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Welcome to Infosys Placement Paper 2011. Here you will find January 2011 Infosys Placement Paper,  Pattern and Download questions of Infosys Placement Paper 2010 with Answers & Solutions.

January 2011Infosys Placement Paper:-

1) In a game of dice, 2 dice thrown at each turn.The score at each turn is taken as the product of number on 2 dices.there were five turns(rolls).second roll is 1 less than first n (like this ... the relationship between third n second,third n fourth,fourth n fifth ) were given.Find the score in first roll,second roll,third roll,fourth roll.(jus giving an idea abt question and don know the exact relationships).

2) Matrix problem repeated from prev paper
there are 3 males A,B,C and 3 females X,Y,W. they played 18 games of
golf altogether.
1. A scored 94
2. X scored 106
3. Y scored 102.
4. Z scored 100.
5. B and C scored 96 and 98 and don't no who's score what??
6. A's wife beats C's wife.
7. there are two couples whose sum of scores is same.
Determine who's wife is who and scores of B and C.

3) A girl had several dollars with her. she went out for shopping and spent half of them in shopping mall,being generous she had given 1 dollar to the beggar. After that she wqent for lunch and spent the half of the remaining and gave 2 dollars as tip to the waiter.Then she went to watch a movie and spent the half of remaining dollars and
gave autorikshaw-wala 3 dollars. This left her with only 1 dollar.How many dollars did she had with her at the beggining.

4) A person says that his son is 5 times as old as his daughter and his wife is 5 times older than his son and he is twice the age of his wife . The sum total of all the ages equals the age of the grand mother who celebrated her 81st birthday today.
How old was his son?

5) A bargain hunter bought some plates for $ 1.30 from asale on saturday,where price 2 was marked off at each article .On monday she went to return them at regular prices,and bought some cups and saucers from that much amount of money only.
the normal price of plate were equal to the price of 'one cup and one saucer'.In total she bought 16 items more than previous. saucers were only of 3 cents hence she brought 10 saucers more tahn the cups,How many cups and saucers she bought and at what price?

6) A jeweller prepared a window display each displaying 3 of the 7 jems at a time . They were methyst,opal,sapphire,emerald, ruby and garnet.Displayed according to the following conditions:-
1 A sholud always be displayed on the left window and D on the right.
2 Ruby should never come with any of D or G.
3.E should always be with S.
then some 4 questions were asked on this. easy
#1 which combination is appropriate?
#2 which condition is correct in the right window?
#3 Ruby can be displayed with following other two?
#4 S can be displayed with the following other two on left side window?

7) Racing competition.Participants were from 3 tribes
Sonorean-always says truth
Midorean-alternatively says T and F ,not with any particular start.
Nororean-always False
A says-1. C obstructed me at the last moment ,which caused me to losethe race.
2. C always speak true
3. c is the winner.
B says - 1. A is the winner.
2. c says false always.
C says- 1.B won the Race
2. I didn't caused any obstruction to A at the last time.
IDentify the tribes of each.

8) A boss tells 1/6 th of his life in child hood,1/12 of his in youth and 1/7 of his in bachelor,five years after his election
a son was born whom was died four years ago at half his final age. find the boss age.
. ANS.:74 ths solution a/6+a/12+a/7 +5......

9) Two thieves went to the museum to stole the diamonds first thief stole half of them and while going he took another two and left. Second, third and fourth did the same and there was zero diamonds at the end. How many diamonds initially at the beginning?

Similar to Q. No. 193 Stolen Mangoes from Shakuntala Devi - More Puzzles Ans: 79

10) A, B, C are the husbands and D, E, F are their wives not in that order. They are playing the Golf following these conditions. D, E, F and B scores are as follows 106,102,100 and 94.A and C scores are 98 and 96 not in that order as their names are not displayed. Two couples get the same score. B wife beat the A wife list out the wives names and the scores they got.

Hus Wife Score Total
A F 98 102 200 100 198
B D 94 106 200 106 200
C E 96 100 96 102 198

11) A women with dollar bills goto the shopping he spent half of the money she had for shopping as she was so kind she gave one dollar to the beggar.she went to the hotel and spent half of the remaning and she gave 2 dollars to the waiter,the she buy some goods with half of the remaining and she gave 3 dollars to the receptionist. how much money she had in the begining?
come in the reverse order 1+3=4and twice of it 8+2=10 and twice of it 20+1=21 and twice of it 42.

