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LSAT 2022 Syllabus

Welcome to LSAT Syllabus 2022 Section. Here you will find LSAT Test 2022 Syllabus.

The LSAT is designed to measure skills that are considered essential for success in law school

The three multiple-choice question types in the LSAT 2022 are:-

  • Reading Comprehension Questions:- The Reading Comprehension section contains four sets of reading questions, each consisting of a selection of reading material, followed by five to eight questions that test reading and reasoning abilities.
  • Analytical Reasoning Questions:- Analytical Reasoning questions reflect the kinds of complex analyses that a law student performs in the course of legal problem solving.
  • Logical Reasoning Questions:- Logical Reasoning questions are designed to assess a wide range of skills involved in thinking critically, with an emphasis on skills that are central to legal reasoning. These skills include drawing well-supported conclusions, reasoning by analogy, determining how additional evidence affects an argument, applying principles or rules, and identifying argument flaws.

LSAT Syllabus 2015:-

Lesson One

   1. Logical Reasoning
          * Reacting to the Stimulus
          * Arguments and Sets of Facts
          * The Fifteen Question Types™
          * Sufficient and Necessary Conditions
          * Incorrect Negation™, Incorrect Reversal™, and the Contrapositive
          * The Positive and Contrapositive Argument Structures
          * The Transitive Property
          * Diagramming Conditional Statements
   2. Logic Games
          * Pure Sequencing Theory
          * Pure Sequencing Games

Lesson Two

   1. Logical Reasoning
          * A Commonly Missed Problem
   2. Logic Games/Logical Reasoning
          * The Logical Construct™
   3. Logical Reasoning
          * Type One Questions
          * Quantifiers
          * The Rules of Reversibility
          * Argument Templates

Lesson Three

   1. Reading Comprehension
          * General Introduction
          * Environmental Awareness
   2. Logic Games
          * Basic Linear Setups
          * The Not Rule™
          * Dual Options and Tri-Options
          * Blocks, Anti-Blocks, and Split Blocks
          * Basic Linear Games
          * The Hypothetical Sweep™

Lesson Four

   1. Logical Reasoning
          * Type Seven Questions
          * Type Eight Questions
   2. Logic Games
          * Pure Grouping Theory
          * Pure Grouping Games

Lesson Five

   1. Logical Reasoning
          * Type Three Questions
          * Cause and Effect Relationships
   2. Reading Comprehension
          * Cultural Diversity

Lesson Six

   1. Logical Reasoning
          * Type Two Questions
          * The 2N Negation Technique™
          * The 2S Justification Technique™
   2. Logic Games
          * Interchangeability

Lesson Seven

   1. Logical Reasoning
          * Type Nine Questions
   2. Reading Comprehension
          * Science Passages
   3. Logic Games
          * Linear Setup Theory
          * Advanced Linear Setups
          * Advanced Linear Games

Lesson Eight

   1. Logical Reasoning
          * Type Four Questions
          * Type Five Questions
          * The Good/Bad Test™
   2. Reading Comprehension
          * History Passages

Lesson Nine

   1. Logical Reasoning
          * Flawed Methods of Reasoning—Part One
          * Type 4F Questions
   2. Logic Games
          * Master the Possibilities™
          * Numerical Distribution

Lesson Ten

   1. Logical Reasoning
          * Flawed Methods of Reasoning—Part Two
          * Type 4F Questions
          * Type 5F Questions
   2. Reading Comprehension
          * Arts & Literature Passages

Lesson Eleven

   1. Logical Reasoning
          * Type Six Questions
          * Type Ten Questions
   2. Logic Games
          * Complex Association Games

Lesson Twelve

   1. Logical Reasoning
          * Principle Questions
          * Type Thirteen Questions
   2. Reading Comprehension
          * Law Related Passages

Lesson Thirteen

   1. Logical Reasoning
          * Type Eleven Questions
          * The Yes/No Test™
          * Type Twelve Questions
          * The Yes/Yes Test™
   2. Reading Comprehension
          * Comparative Reading Overview
          * Comparative Reading Passages
   3. Logic Games
          * Rare Game Types

Lesson Fourteen

   1. The Writing Sample
   2. Logical Reasoning
          * Type Fourteen Questions
          * Type Fifteen Questions
   3. Logic Games
          * Killer Games

Lesson Fifteen

   1. Logical Reasoning Review
   2. Reading Comprehension Review
   3. Logic Games Review

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