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Welcome to IBM Placement Paper 2011. Here you will find IBM Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of IBM Placement Paper 2011 with Answers & Solutions.

IBM Placement Paper 2011:-

Writen Test:-

1. like 3 consecutive prime adds to some no what is that

Ans:- both 49 and 59.

2. one person travlled 4 laps with the speed of 10,20,40 ( or 30) and 60 kmph and what is the average speed.

Ans:- 20 (sure) one student takes 20 mins if he go with speed 15kmph and at what speed he should go to reach in 15 mins ( nos are not same)

Ans:- 16kmph( but not sure) from height of 8 mts on ball fell down and each time it bounces half the distance back. so what will be the distance travelled

Ans:- 24 (sure) like 8+4+4+2+2+1+1+0.5+0.5+ and etc .. answer is not 20

5. like 6 cubes are arranged adjacently and given the perimeter and asked to find the perimeter of one cube.

Ans:- if x is the total perimeter then (x/14)*4 leads to the answer. but check it once u will be having plenty of time. answer is 52 (13*4)

6.Some data is given like this 10kmph in still water ship took some x mins and downstream some y mins in same time what is the stream value .... (q is not exat)

Ans:- 3 (not sure)

7. Ssome average problem like 16 students average weight and teacher joins them ....

Ans:- 23 (sure) do this (16x+40)/(x+1) will give the value.

8. Some problem on square like to increase area by 69% by what percent side should be increased

Ans:- square root of 169 i.e 13 ( not sure)

9. No of rational nos b/w 0 and 5

Ans:- infinite

10. First day of 1999 is Sunday what day is the last day

Ans:- Monday

11. Bullets probel some x no of bullets are shared by 3 people equally . and each fired 4 bullets then the sum of remaining bullets is equal to intially divsion value

Ans:- 18

12. Bread problem, one come and eat half no of breads and somthing...

Ans:- 63( check it )

13.Like A can do in 6 day and B can do in 8 and C can do in 12 days but b left after working for 6 days for how many no of day A and C shluld work

Ans:- 11

14. Which sorting techniques is best for already sorted array...?.

Ans: bubble sort

15. Decimal to octal conversion problem?

Ans A

16. Difference between 0123 and 123 in c

Ans : 40

17. which 3 consequtive prime numbers gives the total

Ans: 49 (13,17,19)

18. Rational numbers between 1 and 5
    1. 3
    2. 2
    3. 0
    4. Infinite (Ans)
    5. Finite.

19. .A cube of 3 unit has 6 surface is painted. If u cut the cube of 1 unit each how many cubes remain unpainted on all sides.

Ans: 1

20. One questions in profit and loss a person sold an article at Rs.141 at 6% loss,to gain a profit of 10% at what price the article should be sold.

Ans. 165

21. If person 20 min at 12 kmph. then how many Kmph in 15 minutes


22. Three person shared bullets equally. 4 were shot total no of bullets remaining is equal to the no of bullets initially divided

Ans : 18

23. 1st day of the year 1999 is sunday and what will be last day of the same year

Ans: Sunday

24. 4 thieves entere a bakery and stoled bread one after the other.Each one took half of the total number of breads+half a loaf.If 3 breads were remaining what is the total number of breads.

25. If a ball is dropped from 8ft and it bounces half the height each time. Then the total distance travelled


6 squares of equal size are placed side by side to form a rectangle whose perimeter is 182. find the perimeter of the single square.

Ans 52

26. The average age of students in a class is 16.when a teacher of age 40 is added , the average becoems 17. what is the total number of students


27. Which of the following has the function scope?

A. Automatic
B. Static
C. Global
D. Goto label
E. All the above

Ans : E.

6. Rom is

Ans : non Volatile, cannot be changed and it contains boot up program.

28. How many different binary trees can be formed by 4 nodes?

Ans : 12 Note:(2 power n) – n
Jagan- ans: 14 (quetion 25 in 191 page)

For 3 nodes ans is 5.

29. char *p = (char *)10 means
A.It points to the value at address 10.
B.It returns the character whose ASCII value is 10.

