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Here are the details of January 2011 Infosys Placement Paper - II job in Infosys. This job or placement paper has been sourced from either company website or newspaper or other media and from students who appeared for this job. User is requested to verify the data before applying for the job.

Welcome to Infosys Placement Paper 2011. Here you will find January 2011 Infosys Placement Paper,  Pattern and Download questions of Infosys Placement Paper 2010 with Answers & Solutions.

January 2011Infosys Placement Paper:-

1) In a grass field if 40 cow could eat for 40 days.The same grass field can feed 30 cows for 60 days.how long will it feed 20 cows?

2) An Eraser, Pencil, Notebook together costs $1.00. Notebook costs more than the cost of 2 Pencils. 3 Pencil costs more than 4 Erasers. 3 Erasers costs more than a Notebook.
How much does a pencil costs? (5M)

3)  Four persons A,B,C,D were there. All were of different weights. All Four gave a
statement.Among the four statements only the person who is lightest in weight of all
others gave a true statement.

A Says : B is heavier than D.
B Says : A is heavier than C.
C Says : I am heavier than D.
D Says : C is heavier than B.
Find the lightest & List the persons in ascending order according to their weights. (5M)

4)  A man was travelling to a place 30 miles away from starting point. he was speeding at 60 miles/hr. but when he came back, his car got breakdown and half an hour was wasted in reparing that. altogether he took 1 hr for return journey. Find the avg. speed of the whole journey.

A detective was assigned to generate a code using 4 digits, so that no one could break it. he knew that if the code starts with 0,5 or 7 it will be cracked. so how many numbers can be formed using 4 digits.

6) A cow was standing on a bridge, 5feet away from the middle of the bridge. suddenly a lightning express with 90 miles/hr was coming towards the bridge from nearest end of the cow.seeeing this the cow ran towards the express and managed to escape when the train is one feet away from the bridge. if it would have ran to opposite direction(ie away from train) it would have been hit the train one ft away from the end of the bridge. Calculate the length of bridge.

7) there are 3 towns attacked by 3 dragons-x,y,z. Number of days x attack a town is equal to number of days y attacking another town. Number of days x attack is equal to half the square root of number of days z attacking a town.number of days y attacking the town is twice the square root of z.calculate how much days the curse of each dragon be.

8) A town have a population of 500000 and 42% of males and 28% of females are married to same town. find the total number of males

9)  A and B came back home after their exam and their father asked them about the test.
A replied-- 1/3rd of my answers were wrong
B replied-- 5 of my answers were wrong but together we got 3/4 of answers right.
How many questions were there for the exam?

10) We are given 100 pieces of a puzzle. If fixing two components together is counted as 1 move ( a component can be one piece or an already fixed set of pieces), how many moves do we need to fix the entire puzzle.
Ans: 18

11) This problem has appeared b4. 4 kids from 2 families Gupta and sharma... their names are Praveen, Pra... blah blah...and some relation... which family and what are their ages..
Ans: Sinhas - 11(praveen)
Sinhas - 5(lalit)
Gupta - 10(pratap)
Gupta - 7 (rajesh)

12) This was one hell of a long problem - But it has appeared before.. Two girlz after one guy ( sue, swe and sam i think)..Sue first asks his house no... he replies with two statements (second is false) so she goes to the wrong house... blah blah.. same thing happens with the other gal
What was the house number of sue and sam
Ans: 20 and 24

13) A complex statement - about an aeroplane comming late. "The boy says if it was 6 hours later, the waiting time would be 1/5th of the time if the plane had come 2 hours earlier instead. the plane is supposed to come at midnight
Ans 11.00 a.m

14) There are 4 statements and 4 guys ( Dave, Gus, someone else and one more someone else) - sorry my memory is rotten! Anyway now these guys make 4 statements abt. who commited the crime. We need to find out who did it if (i) all but one are saying false and (ii) all but one are saying true
Ans: (i)archie( ii) tony

15) A kid goes to a bank with a checque... Comes back and says he spent 35 cents .. his mom says you have brought back twice what u ver supposed to get. What happened is the novice bank clerk gave dollars for cents and vice-versa(quote silly) anway... What was the actual amount??