12) .A conducter in the bus ask the man how old the boy is.the man replied that my son is five times older than my daughter and my wife is five times older than my son and i am twice older to my wife and our ages summed upto my granmother whose age is 81 years.can u tell me the son age?
ans: 5 years
x=1 therefore son age is 5 years old

13) .find out who is oldest and who is youngest from the following statements...
a)either A or B r the oldest
b)either C is the oldest or B is the youngest.
ans: A is the oldest and B is the Youngest

14)one boy tells three ppl to guess mule color..
number one says its not blk
number two says its eiterh brown or grey
number 3 says its brown.
..the boy then says one is atleast lying ans atleast telling truth...finf mule color
ans grey?

15) 2 men take turns walking and riding one horse that they share...walking speed
4km/hr..riding speed 12km/hr..one rides for some time and ties horse for the other walking fellow and continues walking......they keep going on like this alternately ..find time that the horse rests

16) 7 ppl have holidays on 7 diff days...and they give conditions like A's hol is 3 days
before B etc etc...we have to find the days on which they take holiday
5.6 subjects 3 ppl teach 2 each...some crazy conditions and we gotta find the subject for
each..i cant really recall clearly so why confuse u guys

17) A Lady (say L) is a philanthropist. she goes to a restaurent,
orders food and pays half the amount she has and another doller to a
waiter as tip. she then goes to a mall, does some purchases and pays
half the amount left and another 2 dollers to a begger outside. At
last she goes to a book store, takes some books and pays half the
amount left and another 3 dollers to a begger outside. she then
checks that she only had a doller left to her. How much money she had
initially? ANs. 42 $

18)  Three couples are playing golf together. The men are E, B & T while women are M G & H. they play 8 rounds.
M, G, H & E score 106, 102, 100, 94 respectively. while B & T scored either 96 or 98 as it was unresolved due
to error at scoreboard. When finally resolved they found that two of the couples scored same. It is given that-
E's wife scored greater than B's wife. Who's whose wife & how much the men scored each?

19) A lady buys some plates in 130$ with 2$ off every item. she then returns the plates for the same amount next day to exchange them for some cups & saucers. Each saucer costs only 3$ each and the no. of saucers is 10 more than cups. Altogether she takes 16 more items than before. If she had to buy only cups, how many of them she could have
been taken home on the first day?

20) Impressed by admiration of the boy by stranger, the father
said "My son is five times as old as my daughter and my wife is five
times as old as my son. I'm double the age of my wife and my
grandmother is as old as the sum of ages of all of us and she is
celebrating her 81st birthday." what is the age of the boy?

ANS. 5 yrs

21) A, B & C participate in a race & one of them wins. They belong to
three communities-M, N,
O. O always speak the truth, N always lie and M alternate. Each of A,
B & C belongs to one community.

1. I would have won the race if C had not interfered me at the last movement.
2. C always speaks truth.
3. C is the winner.

1. A wins the race.
2. C is not a 'N'.

1. I hadn't interfered with A at the last movement.
2. B wins the race.

Tell, who's who?

22) Harry is a friend of Axy and Amy. Two statements are given about
1. if one of Axy and Amy is oldest then another is youngest.
2. Either Harry is the oldest or Amy is the youngest.
Who is the oldest?
ANS. Axy

23) sons age is 5 times daughters.mother is five times son.father is 5 times wife.
Total of all age is Grandpas who is celebrating 81st B`day.
Ans:-5 yrs

24) One woman buys plates worth 1.30$ at 2cent discount each plate.Then she exchanged the plates
for sausers & bowl where one bowl & one sausers costs equal to one plate.no of sausers which costs 3 cent
is10 more than bowl. no of saucers & bowl is 16 more than no of plates.

25) "One-sixth of my life", said my boss, "I spent as a child, next one-twelfth as an old boy, one-seventh & 5
more years in politics & socialization. This brought me upto when Jimmy born. Jimmy was elected for the
governer four years ago, when he was half my present age."
How old is my boss?

ANS.: 84 yrs.
(However, I overlooked that 'one-seventh' part, & got

26) A Couple decided to travel a north country side .so they decide to travel a minimum amount on car the first day and the second and subsequent day a distance of 20 miles .If they travel a total amount of 1080 miles. Find he distance traveled on the 4th day and the 9 day.

