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Welcome to Broadcom Placement Paper 2012. Here you will find Broadcom Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of Broadcom Placement Paper January 2012 with Answers & Solutions.

Broadcom Placement Paper January 2012:-

1. There are 27 balls, of which 1 is heavier. given a balance  how many times you need to weigh to find out the odd ball.

Ans:- 3 Weighs.

2. Product of three consecutive nos. 210. What is the sum  of two least numbers


3. If the area of the sqaure is increased by 69 % how  much the length of the side will increase?

Ans:- 30%

4. if the sum of five consecutive nos. 35? how many prime nos  are there :

Ans:- 2 primes.

5. what would the following program results in

char p[]="string";
char t;
int i,j;
a)will print:string
b)will not print anything since p will be pointing to a null string
c)will print:gnirtS
d)will result in a complication error
e)will print invallid characters(junk)

(Ans will be b ) check

5. which of the following is true

a)old and new have same i-node number,2
b) " " " " " " " 15768
c)old and new have nothing yo do with each other
d)very old and new are linked
e)very old and old are linked

Ans is b

6.What will be the result of executing the following statement

int i=10;
printf("%d %d %d",i,++i,i++);
a).10 11 12
b).12 11 10
c).10 11 11
d).result is OS dependent
e).result is compiler dependent

Ans is e

7.What does extern means in a function declaration

a)the funct has global scope
b)the funct need not be defined\
c)nothing really
d)the funct has local scope only to the file it is defined in
e)none of the above

Ans will be c

8. In a journey of 6 hours, a man travels for ¼ an hour,11/8 and 7/3 of an hour. Find out how much time more he needs to travel ?

Ans: none of these

9. In an election a man gets 55% of valid votes.20%of total votes are invalid , the no.of total votes is 4500.find out how many vote did the other candidate receive.

Ans :2700

10.The cost of tiling a room at the rate of 25 paise per sq.m. is rs.120. It is found that when the length is reduced by 3 the total cost comes to around rs.105 . find the dimension of the room.

Ans: 24,22

About Broadcom:-

Broadcom Corporation is a global leader and innovator in semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications. Broadcom products seamlessly deliver voice, video, data and multimedia connectivity in the home, office and mobile environments. With the industry's broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art system-on-a-chip and embedded software solutions, Broadcom is changing the world by Connecting everything.

Why Broadcom - Why should i join Broadcom?:-

Broadcom is a company created by engineers, managed by experienced industry leaders and powered by the talents of a highly diverse and motivated workforce. Broadcom support a multicultural environment and make it our business to hire, inspire and develop the very best people in the industry, worldwide.

Broadcom culture emphasizes collaboration, cooperation and distributed decision making. Small teams of smart people focused on solving difficult challenges and delighting customers on a regular basis.

Contact Details:

Broadcom India Technologies Pvt Ltd
9th Floor Building No 9
K Raheja MindSpace / Madhapur
Hyderabad - 500 081
Ph: +91 (40) 44888700
Fax: +91 (40) 44888787

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