16) John had decided to divide his RS.1000/- for his four children according to their ages. The elder child should be a RS.20/- extra for each than his younger child . What will be the share of Mahesh whois the youngest?[3 marks]

17) One side of the measuring arm was longer than the other side .If 3 pyramid width was placed in longer side it is equal to 2 cube width in the shorter arm.If 8 pyramid width was placed in longer arm then it is equal to 6 cube width. Let 1 pyramid width is equal to 10kg.What is the wgt of cube width?

18). A,B,C,D are four girls who have 1,2,3,4 apples with them respectively.If E have apples equal to his sister,F have twice the apples as his sister,G have thrice the apples than his sister and I have four times the apples than my sister.All together we have 32 apples . A,B,C,D are the sisters of whom and whom?

19) Andy,Brian,Cedric,Dave are architects ,barber, case worker and dentist but not in the order.
*Architect will have the letter ‘r’ in his name.
*Atleast one of the person should have coincidence in the first letter of their name and their occupation but not all [eg: andy-architect]
* Barber and dentist share their name by only one letter
What is the occupation of each person?

20) There are 100 bulbs connected to 100 switches
• 1 to 100 all the switches are put ON.
• Only even numbers of switches are used ie, ON means OFF and viceversa
• Similarly odd numbers of switches are done
• Switch number which is divisible by 3 are done similarly
• Switch number which are divisible by 4 are done similarly
This process is done upto 100 divisibles.
When do all the bulbs are in ON and OFF condition?[8marks]

21) A man wrote his “will’ accordingly the money was also shared between his car driver,5 sons and 5 daughters.First he gave one rupee to his car driver,remaining 1/5 of the money is given to his 1st son .again he gave one to his car driver and remaining 1/5 of the money is given to his 2nd son, continuing the process until 5 sons are completed .After that he remaining money is divided between his 5 daughters. What was total amount of money?

446. 4 people identified a criminal and their statements are:
# A: Eyes was blue ,height was tall and he wore a hat & a vest.
# B: Eyes was dark , height wa short and he wore a hat & a vest
# C: Eyes was green ,height was medium and he wore hat & a tie.
# D: Eyes was grey ,height was tall and he wore a rain coat and a hat.
Everyone said only one correct identify other two was untrue . How can be the criminal identified?

22)  A wall clock was slow by 10minutes . According to the wall clock,a table clock was 10 minutes ahead of it . According to the table clock an alarm clock was 5 minutes behind and according to the alarm clock wrst watch was 5 minutes fast.Atnoon all the clocks were adjusted .What will be the time at 6 P.M wrist watch?

23) Professor Kittredge’s literature seminar includes students with varied tastes
in poetry.All those in the seminar who enjoy the poetry of browing also enjoy
the poetry of eliot.Those who enjoy the poetry of eliot despise the poetry of coleridge.
Some of those who enjoy the poetry of eliot also enjoy the poetry of Auden.
All of those who enjoy the poetry of Coleridge also enjoy the poetry of Donne.
Some of those who enjoy the poetry of Auden also despise the poetry of Coleridge.
All of those who enjoy the poetry of Donne also enjoy the poetry of Frost.

i. Miss Garfield enjoys the poetry of Donne.Which of the following must be true?
(A) she may or may not enjoy the poetry of coleridge.
(B) She does not enjoy the poetry of Browing.
(C) She does not enjoy the poetry of eliot.
(D) She enjoys the poetry of Coleridge.

ii.Mr.Huxtable enjoys the poetry of Browing.He may also enjoy any of the following
poets except
(A) Auden.
(B) Coleridge
(C) Donne
(D) Eliot
(E) Frost

iii.Miss Inaguchi enjoys the poetry of Coleridge.Which of the following must be false?
(A) she does not enjoy the poetry of Auden.
(B) She enjoys the poetry of Donne.
(C) She enjoys the poetry of Frost.
(D) She does not enjoy the poetry of Browning.
(E) She may enjoy the poetry of Eliot.

iv.Based on the information provided,which of the following statements concerning
the members of the seminar must be true?
(A) All the those who enjoy the poetry of eliot also enjoy the poetry of Browning.
(B) None of those who despise the poetry of Frost enjoy the poetry of Auden.
(C) Some of those who enjoy the poetry of Auden despise the poetry of Coleridge.
(D) None of those who enjoy the poetry of Browning despise the poetry of Donne.
(E) Some of those who enjoys the poetry of Frost despise the poetry of Donne.

a.Rimmie wears a hat only if goerge wears a tie.
b.George wears a scarf only if Johnie wears a tie.
c.Vickie wears a googles only if Rimmie wears a hat.

some what like this there are 8 statements,from that we have to determine who wears what.

