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  • Posted date on our Website05 March 2011
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Welcome to Tech Mahindra technical interview questions 2011 Paper. Here you will find Tech Mahindra technical interview questions 2011 with Answers & Solutions.

2011 Tech Mahindra technical interview questions:-

  • Introduce urself.
  • U seem to be musically inclined!!!
  • Subject of sem 5 that u like.(Ans. Microprocessors)
  • Draw the architecture of 8086 n explain it in 90 secs.
  • What is BIU & EU?
  • Where is the memory module?
  • Have u learned computer networks?
  • Tell me whtz LAN n WAN. Give examples?
  • What othr subject did u like in sem 5?
  • What do u study in DCOM?
  • Tell me whtz multiplexing?
  • Explain TDM
  • Explain FDM
  • How will u decide as to whn FDM or TDM shud b used!!!
  • Who according to u is the best guitarist in the world n why?(Ans. Steve Vai)
  • Who is ur favourite keyboard player n why?(Ans. A.R. Rehman)
  • Y shud TM hire u?
  • ur strengths(Ans. Leadership Qualities)
  • U expect to b a leader in d first year itself?
  • ur weaknesses n how do u overcome it (Ans. Frustration,overcm usin meditation(gr8 joke))
  • What is ur goal?(Ans. To become a s/w analyst)
  • Whtz d work of an analyst?
  • How do u come to college? How much time does it take?
  • What is thread priority?          
  • Distinguish method overloading and method overriding          
  • Distinguish method overloading and overriding                   
  • what is Thread priority?    
  • Difference between interface and abstract class with ex.          
  • what is multitherading          
  • what is multi-tasking    
  • what is Inheritense              
  • what is java            
  • what is difference between requestprocessor and request dispatcher?    
  • what is use of business objects?
  • What is the difference between static link library and dynamic link library?    
  • What is object slicing and how can we prevent it?
  • What is AppDomain?Explain how it works.               
  • Difference between Array and ArrayList? How Array is benifitful than ArrayList?          
  • we are working in .net namespaces like using,system.text. these namespace before we use "using " keyword what means of using?    
  • Is it possible to use two versions of assembly at the same time?If possible explain with code?                  
  • How do you install windows service?            
  • what are the differences between windows services and web services?
  • what is the difference between cursor FETCH and FOR LOOP ?    
  • What is mutating trigger?How to avoid it??            
  • can we delete the trigger in a view? if yes why if not why?          
  • how u can find the n row from a table?     Tech Mahindra      
  • how do you count the duplicate records in a table              
  • what is the need of the cursor attribute notfound..(because using found attribute we can complete the task......found + negation operator = not found )          
  • i have doubt that any one tell ref cursor comes in sql pl/sql? pls clarify?               
  • What is the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE?    
  • what is difference b/t severity and priority          
  • What are the diff types of integration testing?            
  • How to test when the web application expired time (cookies,sessions testing) in real time              
  • what are the inputs fo writing testcases and what are the outputs after executing the testcases?     Tcs Tcs        
  • what is the difference between Developer environment and Test environment?     MOODS CONDOM    
  • What are the various Guidelines follow while Weighting Test Cases          
  • Explain V model in depth?          
  • What is Rekey Defect?          
  • what is effect variance ,Budget variance , Schedule Variance , Defect Density ?              
  • what is different Between Risk and Issue ?          
  • What is white-box Integration Testing and its differences between Black box-Integration testing?              
  • i have 2 year experience in manual testing, if i am attending any interview what kind of question i will get?    
  • if the object is identified by QTP & also virtual object wizard then which object will added to object repository              
  • how to access a build & wat is its configuration
  • what is the difference between trigger and storedprocedures

About Tech Mahindra:-

Tech Mahindra is part of the US $7.1 billion Mahindra Group, in partnership with British Telecommunications plc (BT), one of the world’s leading communications service providers. Focused primarily on the telecommunications industry, Tech Mahindra is a leading global systems integrator and business transformation consulting organization. Tech Mahindra has recently expanded its IT portfolio by acquiring the leading global business and information technology services company, Mahindra Satyam (earlier known as Satyam Computer Services).

Tech Mahindra’s capabilities spread across a broad spectrum, including Business Support Systems (BSS), Operations Support Systems (OSS), Network Design & Engineering, Next Generation Networks, Mobility Solutions, Security consulting and Testing. The solutions portfolio includes Consulting, Application Development & Management, Network Services, Solution Integration, Product Engineering, Infrastructure Managed Services, Remote Infrastructure Management and BPO. With an array of service offerings for TSPs, TEMs and ISVs, Tech Mahindra is a chosen transformation partner for several leading wireline, wireless and broadband operators in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.

Why Tech Mahindra - Why should i join Tech Mahindra?:-

Tech Mahindra offers a fast-paced career with global exposure to best business practices and a chance to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. It believe in a vibrant and open door approach where hierarchies do not matter. Tech Mahindra offers you one of the best environments for career development and progression. A strong performance culture and a fully automated in-house appraisal system ensure that your career is chalked out and defined in line with your individual growth, and the overall growth of the organization. So, if you're an achiever with a passion for setting and attaining goals, you'll find many opportunities for being recognised at Tech Mahindra.

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Address of Tech Mahindra:-


Tech Mahindra Limited
Sharda Centre, Off Karve
Road, Pune 411004, Maharashtra, India.
Telephone: +91 20 6601 8100
Fax: +91 20 2542 4466


Tech Mahindra Limited
Wing 1, Oberoi Estate Gardens, Chandivali,
Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 072,
Maharashtra, India.
Telephone: +91 22 6688 2000
Fax: +91 22 2847 8959


Tech Mahindra Ltd.
9 / 7 Hosur Road,
Bangalore - 560029
Tel: +91 80 40243000
Fax: +91 80 25527027


Tech Mahindra Limited
No. 58, Sterling Regency,
Sterling Road, Nungambakkam,
Chennai - 600034
Tel: +91 44 6 621 6000
Fax: +91 44 2 825 3352


Tech Mahindra Limited
Wing-2, 1st floor, "B" block,
Cyber Gateway, HITEC CITY,
Madhapur, Hyderabad 500081.
Tel: +91 40 4030 1300


Tech Mahindra Ltd
3rd and 4th floor, Bldg – Gamma
Bengal Intelligence Park,
Block EP& GP Sector –V
Salt Lake Sector V,
Kolkata - 700091, India
Tel: +91-33-40098100


Tech Mahindra Limited
A-7, Sector 64
Noida, 201 301
Tel: 0120-4096000


Tech Mahindra Limited
'A' Block, 2nd Floor,
DLF Building, Chandigarh Technology Park,
Kishangarh, Chandigarh.
Tel: +91-172-6604444

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