27)  A card board of 34 * 14 has to be attached to a wooden box and a total of 35 pins are to be used on the each side of the card box. Find the total number of pins used .

28)  During a Pizza buffet where A eats more times 2.4 than B, and B eats 6 times
less than C.find the leat number of times all the three has to eat.

30) Last Year my cousin came to my place and we played a game where the loosing one has to give one choclate to the person who won the game .At the end of the vacation,i.e the day my cousin was leaving she counted number of games that i won an she won.At last she gave me a total of 8 choclates even though she won about 12 games.
Find the mumber of games that we played.

31) A tree on first day grows 1/2 of its size second day 1/3rd of its size on the previous day similarly than 1/4th and so on.u have to calculate after how many days the tree will be 100 times of its original size.
ans -198 days

31) three person are there let A B C one always tell truth one always lie and one sometimes tell truth
they are standing in straight line the first person who is seniormost and always tells truth tells in middle A is standing the middle one says C is in the third position the last one says B is in second position ie middle

32)  A,B,C,Dand E are juniors and F,G,H,I are seniors you have to make three groups each containg three person such that in each group one senior is there and some other conditions which i cant recall exactly but was like that if this person will be in group than this cant be in the same group .

33) there are 100 teams in a football knockout tournament how many mathces should be held to get the winner answer is 99 ie one less than the no of teams bcoz in every match on team goes out

34) .A car traveling with uniform speed. There r 15 poles. A car travel from 1 to 10th pole in 10 seconds. the poles are equally spaced. then how many seconds it takes to reach the 15th pole? (4)

35)  A boy jump to the river from the bridge. He swim opposite direction of the stream.
After 1000 yards he noted that his hat was fallen at the bridge. The he goes to take the hat. He didn’t change his speed.What is the velocity of stream? (4)

36) Uncles A bought a Hat & Suit for Rs.15.Aunty B bought a Suit with as much as cost of uncle’s Hat. Then reaming cost
he bought Dresses. Dresses cost is one rupee more than his hat’s cost. Then she told him his hat’s hat is 1 and ½ cost of
her hat. They spend equal amount on their purchase .
a. Then uncle said how much is the cost of Hat.
b. How much they spend altogether ? (4)

37) There are 17 brown ties,13 red ties, 9 green ties, 5 blue ties and 2 white ties.Then a man takes a tie.
so, how many times he at least take tie to get the 2 ties In same colour? (6)

38) Mrs. Barbinger bought some plates on Saturday for $1.30, when everything was being sold two cents below the regular price. She exchanged those plates on Monday, at their regular price, for cups & saucers.
Cost of one plate equals cost of one plate & one saucer. She returned home with 16 more articles than before. Since, saucers cost only 3 cents each, she bought 10 more saucers than cups.
The puzzle is, how many cups could she have bought on Saturday, for $1.30?

ANS.: 13 cups

39) Mr and Mrs ABC purchase suit and hats for 15 Rs. then from remaining money Mrs. ABC purchase A dress. She shaid " My dress cost is more than 1 Rs from your hat's cost.
she also added "if we divide our money and then purchase and cost of my hat is 3 and 1/2 times yours hat then we had spend equal money"
a. " if that " condition fallows what is price of his hat?
b. Total amount spend ?
ans. hat= 6 Rs , Total = 22 Rs. ( not sure)

40) My rack contains 8 Red colour ties, 13 violate colour ties,10 Blue colour ties, 5 Pink colour ties, 4 green colour ties. If electricity gone and i want at least two ties of same colour then how many ties i should take out from my rack?
Ans : 6 ties.

41) Two trains leaving from two station 50 miles away from each other with costant speed of 60 miles per hour, approaches towards each other on diffrent tracks. if lenght of each train is 1/6 mile. when they meet How much time they need to pass each other totally?
ANS : 10 sec. ( not sure)

42) All handsome, fair skinned, muscular, lean, employed, and rich men are tall.
All handsome men are fair skinned.
Some muscular men are handsome.
Some muscular men are not fair skinned.
All lean men are muscular.
No lean man is handsome.
No fair skinned man who is not handsome is rich.
All tall men who are neither fair skinned nor muscular are employed.

