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Welcome to Xebia Placement Paper 2012. Here you will find Xebia Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of Xebia Placement Paper February 2012 with Answers & Solutions.

Xebia Placement Paper February 2012:-

1. A batsman scores 23 runs and increases his average from 15 to 16. find the runs to be made if he wants top inc the avg to 18 in the same match.

ans:-  39runs.

2.A man sells apples. First he gives half of the total apples what he has and a half apple. Then he gives half of the remaining and a half apple. He gives it in the same manner. After 7 times all are over. How many apples did he initially have.

ans:- 127 apples.

3.In a club there are male and female members. If 15 female quit then the number of females will become double the number of males. If 45 males quit no. of female becomes five times the number of males. Find the number of females.

ans:- females:175,males:80

4.When I was married 10 years back my wife was the sixth member of my family. Now I have a  baby. Today my father was dead and I had a new baby.now the average age of my family is the same as that  when I was married. Find the age of my father when I was married.


6.what is the value of EOF..??ans=-1

class test{ };
int main()
return 0;

class test
static int x;
int* ptr;
int main()
{ test t1;
cout<<sizeof(t1)<<sizeof(test);return 0;
ans:4 4

char* str="hello\0world\0";
check the output
in some ques there may be error also..

8. Fresh Grapes contain 90% water by wt. Dried grapes contain 20% water by %age. What will b wt of dried grapes when we begin with 20 kg fresh grapes?

2kg / 2.4kg / 2.5kg /none

9. How many 5 digit no. can b formed wit digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 which r divisible by 4 and digits not repeated

144 / 168 / 192 / none

9. There is a rectangular Garden whose length and width are 60m X 20m. There is a walkway of uniform width around garden. Area of walkway is 516m^2. Find width of walkway


10. In a race from pt. X to pt Y and back, Jack averages 0 miles/hr to pt Y and 10 miles/hr back to pr X. Sandy averages 20 miles/hr in both directions. If Jack and Sandy start race at same tIme, who'll finish 1st

Jack/Sandy/they tie/Impossible to tell

About Xebia:-
Xebia India officially known as Xebia IT Architects India Private Limited is a part of the Xebia group. The Xebia India office is located in the north Indian city of Gurgaon which is a suburb in New Delhi National Capital Region.

Xebia India focuses upon software development using Agile Methodologies such as Scrum and XP.  Technological competencies of Xebia include Enterprise Java, Flex, Seam, Spring, Hibernate JBoss, Testing, PHP and Graphic Design.

Why Xebia - why shoud i join Xebia?:-

Xebia is the right place for people who love programming. At Xebia you will be able to take your software design skills to a new high, get praise from your peers and customers, and contribute to the software community. Every Xebian is a committed professional who works towards advancement of software discipline by constantly improving the work practices.

The company offers learning and supportive culture in which experienced, knowledgeable people find their peers, and so are able to strengthen each other and to facilitate mutual personal growth.

Contact Details:

Xebia IT Architects India Private Limited
612 Park Centra
Sector 30
Gurgaon 122002 Haryana
Phone: +91 (0124) 4700 200
Fax: +91 (0124) 4700 222

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