24)  8 Kigs and 14 Ligs can do 510 tors of work in10days. 13 Kigs and 6 Ligs
can do 484 tors of work in 12 days.
Then find work done by Kigs and Ligs individually in tors/hr?

25) There is a 3 digited number. 3rd number is the square root of the 1st digit.
2nd digit is the sum of 1st and 3rd.And that number is divisible by 2,3,6,7.
What is that number?

26)  A boy is playing a game. He took totally 55 blocks and kept like placing
some x number on the ground,next one less than that above those blocks
like that till the topmost one is one,like:

x x
x x x
x x x x
x x x x x
x x x x x x
x x x x x x x
x x x x x x x x
x x x x x x x x x
x x x x x x x x x x

(They didn’t gave this pictuire,but my explanation is not clear,that’s I gave u this picture)
the question is how many blocks are there at the base level?

27) There r 100 nations competing for a world-cup.
The board decided to make Knock-out series.
How many matches to be played for deciding the world champion?

28) There is log weighing 30kgs. The log having twice thickness and twice short as first one will weigh howmuch ??

29)  there ia truck which should reach some place at 11`o clock , if it travels with 30 mph it reaches i
hour before , if it travles with 20 mph it reaches 1 hour late. what is the distance it must be travlled
and what is the speed it must maintain to rech at exact time?
ans: 120 miles and 24 mph

30) There is a square cabbage patch.He told his sister that i have a larger patch than last year and hence 211 more cabbages this year. Then how many cabbages I have this year.?

31) there are two colcks one runs 1min/hrs faster and other 1min/hr slower
when will the two clocks have time time difference of 1 hr :
ans : 30hrs

32) i take a taxi whose no is 3 digit no. it is not divisible by 2,3,5,7
but divisible by 11 it is the smallest no possible:
ans : 121

33). A man brought some watermelons to town and sold them. he sold 1/2 more than 1/2 of what he brought and e was left with one melon. how many melons did he bring to Town? ans: 3

34)  When u reverse the digits of age of father u will get the age of son. one year ago the age of father was twice that of son's age. what are the current ages of father and son?
ans: 73 & 37

35)  There will be four friends ,one is doctor, one is lawyer... they are having four cars one ferrari, corvette .... there were some conditions and we were suppose to find what is profession of each one and what car they own. this was the one for 8 marks.

36) There is a circular ring in which there are 12 black mice and one white mice . a cat walks circularly in the ring and eats every 12th mice. where should the cat start so that the white mice is the last one to be eaten by cat?
ans: if the cat moves circularly it has to start from the 11th mice (clockwise) w.r.t. to white one.

37)  A farmer grows four types of crops say W,X,Y & Z . two conditions were given:
1. If the farmer grows crop W in a year then also grows X that year
2. If the farmer grows crop Z one year then he never grows crop Y next year
There were 6 choices among which we were suppose to find one correct one which does not violate the two conditions the choices were some thing like:( first pair denotes crops grown first year and second after semicolon represents crops grown next year) W,X ; X,Z (this one is a valid one)
Ans: I don’t remember the choices but the ans was option C

38) In a class there are less than 500 students . when it is divided by 3 it gives a whole number. Similarly when it is divided by 4,5 or 7 gives a whole number. find the no. of students in the class ans: 420

39) There are three types of birds A,B & C . A costs 5pounds, B costs 3 Pounds and C costs 1/3 of a pound. find the no. of A,B &C such that u will get 100 birds for 100 pounds. (I think we were suppose to find 3 answers since there were 3 rows in the answer) ans: A : 4 B : 18 C: 78

