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Welcome to Grail Research Placement Paper 2012. Here you will find Grail Research Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of Grail Research Placement Paper January 2012 with Answers & Solutions.

Grail Research Placement Paper January 2012:-

1. In the following program

char *pDestn,*pSource="I Love You Daddy";

(a)Free() fails
(b)Strcpy() fails
(c)prints I love You Daddy

2. What is the output for the following program

char a[5][5],flag;

2. int main()
char ch;
int i;
    - 0
    - 255
    - -1
    - garbage

3. class foo
virtual f()
cout<<"In foo";
class foo2:public foo
virtual f(int i)
cout<<"In foo2";
void main()
foo2 f1;
    - compile time error
    - In foo2
    - In foo

4. In the case of a 70 MHz 1F carries for a transponder band width of 36 MHz; energy must lie between – MHz.

a.) 34 and 106
b.) 52. And 88
c.) 106 and 142
d.) 34 and 142

5. A man walks 30 metres towards South. Then , turning to his right, he walks 30 metres . Then turning to his left, he walks 20 metres. again he turns to his left and walks 30 metres . How far is he from his initial position?

A. 20 metres
B. 30 metres
C.60 metres
D. 80 metres
E None of these

Ans: E

6.In a class the no. of boys are more than that of girls by 25% of the total strength of the class then the ratio of boys to girls.

Ans: (5:3)(d)

7. the radius of the circle is reduced from 5cm to 4cm then the % change of area .

Ans: 36%

8.two workers can type two pages in two minuets then how many persons can type 18 pages in 6 minuets

Ans: 6

9.if p+q+r=0 then p^2/qr+q^2/pr+r^2/pq=? (ans:3) a nock out tournament the total no. of games played are 63 then the no. of participants

Ans: 64

About Grail Research:-

Grail Research blends the best of strategy consulting (highly custom, insightful, rigorous, trustworthy) with the best of market research (cost effective, data rich, process-oriented, analytical) to provide organizations with accurate, succinct answers to their most important business questions.

Grail Research, now an Integreon company, has 350 dedicated team members globally.  In any 12 month period we conduct research in 100+ countries and 30+ languages. Our capabilities are particularly strong in fast developing regions such as Africa, China, India, the Middle East and Russia.

Why Grail Research - Why shoud i join Grail Research?:-

Grail Research offering both generalist and specialist career paths. This will provide opportunities and equip/enable smart and talented individuals to grow professionally.

The recruitment process at Grail broadly tests candidates on problem-solving capabilities, interpersonal and leadership skills, subject knowledge, and their orientation toward learning new skills. The interview round helps us assess the various capabilities that a candidate can bring to Grail Research.

Contact Details:

Grail Research
Logix Techno Park Plot No. 5
Ground Floor
Sector - 127 Tower D
Noida - 201301
Phone: +91 120-398-0100
Fax: +91 120-425-7067

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