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Welcome to Yamaha Motor Solutions Placement Paper 2012. Here you will find Yamaha Motor Solutions Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of Yamaha Motor Solutions Placement Paper January 2012 with Answers & Solutions.

Yamaha Motor Solutions Placement Paper January 2012:-

char* fun()
{ return("samsung india");

char* ptr={"samsung","electronics","india"};
now some operations were done on ptr1 and printf was used..i don't remember exactly what ws it..it was like *ptr1++, ++*ptr1 etc..try at ur own.

extern int i;
int i=20;
ans:linker error

3. The distance between Mumbai & Calcutta is 25000 Km. Train goes from Mumbai     to Culcutta for which Speed & Time are given. From C->M Speed alone is give. Of     the above conditions which is not required.  (Not Complete)
    ans: The distance 25,000Km is not required. Because, Speed * Time = Distance. So     only two conditions are required.

4. m < n & x>y Which is false?
    Ans: x-m < y-n

5. A person has Rs.100. If he wins he gains 10%. If he loses the game, he loses 10%.     He wins twice and loses twice. How much he has at the end?
    Ans: Always less than 100.

6. Area of Shaded portion is ?
Ans : 115.5

7. My wife's brother's sons father is ?

8. In a race of 1000m, A beat B by 200m and C by 400m. By what distance would B beat C in a similar race.

9. A, B, C, D are four distinct digits not equal to zero, if A+B=CD, the maximum value of C+D is ?

10. Four persons can cross a bridge in 3,7,13,17 minutes. Only two can cross at a time. find the minimum time taken by the four to cross the bridge.


About Yamaha Motor Solutions India Pvt. Ltd:-

Yamaha Motor Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. (YMSLI) was established in 2002. It is a subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Solutions Group, Japan.

This Company specialize in providing a wide gamut of IT services to clients worldwide with utmost quality, lower costs and timely delivery.

Why Yamaha Motor Solutions - Why shoud i join Yamaha Motor Solutions?:-

Yamaha Motor Solutions provide ample space for every individual to grow professionally and personally and for that everybody is entitled to have regular trainings and certification courses. Consistent performers get chance to work onsite as well.

The Company has very well trained workforce which is at par with leading IT companies globally. YMSLI believe in giving Support, Knowledge, Recognition, Empowerment and Transformation.

Contact Details:

Yamaha Motor Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
A-3, Industrial Area, Noida-Dadri Road,
Surajpur -201306,
Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar (U.P.) India.
Phone : +91 120 2350634-40
Fax : +91 120 2350672

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