40)  There are 5 persons who have won top five places in an event in Olympics . one of them asks all the five regarding thier positions, they reply as
a: "i am not the last"
b: "c is in third place"
c: "E is behind A"
d: "B is in first place"
e: "D is not the first"
The persons who have won gold and silver have lied find the positions in order(format: name of first, name of second,..)

ans: B,D,E,A,C

41) A coffee seller has two types of coffee Brand A costing 5 bits per pound and Brand B costing 3 bits per pound. he mixes two brands to get a 40 pound mixture. he sold this at 6 bits per pound. the seller gets a profit of 33 1/2 percent. how much he has used Brand A in the mixture? ans: 30 pounds

42)  You are given with two identical iron bars. one of them is magnetized and the other is not. u are suppose to find which one is magnetized. u are not suppose to use any other thing.
my ans: first time i told that i will suspend the bars freely. but then they told me that i am not suppose to use any external help. i took some time and then realized that a magnetic bar in the middle repels towards the end . i told that place one of the bars horizontal & then move the other one perpendicularly to it . if it repels towards any of ends then the horizontal one is magnetized if it attracts then is not. They were convinced

43) What is the result of (x-a)*(x-b)*(x-c)*...........*(x-y)*(x-z) ?
my ans: i told that since there is a term (x-x) the answer is zero. They told ok. finally they asked me whether i have any questions to them i asked them what is the duration of training and what is field which i will be working on if i get selected.

Anyone looking for infi solve Shakuntala devi's 2 books, George summers and Ravi narula this would me more than enough. most important thing is develop ur logical analysis skill and try to remember the approach rather than answers. don’t panic in the interview just be cool and confident u will definitely get through. Best of luck for all

44)  a) 10 1 9 2 8 3 7 4 6 5 5 6 4 7 3 8 2 _ _
b) 2 4 16 512 _
write the next elements in the series.

45) A Couple decided to travel a north country side .so they decide to travel a minimum amount on car the first day and the second and subsequent day a distance of 20 miles .If they travel a total amount of 1080 miles. Find he distance traveled on the 4th day and the 9 day.

47)  A card board of 34 * 14 has to be attached to a wooden box and a total of 35 pins are to be used on the each side of the card box. Find the total number of pins used .

48)  During a Pizza buffet where A eats more times 2.4 than B, and B eats 6 times
less than C.find the leat number of times all the three has to eat.

49) Last Year my cousin came to my place and we played a game where the loosing one has to give one choclate to the person who won the game .At the end of the vacation,i.e the day my cousin was leaving she counted number of games that i won an she won.At last she gave me a total of 8 choclates even though she won about 12 games.
Find the mumber of games that we played.

50)  A tree on first day grows 1/2 of its size second day 1/3rd of its size on the previous day similarly than 1/4th and so on.u have to calculate after how many days the tree will be 100 times of its original size.
ans -198 days


About Infosys:-

Infosys is a global leader in the "next generation" of IT and consulting with revenues of US$ 5.4 billion. Infosys has a global footprint with 63 offices and development centers in India, China, Australia, the Czech Republic, Poland, the UK, Canada and Japan. Infosys and its subsidiaries have 122,468 employees as on September 30, 2010.

Working at Infosys - Why Should i Join Infosys?

  • It's one of the fastest growing companies in the world. The opportunities for you are endless.
  • It's the next generation IT services and consulting company
  • You get onto a global track
  • It is the pioneer, and the best practitioner, of the GDM: this is redefining the way business is done.
  •  It lets you enjoy entrepreneurial freedom

Contact Details:

Address of Infosys:-

Plot No. 44 & 97A,
Electronics City,
Hosur Road,
Bangalore - 560 100
Phone:+91 80 2852 0261
Fax:+91 80 2852 0362

Infosys Chandigarh STPI
DLF Building, Plot No 2,
Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park,
Chandigarh -160101
Phone:    (0172) 5021100 /6609595
Fax:    +91 172 504 6222

Plot No. 1,
Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park
Hinjawadi, Taluka Mulshi
Pune - 411 057
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Fax:    +91 20 2293 2832

85, 'C',
Mittal Towers, 8th Floor,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai - 400 021
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Old Mahabalipuram Road,
Chennai - 600 119.
Phone:    +91 44 2450 9530 / 40
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