if statement 2 alone is enough, C if statement 1 and 2 are necessary. D if answer cannot be arrived at
eg 1.P-X>0
2., pX>0
is p positive.

46-50 Question on cube.. 16 cubes are kept on top of which 4 cubes r kept at the centre , on top of that 2 cubes are kept and on top of that one cube is kept. It is painted from top to bottom. How many cubes with 1,2,3,4, 0,sides painted.

Mental Ability (15 questions 25 minutes)

Questions on pattern matching. Like mark A if first and third are identical, B if second and third are identical, C if first and second are identical D if they are different.

54-59 Questions of the form if +is - and - is * . * is / and / is + then find 12/3*5-2+5

60-62 A set of conditions for admissions of a school student is given like he should be in top 20 in the entrance test or should have sports excellence etc.. and questions of different cases are given and we need to find if the candidate can be admitted or not.

63-65 Similar questions for recruitment of cook. He should be 25 yrs of age with 3 yrs experience if he has lesser exp. he should meet the head cook . if he is below 25 yrs he should meet the manager and questions on various cases.

Technical (C and DS) :

66. Of the following select a code to print a singly link list in a reverse order.

67. select a code to print elements of a dequeue

68. a=3,b=3,c=3
a-=b-- - --c;
printf (a, b, c);

69. Find a declaration of ADT of a polynomial.

70. Select code that shows DFS of a graph

. Select the statement that appropriately fills the DFS algorithm

About Verizon:-

The technology transformation is really just getting started - and Verizon is leading the way. Start with us now, and you could be a part of a whole new technological future.

Verizon's products are innovative, and so is our marketing approach. Verizon offer choice and flexibility to our customers that other providers can't match. Verizon  is the first large Telecom provider to actively market a flex bundle that includes wireless, Internet and television. In one easy step, Verizon customers have it all, and FiOS TV too, the fiber-optic future of home entertainment. And we've only just begun -- we see fully integrated communication. Whether it's television, computers, handhelds, gaming, phones - you name it - Verizon's  stretching the horizons of technology, and we want you to join us!

Why Verizon - Why should i join Verizon?:-

Verizon has broad range of strategic solutions, services, and expertise to help some of the world's largest organizations - including 96% of the Fortune 1000 - and governments - meet the challenges of their increasingly extended enterprises.

Professional Services consultants have the expertise to assess, design, implement, and manage your information systems. And our global sales consultants can deliver integrated solutions that address real business challenges. Whether you need IT infrastructure, security, communications, or network solutions, Verizon can help your business thrive.

Contact Details:

Verizon Data Services ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.
Viceroy Building,Old No:25,new No:22
Sardar Patel Road , Guindy,
Chennai - 600 032.
Phone: 52095000
Fax : 52095001

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