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IBPS Sample Papers 2012 - I:-

1 The greatest number which divides 245 and 1295 and leaves the remainder of 9 and 7 respectively is

a. 118                   
b. 148             
c. 135                         
d. 145

Ans:- A

2. The distance between A’s house and his office is 61 km. For reaching his house from office he covers 54 km 860 m by taxi, 5 km 65 m bytongaand the rest by rickshaw. Hoe much distance did he cover by rickshaw?

a. 1.075 km          
b. 10.75 km    
c. 0.1075 km               
d. 0.0107 km

Ans:- A

3. If the cost of 25 packets of 12 pencils each is Rs. 750, then the cost of 30 packets of 8 pencils each is

a. 600                   
b. 720             
c. 640                         
d. 800

Ans:- A

4. I have some 5-rupee coins and 2-rupee coins. The number of 2-rupee coins is 4 times that of the other kind. If I have Rs. 117 with me number of 5-rupee coins is

a. 7                                   
b. 8                 
c. 9                             
d. 10

Ans:- C

5. How many different numbers of 3 digits can be formed by using 2, 4, 6, 8, 9?

a. 30                     
b. 40               
c. 50                           
d. 60

Ans:- D

6. D gave C half of his pots. C gave J half of the pots she received from D. J kept 8 of those pots and gave the remaining 10 to A. How many pots did D give to C?

a. 72                     
b. 64               
c. 48                           
d. 36

Ans:- A

7. If you save Rs.2 on Jan 1, Rs. 4 on Feb 1, Rs. 6 on Mar 1 and so on then how much you save in 1 year?

a. Rs. 136             
b. Rs. 146       
c. Rs. 156                   
d. Rs. 166

Ans:- 156

8. A salesman’s term was changed from a flat 5% commission on all sales to Rs. 1000 fixed salary and 2.5% commission on all sales exceeding Rs. 4000. If he gets Rs. 600 more according to new scheme his sales are

a. Rs. 6000           
b. Rs. 8000     
c. Rs. 12000               
d. Rs. 16000

Ans:- C

9. What sum of money was divided among A, B and C if B and C get Rs. 100, C and A get Rs. 150 and A gets twice as much as B?

a. 200                   
b. 225             
c. 240                         
d. 250

Ans:- C

10. .A clock gains 15 seconds per day and another loses 45 seconds per day. After what length of time will the first clock 12 hrs ahead of the second?

a. 120 days           
b. 240 days     
c. 480 days                 
d. 720 days

Ans:- A

11. How many number s are there between 200 and 300 in which 9 occurs only once?

a. 19                     
b. 20               
d. 18

Ans:- D

12. An amount of Rs.417 is divided among A, B, C and D such that A gets Rs.13 more than B, B gets Rs.9 more than C and C gets Rs.6 more than D. A’s share is

a. 121                   
b. 116             
c. 120                         

Ans:- C

13. Manju took Rs. 20000 at 5% SI for 2 years and invested it at 4% CI for same period. Find her gain/loss.

a. Rs. 368 gain      
b. Rs.423 gain 
c. Rs. 368 loss                       
d. Rs. 200 gain

Ans:- C

A spends 1/4th of his leisure on reading books, 2.3rd of the remaining on watching TV. If he spends 2 hrs on watching TV what is the total time of her leisure?

a. 6 hrs                 
b. 8 hrs            
c. 2 hrs                        
d. 4 hrs

Ans:- A

15. A plant reproduces at the rate of 25% every 12 min. In approximately what time will it triple itself?

a. 90 min               
b. 60 min        
c. 40 min                     
d. 75 min

Ans:- B

16. What strength of 20 ml acid should be added to 10 ml of 50% acid to get an average strength of 20% acid?

a. 0.5%                
b. 5%              
c. 50%                        
d. 5.5%

Ans:- A

17. A dishonest shopkeeper uses 800 gm weight instead of 1ks and mixes 20% impurities to wheat. Find his gain %.
a. 30                     
b. 40               
c. 50                           
d. 60

Ans:- C

18. If the price of sugar increases by 30% by what percentage the consumption be reduced to make the expenditure same?

a. 25                     
B. 20               
C. 23                          
d. 16 2/3

Ans:- C

19. A man invests Rs. 4400 in stock at 110 and sells when the stock rises to 119. What is profit?

a. 396                   
b. 380             
c. 360                         
d. 340


20. A boat is rowed down the river at 10 kmph and up the river at 2 kmph. What is the speed of the current?

a. 8 kmph              
b. 6 kmph        
c. 3.5 kmph                 
d. 4 kmph

Ans:- D

21. A camp has provisions to last for 6 days for 224 cadets. How many cadets must be sent away for the provisions to last for 7 days?

a. 192                   
b. 32               
c. 48                           
d. 96

Ans:- B

22. In a race the speeds of A and B are in ratio of 3:4. A takes 30 min more than B to reach the target. Time taken by A to reach target is

a. 1 hr                   
b. 90 min         
c. 2 hrs                                   
d. 2.5 hrs

Ans:- C

23. A father’s age is 4 times the age of his elder son and 5 times the age of his younger son. When the elder son lived to three times his present age, then father’s age will exceed his younger son’s age by 3 yrs. What is the age of the fsther?

a. 40 yrs                
b. 32 yrs          
c. 30 yrs                      
d. None

Ans:- D

24. Two pipes can fill a tank in 4 hr and 5 hr respectively. If they are turned on alternatively for 1 hr each, the tank will be filled in

a. 4 hr. 24 min      
b. 4 hrs            
c. 4.5 hrs                     
d. 5 hrs

Ans:- A

. If a train running at 72 kmph crosses a tree in 7 s its length is

a. 150 m                
b. 135 m         
c. 140 m                     
d. 126 m

Ans:- C

26.In an apartment exactly 1/3rd of flats have two bedrooms and exactly 1/7th of flats have three bedrooms. How many flats could be there?

a. 42                     
b. 50               
c. 56               
d. 57

Ans:- A

27. The sum of n different positive integers is less than 100. What is the maximum possible value of n?

a. 10                     
b. 11               
c. 12               
d. 13

Ans:- D

28. How many lead ball each of radius 1 cm can make a sphere of radius 8 cm?

a. 64                     
b. 128             
c. 256             
d. 512

Ans:- D

29. A class of 356 votes has to choose the president. With 5 candidates seeking office, what is the least number of votes a successful candidate could receive to win?

a. 71                     
b. 72               
c. 89               
d. 179

Ans:- B

30. 1, 4, 2, 8, 6, 24, 22, 88, ___

a. 352             
b. 78               
c. 84               
d. 86

Ans:- D

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