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Welcome to Vacs Infotech Placement Paper 2012. Here you will find Vacs Infotech Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of Vacs Infotech Placement Paper January 2012 with Answers & Solutions.

Vacs Infotech Placement Paper January 2012:-

1.a mixture contains spirit and water in the ratio 5:1. another mixture contains spirit and water in the ratio 2:1.what is the ratio in which two mixtures are added to get the mixture in the ratio 5:2

a.5:2 b.2:5(ans) c.2:7 d.3:2

2..x:y=7:11, y:z=1:7.what is the least possible integral values of x given that z is 11x.

a.3(ans) b.9 c.7 d.10

3. pqrs is a rectangle having area 50. rx=1/4sr.what is the area of pqxs?

a.37.5 b.42.5 c.12 d.3

4.what is the area of a circle having the same perimeter as that of a square whose area is 121.

5. Seats for Mathematics, Physics and Biology in a school are in the ratio 5 : 7 : 8. There is a proposal to increase these seats by 40%, 50% and 75% respectively. What will be the ratio of increased seats?

A.  2 : 3 : 4          

B.  6 : 7 : 8

C.  6 : 8 : 9          

D.  None of these


6. In a mixture 60 litres, the ratio of milk and water 2 : 1. If the this ratio is to be 1 : 2, then the quanity of water to be further added is:

A. 20 litres         

B. 30 litres

C. 40 litres         

D. 60 litres



7. Two numbers are respectively 20% and 50% more than a third number. The ratio of the two numbers is:

A. 2 : 5   

B. 3 : 5

C. 4 : 5   

D. 6 : 7


8. a man buys postage stamps of denomination of 30ps. and 50 ps. for rs.10.00. he buys 22 stamps in all. find the no of 30ps. stamps bought by him.

a.5(ans) b.6 c.17 d.8

9. the ages of a and b are in the ratio 9:4. after 7 years the ratio of their aghes will be 5:3.find b's present age.

a.18 b.8(ans) c.7 d.16

10. if 28 is divided into two parts such that one fourth of the greater part is equal to one third of the lesser part,then the greater part is

a.16(ans) b.18 c.20 d.24

About Vacs Infotech:-

Vacs Infotech was founded in 1996. It delivers enterprise solutions for data analytics that streamline R&D workflows and improve research productivity. Today, most of the leading Insurance, Electrical, Mechanical and Pharmaceutical companies, as well as some of the most innovative institutions rely on Vacs Infotech.

Vacs Infotech has its Headquartered in Bangalore with offices throughout Europe, UK, USA, and Asia. Vacs Infotech combines its computational, scientific and technical expertise with significant domain knowledge to deliver user-friendly solutions that are scalable, open, and aligned with industry processes. Vacs Infotech is passionate about helping customers control R&D costs as they develop safe, next-generation products and therapies.

Why Vacs Infotech - why shoud i join Vacs Infotech?:-

Vacs Infotech looking for people who believe in their dreams and persist to realize them. With many such dreams realized, we have been successful in delivering the perfect solutions that solve the toughest of engineering challenges. The Company work with world-class clients and always exceed their expectations by miles.

Contact Details:

Vacs Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
#49, D.B.Halli, Sarjapura
Ring Road, Behind Novotel Hotel
Bangalore – 560 037.
Phone: +91-80- 65704792/93
Fax: +91-80-65704784

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