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Welcome to Zycus Placement Paper 2011. Here you will find Zycus Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions with Answers & Solutions.

Zycus Placement Paper 2011:-

1. A's population is 68000 and it decreases by 80 per year. B's population is 42000 and it increases by 120 per year. After how many years both cities will have same population?

Ans: 130

2. An exam consists of 200 questions to be solved in 3 hours, out of which 50 are maths questions. It is suggested that twice as much time be spent on each math question as for each other question. How many minutes should be spent on maths problems?

Ans: 1hr 72 mins

3. fresh mango consists of 70% water and dry mango consists of 10% water then 20Kg of fresh mango is equivalent to how much of dry mango

Ans: 6.66 kg

4. sum of the consequent 7 integers some 1613. Find the no. of prime numbers in that sequence.

5. total no. of players is 99 other than me.50 plays soccer,45 plays basket ball,50 play valley ball.15 play all three. How many will play only 2 games/

6. fresh mangoes have 70% of water in weight, dry mangoes 20% of water in weight. what is the weight of dry mangoes if weight of fresh mangoes is 20kg .ans(d)

a) 6.68kg   b) con not be determined   c) 6.0kg   d)6.6kg

7. total 63 matches are conducted in Knockout match type. How many players will be participated in that tournament?


8.find out next one. B A C B D C E D F ?

Ans: E

9. X is min of { n+5,6-n} then what is the min of X if,0 <1?

Ans 5.5

10. 2 can type 2 pages in 2 minutes. how many typist can type 18 pages in 6 minutes?

Ans . 6

11.Coconuts are arranged in piles in the order of 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2.Hence he got shortage of 1.what is the min no. of smallest coconuts?

Ans . lcm of above - 1 = 2219

12. p+q+r-=0,then what is value of p2/qr+q2/pr+r2/pq=?


13. In a class boys are 25% more than girls what is ratio of total boys and girls

Ans .5:4( actually ans is given like 5.;3)

14. How many 3 digit no. are there when divided by 7 or 8 leaves remainder 4?

Ans .17

15. A works thrice as much as B. If A takes 60 days less than B to do a work then find the number of days it would take to complete the work if both work together?

Ans. 22½days

16. How many 1's are there in the binary form of 8*1024 + 3*64 + 3

Ans. 4

17. A boy has Rs 2. He wins or loses Re 1 at a time If he wins he gets Re 1 and if he loses the game he loses Re 1. He can loose only 5 times. He is out of the game if he earns Rs 5. Find the number of ways in which this is possible?

Ans. 16

18. There are total 15 people. 7 speaks french and 8 speaks spanish. 3 do not speak any language. Which part of total people speaks both languages.

Ans: 1/5
19. A jogger wants to save ?th of his jogging time. He should increase his speed by how much %age.

Ans: 33.33 %
20. A is an integer. Dividing 89 & 125 gives remainders 4 & 6 respectively. Find a ?
Ans: 17

About Zycus:-

Zycus continues to deliver on its heritage of providing best-in-class spend management solutions that are world renowned for delivering an accelerated return on investment through superior user adoption creating Maximized Savings. Zycus’ solutions are built from the ground up combining cutting-edge technology and domain expertise, enabling higher performance and sustainable value to organizations worldwide. Zycus provides global spend management solutions to more than 150 leading Fortune 1000 customers that consider spend management software, processes and technology strategic to their competitive advantage. Zycus Spend Management solutions automate and streamline the processes of spend analysis, strategic sourcing and contract management.

Why Zycus- Why should i join Zycus?:-

Zycus is the world's leading provider of Spend Management solutions to Global 1000 companies. Zycus aims to be a company that delivers consistent value to customers and exceed expectations. Don't take our word for it, check out our track record.

Zycus  offer an atmosphere of collaborative contribution, challenging assignments and an opportunity to learn, train and work with the best in the field with rewards to ensure good work is promptly rewarded. So as to not stifle employee initiative, we have minimal hierarchy in the organization. This provides for the all round development of employees.

Life at Zycus is full of events where employees not only enjoy a healthy and challenging work environment but can pursue their interest in areas of sports, cultural programs and arts. The objective is to ensure that the employees are not confined to their desks and have a constant interaction with the different team members. Zycus Cultural Ensemble (ZCE) a cultural potpourri is involved in organizing

Contact Details:

Address of Zycus:-

Zycus Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Building No. 75, 1st Floor
Nirlon Complex
Off Western Express Highway
Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400 063 India

: + 91-22-66407676
: + 91-22-40097676
: + 91-22-26850580

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