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Syntel Placement Paper Pune with Answers and Solutions

1. the ages of a and b are in the ratio 9:4. after 7 years the ratio of their aghes will be 5:3.find b's present age.

a.18 b.8(ans) c.7 d.16

2. What will the following program do?

void main()
int i;
char a[]="String";
char *p="New Sring";
char *Temp;
a=malloc(strlen(p) + 1);
strcpy(a,p); //Line number:9//
p = malloc(strlen(Temp) + 1);
printf("(%s, %s)",a,p);
} //Line number 15//

a) Swap contents of p & a and print:(New string, string)
b) Generate compilation error in line number 8
c) Generate compilation error in line number 5
d) Generate compilation error in line number 7
e) Generate compilation error in line number 1

Ans. (b)

3. How many such pairs of letters are there in word ENABLING, each of which has as many letters between them in the word as in English alphabet?

1) None
2) One
3) Two
4) Three
5) More than three

4. In a class of forty-eight students Anuj is nineteenth from the top and Jeevan is twelfth from the bottom. How many students are there between Jeevan and Anuj?

1) 17
2) 16
3) 18
4) Cannot be determined
5) None of these

5. The rate of simple interest on a sum of money is 6% per annum for the first 3 years, 8% per annum for the next 5 year and 10% per annum beyond 8 years. If the simple interest accrued in 10 years is Rs 1560, what is the sum?

1) Rs 2000
2) Rs 200
3) Rs 1860
4) Rs 1995
5) None of these

6. The sum of three numbers is 90. The ratio of first and third numbers is 5:7 and ratio of second and third numbers is 6:7. What is 4% of the first number?

1) 25
2) 30
3) 10
4) 1
5) None of these

7.If a square piece is cut into 27 parts in 6 cuts and is coated with cake in all its outer surfaces than find the number of pieces without cake?

8.the number of multiplications done in square matrix of order n?

9.If 1st Jan is a Sunday then find the number of Sundays in that year?

10. Perimeter of an equilateral and isosceles is 45 and 40 respectively. At least one of the sides of isosceles is equal to the equilateral. What’s the base of isosceles triangle? Ans. 10. As. 45/3=15. 15+15+10=40.

About Syntel:-

Syntel is a company devoted to exceeding the expectations of its customers, day in and day out. Syntel is dedicated to its mission to create new opportunities for our customers by harnessing the passion, talent, and innovation of Syntellers worldwide. Worldwide, Syntellers are committed to living its brand: Consider IT Done.

Syntel is partnered with the leading software vendors, helping our clients implement and integrate the best packaged solutions to deliver business results.

Why Syntel- Why should i join Syntel?:-

For our valued employees, Syntel is a global company that offers a world of opportunity. Whether a consultant wants to build Java applications to power a new financial system, find cost-effective was to drive healthcare technology adoption, or drive business process optimization, Syntel provides a full IT and KPO lifecycle "playground."

With ample training programs (both in-room and online), employees enjoy continual skill development across the IT, KPO and management spectrum. You can even become a certified PMP by the Project Management Institute (PMI). And, as a PMI Corporate Registered Education Provider, you earn Professional Development Units (PDU) for some courses.

Professionals at Syntel are part of the continuing growth and innovative technological expansion of a company well positioned for the future. Syntel's partnerships with the market's leading software vendors, offering you the opportunity to master cutting-edge technology solutions. Syntel's partnerships include IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and more.

Contact Details:

Address of Syntel:-

Syntel Limited
Unit No. 112
Andheri (E)
Mumbai 400 096
tel: 91-22 4047 0100


Syntel Limited
117/1 Arihant ePark
Lattice Bridge Road (LB Road)
Chennai 600 020
tel: 91-44-2440 7500

Syntel Limited
Unit 401-408, Pride Silicon Plaza, 106-A
4th Floor, Senapati Bapat Road
Pune 411 016
tel: 91-20-2567 0401/4000 7700

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