Ans : A

30. Running time of a function f(n)=8T(n/2)+qn for n>1, where q is a constant...

Ans : n power 3. (Check the answer)-correct

31. Order of Bubble sort

Ans : O(n power 2)

(ii) If the total number of marbles are 72, then the number of marbles with A at the starting

(a) 20
(b) 30
(c) 32
(d) 39
Ans. (d)

32. If a car starts from A towards B with some velocity.Due to some problem in the engine after travelling 30km, the car goes with 4/5 th of its actual velocity.The car reaches B 45 min later to the actual time.If the car engine fails ofter travelling 45km, the car reaches the destination B 36 min late to the actual time.What is the initial velocity of car and what is the distance between A and B in km
Ans. 20 & 130.

33. A person has Rs 100/- in his pocket, he can as 25 pencils or 15 books.He kept 15% of the money for travelling expenses and purchased 5 pencils.So how many books he can purchase with the remaining money.

34. Ten questions on analogies.

E.g. : chief : tribe :: governer : state epaulette : shoulder :: tiara : head guttural : throat :: gastric : stomach inept : clever :: languid : active knife : butcher :: hammer : carpenter ::

35. The values of shares (in Rs).of A, B and C from January to June are as follows.
Month A B C
January 30 60 80
February 35 65 85
March 45 75 65
April 40 75 82
May 55 75 85
June 50 75 80

i) During this period which share has undergone maximium fluctuation?
ii) In which month it is possible to buy B and C selling A?
iii) In which month the share values are very low?
iv) By purchasing one share of A and 4 each of B and C in the beginning of the period, when should these be sold to get maximum profit?

36. In a computer institute 9 languages can be taught.The module is of 6 months duration and of the six languages only one can be taught each month.In addition to that BASIC is always taught and should be in first month itself.

? WORD PERFECT is to be taught in the preceeding week of WORD STAR.
? FORTRAN can not be taught until COBAL is taught prior to that.
? BINO, FIFO can never be taught in single module.

i) If word star is in 3rd month , what could be in 6th month.
ii) If COBAL is in the 2nd month and BINO in 6th month. FORTRAN will be taught in which month.

37. In a class, except 18 all are above 50 years.15 are below 50 years of age. How many people are there?

(a) 30
(b) 33
(c) 36
(d) none of these.
Ans. (d)

38. A square plate of some size is cut at four corners. Equal squares of the same size are cut and is formed as open box.If this open box carries 128 ml of oil. What is the size of the side of the plate?

(a) 17
(b) 14
(c) 13
(d) None of these

39. In a square, all the mid points are joined. The inner square is shaded. If the area of the square is A, what is the area of the shaded area?

40. If the follwoing statements are given

? @(a,b)= (a+b)/2
? /(a,b)= a/b
? *(a,b)= ab

If a=1, b=2 then find

i) /(a,(@(a,b),*(a,b)))
ii) */(a,@(*(a,b)))


About IBM:-

IBM has been present in India since 1992. IBM India's solutions and services span all major industries including financial services, healthcare, government, automotive, telecommunications and education, among others. As a trusted partner with wide-ranging service capabilities, IBM helps clients transform and succeed in challenging circumstances. The diversity and breadth of the entire IBM portfolio of research, consulting, solutions, services, systems and software, uniquely distinguishes IBM India from other companies in the industry.

IBM India has clearly established itself as one of the leaders in the Indian Information Technology (IT) Industry - and continues to transform itself to align with global markets and geographies to grow this leadership position. Widely recognised as an employer of choice, IBM holds numerous awards for its industry-leading employment practices and policies.

Working at IBM - Why should i Join IBM?:-

IBM offers competitive benefits, as well as an industry-leading practice of performance-based bonuses for all employees. It believe that global innovation demands diverse employees and attractive work/life initiatives that sustain, and retain, them. IBM gives you the power to design your workday, and your life, according to your unique styles and needs.

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IBM India Private Limited
Subramanya Arcade,
Bannerghatta Road,
Bangalore - 29.

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