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Welcome to Google technical interview questions 2011 Paper. Here you will find Google technical interview questions 2011 with Answers & Solutions.

2011 Google technical interview questions:-

  • what is the acronym of the term 'C.O.M.P.U.T.E.R' ?
  • What is View State and How it is managed,Its Advantages/Benefits?
  • In my linux machine, i lost /etc/passwd file and /etc/shadow file, then how can i recover it?            
  • what is difference between $@ and $* in UNIX Shell script          
  • please advice me what i have to prepare for NIC Exam(22-feb- 09). send me the question pattern for the 2 hrs exam.
  • in unix how to change old name to new name     Iinfo      7      7272     [Send This Question to Your Friend]  what is the standard output in a file as well as disply it on the terminal options like A)pr B) tail C) tee D)nl  Ti    
  • what is command like " #(cd unixos; pwd) " tell me OUTPUT          
  • in unix how to change old name to new name                  
  • what is "ls* " is run options are 1) x 2).x 3) hidden 4) no disply tell exact answer.            
  • tell me command for" to create more than one name to a file".          
  • how to create a new file command            
  • what is command for "calj2007"            
  • how is "to run even after user logs out"          
  • what is QUOTA-V          
  • what is the command To print script arguments            
  • how is the possible the "last 10 files present in the current directory and stores them in the file list".
  • What is a Use Case?          
  • Can anyone tell me what is meant by "Mainframes Testing"? Also, Plz let me know what r all d responsibilities of a Manual Tester in Mainframes Testing?
  • What is testing methodology?        
  • Why does user inter-operability testing present such a big challenge to the testing effort?          
  • What is the difference between Product-based company and Projects-based company?
  • write a program in c++ to implement stack using functions in header file stack.h        
  • Have you used MSVC? What do you think of it?          
  • Which algorithm do you like the most? Why?              
  • What C++ libraries are you proficient with?
  • How can we get the browser properties using PHP?    
  • what is the post and get method??    
  • what is the difference between mysql_fetch_array() and mysql_fetch_row()?            
  • what is the current salary package in India for a PHP & MySQL programmer who has 3 years experience
  • What is integrity and what is constraint??Explain with example
  • How can we change the name and data type of a column of a table?
  • Can anybody tell me the step by step how to install raid-5
  • which header file contains main() function in c?     Tcs GO TO HELL HCL    
  • array contains zeros and ones as elements.we need to bring zeros one side and one other side in single parse. ex:a[]={0,0,1,0,1,1,0,0} o/p={0,0,0,0,0,1,1,1}                
  • what are advantages of U D F?          
  • Write the program for displaying the ten most frequent words in a file such that your program should be efficient in all complexity measures.        
  • how to determine the complexity of an algorithm as log(n)                          
  • give one ip, find out which contry            
  • what is the hexidecimal number of 4100?              
  • how to estimate the disk access time? e.g. the time between read one byte and another byte in the disk.   class foo { public: static int func(const char*& p) const; }; This is illegal, why?              
  • value = 0xabcd; for (loop = 1; (value >> 1) & 1 | loop & 1; loop++) { foo(); if (loop & 1) value >>= 1; } how many times is foo() executed?
  • How many bits use for MAC address?          
  • Write a command to find all of the files which have been accessed within the last 30 days.
  • What is the life cycle of QTP? Pls Give me Exact answer?          
  • what type of test cases tou will automate?          
  • what type of automation is follwed in the project?            
  • why was automation used in the project?

About Google:-

Google is not a conventional company, and we don’t intend to become one. True, we share attributes with the world’s most successful organizations – a focus on innovation and smart business practices comes to mind – but even as we continue to grow, we’re committed to retaining a small-company feel. At Google, we know that every employee has something important to say, and that every employee is integral to our success. We provide individually-tailored compensation packages that can be comprised of competitive salary, bonus, and equity components, along with the opportunity to earn further financial bonuses and rewards.

Google designed a culture that helps you get there. From our flexible, project-based approach to corporate structure to it's innovative perks and benefits.

Working at Google - Why should i Join Google?:-

Google has offices around the globe, from Bangalore to Zurich. Google nurture an invigorating, positive environment by hiring talented, local people who share our commitment to creating search perfection and want to have a great time doing it. Googlers thrive in small, focused teams and high-energy environments, believe in the ability of technology to change the world, and are as passionate about their lives as they are about their work.

At Google, innovation and creativity keeps its projects changing and improving. Google consistency comes from our Googlers – smart, amazing people who foster an environment of collaboration and fun.

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Address of Google:-


Google India Pvt. Ltd
No. 3, RMZ Infinity - Tower E
3rd, 4th, and 5th Floors
Old Madras Road
Bangalore, 560 016
Phone: +91-80-6721-8000


Google India Pvt Ltd.
8th and 9th Floors
Tower C Building No.8
DLF Cyber City
Gurgaon India
Phone: +91 124 451 2000
Fax: +91 124 451 2100


Block 1, DivyaSree Omega
Survey No. 13, Kondapur Village,
Hyderabad 500 032
Andhra Pradesh, India
Phone +91-40-6619-5000
Fax +91-40-6619-5101


Google India Pvt Ltd
264-265 Vasvani Chambers
1st Floor
Dr Annie Besant Road
Mumbai, 400 025
Phone: +91-22-6611-7200

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