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JMO Sample Papers 2012 with Answers, Solutions, KVS JMO Question Papers.

JMO Sample Papers 2012 - II:-

1. A number ‘X’ leaves the same remainder while dividing 5814, 5430, 5958. What is the largest possible value of ‘X’?

2. A sports meet was organized for four days. On each day, half of existing total medals and one more medal was awarded. Find the number of medals awarded on each day.

3. Let ?ABC be isosceles with ?ABC = ?ACB = 780. Let D and E be the points on sides AB and AC respectively such that ?BCD = 240 and ?CBE = 510. Find the angle ?BED and justify your result.

4.Consider the following multiplication in decL.nal notations (999).(abc)= defl32, determine the digits a,b,c,d,e,f. Find the Greatest number of 4 digits, which when divided by by 3,5,7, and 9 leaves remainder 1,3,5 and 7 respectively. If n is a positive. integ~er such that n/810 = 0.d25d25 ... where d is a single digit in decimal base. Find 'n'. Prove that a4 + b4+ c~~ abc( a + b + c)

5.If x + y = 1, x3 + y3 = 4, then x2 + y2 = ……..

5.After 15 litres of petrol was added to the fuel tank of a car, the tank was 75% full. If the capacity of the tank is 28 litres, then the number of litres in the tank before adding the petrol was ……

6. The perimeter of a rectangle is 56 metres. The ratio of its length to width is 4:3. The length of the diagonal in metres is ……..

7. If April 23 falls on Tuesday, then March 23 of the same year was a ……..

8. The sum of the digits of the number 2200052004 is ….

9. (a)Arrange the  following in ascending order :

25555, 33333, 62222

10. An ant crawls 1 centimetre north, 2 centimetres west, 3 centimetres south, 4 centimetres east, 5 centimetres north and so on, at 1 centimetre per second. Each segment is 1 centimetre longer than the preceding one, and at the end of a segment, the ant makes a left turn. In which direction is the ant moving 1 minute after the start ?

11. Find the lengths of the sides of a triangle with 20, 28 and 35 as the lengths of its altitudes.

12. Yash is carrying 100 hundred – rupee notes, 50 fifty –rupee notes, 20 twenty – rupee notes, 10 ten –rupee notes and 5 five-rupee notes. The total amount of money he is carrying in Rupee, is ………….

13. In a school, the ratio of boys to girls is 4:3 and the ratio of girls to teachers is 8 :1. The ratio of students to teachers is ………

14. The area of square is 25 square centimeters. In perimeter, in centimeters, is …………….

15. How many four digit numbers can be formed using the digits 1,2 only so that each of these digits is used at least once ?

16. Find the greatest number of four digits which when increased by 1 is exactly divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

17. If f(x) = ax7 + bx5 + cx3 – 6, and f(-9) = 3, find f(9).

18. If x > 0 and  , find the value of 

19. 82x = 161-2x, find the value of 37x.

20. The digits of the number 2978 are arranged first in descending order and then in ascending order. The difference between the resulting two numbers is ……………   

21. Yash is riding his bicycle at a constant speed of 12 kilometers per hour. The number of metres he travels each minute is ………..
22. The square root of 35 x 65 x 91 is ………..
23. The number 81 is 15% of …………..
A train leaves New Delhi at 9.45 am and reaches Agra at 12.58 pm. The time taken in the journey, in minutes, is …………..

25. Find the largest prime factor of 203203.

26. Find the last two (tens’ and units’) digits of (2003)2003.

27. Find the number of perfect cubes between 1 and 1000009 which are exactly divisible by 9.

28. In a competition consisting of 30 problems Neeta was given 12 points for each correct solution, and 7 points were subtracted from her score for each incorrect solution problems not attempted contributed 0 points to the score find the number of problems attempted correctly by Neeta.

29. A cube with each edge of lengths 4 units is painted green on all the faces. The cube is then cut into 64 unit cubes. How many of these small cubes have (i) 3 faces painted (ii) 2 faces painted (iii) one face painted (iv) no face painted.

30. Let PQR be an equilateral triangle with each side of length 3 units. Let U, V, W, X Y and Z divide the sides into unit lengths. Find the ratio of the area U, W, X, Y and Z divide the sides into unit lengths. Find the ratio of the area U W X Y (shaded) to the area of the whole triangle PQR.       

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