1. pramod is not fair skinned. Which of the following must be true ?
a) pramod is employed
b) if pramod is muscular, he is neither handsome nor lean
c) if pramod is tall, he is employed or muscular.
d) if pramod is not employed, he is muscular.
e) if pramod is tall, he may be muscular or handsome, but not both.
2. which must be false if the information given is true ?
a) no lean men are fair skinned.
b) some fair skinned are lean.
c) some rich men are both fair skinned and muscular.
d) some tall men are neither fair skinned nor employed
e) some rich men are lean
3. which of the following can be deduced from the information given ?
a) all rich men are handsome
b) some rich men are handsome
c) some rich men are employed
d) some rich men are muscular
e) all rich men are handsome, muscular, or employed
4. which cannot be shown to be true or false on the basis of the information given ?
I. No fair skinned or muscular man is employed
II. Some muscular men are fair skinned but not handsome
III. No fair skinned man both handsome and lean

a) I only b) II only c) III only d) I and II e) II and III

43) In Mulund, the shoe store is closed every Monday, the boutique is closed every Tuesday, the grocery store is closed every Thursday and the bank is open only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Everything is closed on Sunday.
One day A, B, C and D went shopping together, each with a different place to go. They made the following statements:

A D and I wanted to go earlier in the week but there wasn’t day when we could both take care of our errands.
B I did not want to come today but tomorrow I will not be able to do what I want to do.
C I could have gone yesterday or the day before just as well as today.
D Either yesterday or tomorrow would have suited me.

Which place did each person visit ?

44) The Novice hockey tournaments are on for beginners. Just three teams are in the league, and each plays the other two teams just once. Only part of the information appears in the result chart, which is given below.
Team Games Won Lost Tied Goals For Goals against
A 2 1 0
B 2 1 1 2
C 2

The scoring pattern in the tournament is as follows:

Two points are awarded to the winning team. In case of a tie, both teams are awarded one point, so the total points in the standings should always equal the total number of games played ( since each game played is counted as one for each of the two participating teams). Of course, total goals scored for and goals scored against must be the same, since every goal scored for one team is scored against another.
The games are played in the following order: Game 1: A Vs B; Game 2: A Vs C; Game B Vs C
Can you determine the score of each of the above games ?

45) A recent murder case centered around the six men, clam, flip, gront, herm, mast, and walt. In one order or another these man were the victim, the murderer, the witness, the police, the judge, and the hangman. The facts of the case were simple. The victim had died instantly from the effect of gunshot wound inflicted a shot. After a lengthy trial the murderer was convicted, sentenced to death, and hanged.

V Mast knew both the victim and the murderer.
v In court the judge asked clam his account of the shooting.
V Walt was the last of the six to see flip alive.
V The police testified that he picked up gront near the place where the body was found.
V Herm and walt never met.
What role did each of the following play in this melodrama ?
a) Murderer
b) Victim
c) Judge
d) Witness

46) A alone can do a work in 6 days B alone can do in 8 days with help of c they finished the work in 3 days.If the agreed sum is 640 what is the share of c.(refer r.s agarwal)

47) A boy goes to school from his house.on one fourth oh his way to school,
he crosses a machinery station. And on one third of his way to school, he crosses a Railway station. He crossed the machinery station at 7:30 and he crosses the Railway station at 7:35. When does he leave the house & when does he reach the school ? (5M)

48) .A drives a car four times a lap 10,20 30,60 kmph what is the average speed.

49) .speed of boat in still water 10 km,if speed up stream is 24 km and speed down stream is 16 what is speed of the river.

50) If grand father age is sum all the three grand childern whos age r in equal interval what is the age of the grand father?

About Infosys:-

Infosys is a global leader in the "next generation" of IT and consulting with revenues of US$ 5.4 billion. Infosys has a global footprint with 63 offices and development centers in India, China, Australia, the Czech Republic, Poland, the UK, Canada and Japan. Infosys and its subsidiaries have 122,468 employees as on September 30, 2010.

Working at Infosys - Why Should i Join Infosys?

  • It's one of the fastest growing companies in the world. The opportunities for you are endless.
  • It's the next generation IT services and consulting company
  • You get onto a global track
  • It is the pioneer, and the best practitioner, of the GDM: this is redefining the way business is done.
  •  It lets you enjoy entrepreneurial freedom

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